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Interior Design Tiburon.

Interior Design Belvedere Tiburon. Timeless Apartments.

Interior Design Belvedere Tiburon. Timeless apartments.

Interior Design Belvedere Tiburon. Timeless Apartments, is about the two Condominiums where we did Interior Design and Remodeling. Both were done Turn-key.

Turnkey means we designed and built and the owners just took the keys and moved in. Both Water view apartments with many things in common and both with differences too.

The Condominiums will be called “Hill” and “Waterfront”. They are in the downtown area of  Tiburon, central and well located. Excellent Real Estate.


For me the best attribute Design can get. The Hill unit we designed is 25 years old and remaining just as in the photography taken shortly after completion, and has been called Timeless by Style editors.


The Turnkey service or procedure is a method of designing and building and helping the client or owner with everything you can and that they are not personally required to do. In he Hill Apartment the owners lived in Austria, this was a second home having business in the San Francisco Bay Area, so it was obviously the way to go; In the Waterfront apartment they both worked and wished to relegate, promissed more involvement but ended relagating to us.


Aspects in both apartments.


To begin the two homes are View Homes, that is Water view and  each view slightly different one. The view from the Hill. The view from the waterfront. So they are different views, but Water views.

However this is important in that some of the resources are the same. View and light, inspiration. It means a lot.


Both are under 1000 sq. Ft. Hill is a pied a Terre or a second home, while Waterfront was designed for a principal residence foer a couple in their 50’s.


Both are one bedroom units. Hill is  wider allowing for view from both living and bedroom. Waterfront is narrow, with the bedroom at the back.

Here are the two Layouts. Please note the Plans appear at different scales.

Tiburon Hill apartment Interior Design Layout.

Unit entirely gutted down and a structural change applied.Belvedere Tiburon Apartments





Tiburon Waterfront apartment Interior Design Layout.


Interior Design apartment tiburon



First Image is for the Hill followed by the Waterfront.

Great space. Living, Dining.

Timeless Interior Design condo in TiburonHill unit. 1995 Meiji period gold screen from Imari Galley;Deck Chaises from Summit Furniture.

Interior Design Tiburon.Waterfront Unit. Como Sectional sofa from DWR; Meiji Period Screen from Imari; Rug and Pillows from The Rug company



Actually both 1 bedroom Condos only have a Bathroom each, so this bathroom design most satisfy both the daily use of the occupents as well as a presentation powder room, where a visitor under privacycondition reflects on the design or look of the unit.

While the Hill Condo done over 20 year ago had a storage opportunity and a bath-shower combination both allowed by the layout, the Waterfront Condo did not allow for storage and required accessibility to both shower and sink so the space below the sink is clear and there is no bath tub.

Luxury interior design Tiburon

Luxury Interior Design Belveder Tiburon

Accessible luxury bath


The older Hill unit had an enclosed kitchen about 8’x8′, we did some magic around it to encroach adjacent areas  while opening it and adding the sit in Peninsula.

The Waterfront condo Kitchen, was already open. We literally decorated it. added a drawer under the single drawer dishwasher, painted everyhting replace the lighting and that was it.


The Hill and Waterfront One bedroom Condos had similar bedrooms. On each we were able to increase storage spsce considerably however in different ways. At rthe Older Hill unit we added a Marble top fixed credennza with Pop up TV, make up end table and many drawers. The waterfront condo did not allow however we opted the closet space and extended it as we could.

Luxury Interior Design

Luxury Interior Design Tiburon




  • Photographers.
  • John Vaughan† Hill apartment.
  • Michael Hospelt, Waterfront apartment.


Thanks to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.


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