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Cranberry resin custom vanity top. at Tiburon Condo.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs

Contemporary Bathroom Designs.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs are both sleek and fun designs and in our opinion should be timeless too. We expect our Contemporary Bathrooms to look good and new for 25 years. Because they are costly, they should last to be a good investment.


Today 3.31.2020, Architectural Digest publishes “Making a case for the bidet” . Keep in mind AD does not focus on toilets… The issue is that with the Coronavirus, toilet paper has dissapeard of the shelves. Good things happen after bad ones. We highly recomend the New Bidet seats, not the separate bidet fixtures.

Besides Bathroom technology continues to develop and you can read on our “Bathroom Trends” Blog*. So don’t worry you don’t need to incorporate all the new trends, in fact some are not necessary nor should they be a priority. While others must be used, so the bath doesn’t immediately look dated.

In my opinion, though sink vessels can be nice, I only see them in powder rooms not family or master baths, while linear drains at the shower avoiding the curve or threshold should be considered a standard ongoing on all showers, as butt joined structural glass.

We have had the opportunity to do some contemporary bathroom designs over the years in the San Francisco Bay, which you can see on our “Bathrooms in the San Francisco Bay” Blog* . So for now we won’t repeat those. Besides while some of these Bay Area baths were designed as details or single rooms for a home, those we show here are cases where we designed the whole Home or apartment including the Bathrooms, or at least most of the home. So there will be sets of baths per home and consistency among them.

Classic Baths.

Therefore some of the Trends in fixtures and equipment are those that in fact can be updated with time, however perhaps the most important issue is “Style”, that which makes them contemporary v. Classic. You can also see our “Classic Black and White Baths” Blog* for additional inspiration.

Are “Classic baths” and “Contemporary baths” different? Not necessarily. We believe some of our classic baths are “Contemporary Classics” and the other way around. Perhaps what makes them classic is sometimes the home where it is located, such as Grand Homes and Villas, and the need or wish to tie part of the design to the house’s style and History.

Types of Bathrooms.

We see 3 types, with different layouts and functions.

  1. Type One. Master Bathroom. Or sometimes the only bath in the house. What makes a Master Bathroom? Usually more spacious and with 2 sinks instead of one, as in His/hers, his/his, or hers/hers. Usually with a full tub or Spa, preferably separate from the shower. More statement.
  2. Type Two. Family bath, or en suite Bath.What makes it a Family Bath or En Suite. Usually utilitarian can be small, if En suite or can also be the only bath in the house, in which case it should offer direct access if possible rather than through a bedroom.
  3. Type three. Powder room. Powder rooms, usually don’t have a shower. However they can if there is no other bath in they house then the most. or if there is a bedroom without En Suite.

Below we show some examples of our work. By home, not type, though we will classify them and add pertinent notes on each.

Contemporary Bathroom Design at Waterfront Condo Tiburon-Belvedere, California.

Cranberry resin custom vanity top. at Tiburon Condo.In this one bedroom one bath Waterfront Condominium in Tiburon-Belvedere California, we were asked to provide ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. And we thought it was a challenge and an honor. People don’t think interior designers do ADA bathroom. The challenge is the Design them not only functionally correct but beautiful too.Tiburon waterfront apartment design



Contemporary Bathroom Designs at the Contemporary Country Club Loft apartment.

This apartment has 4 bathrooms. Two master bathrooms, one En Suite bath and one powder room. In addition to a 5th bathroom in the service quarters. the 4 baths have the same Bathroom fixtures al by Vola. All the vanities are aniline dyed butcher block in different colors, besides they all have glass tile in different colors to match by Ann Saks.

Besides the vanities all have wall mounted faucets. When the unit was purchased new, a previous owner had already positioned by bathroom stacks, so therefore we had to use a step at each bath to correct the positions we wanted for the toilets. All sinks are polished Stainless steel also self rim.

Contemporary BathroomsMaster bathroom 1. The accent color was lavender or lilac, shown at the countertop and wall tile. Here there is a separate shower stall reflecting the toilet stall.

Contemporary BathroomsOn the left Powder room, with tapered vanity top and mirrored opposite walls angled; on the right En Suite bath.

Contemporary bathroomsThe second Master Bathroom at this apartment, belongs to a pied-à-terre within the apartment.  There is a pocket door, otherwise it is open. On the left side of the photo is half the vanity, which in turn reflects a Jacuzzi “J Dream” unit, a shower with steam and other features; on the right the opening to the second Master bedroom.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs at Contemporary Polanco Apartment remodel and Interior Design in México City.

Again all the fixtures or faucetry are by Vola, and all sink faucets are wall mounted.

Contemporay BathroomsMaster Bathroom. Calacatta Marble top, consistent with Kitchen. Back light glass sinks. Notice Limestone bench outside the shower and going into it photo on left below. Shower and toilet stalls are frosted glass and angled, see reflection on mirror.


Contemporary bathroom designsOn left Master Bath shower. Vola hand shower, Limestone bench, glass tile from Ann Saks on walls; On right, one of two equal En suite baths, minimum size about 6’x6′, all limestone. Neo angle shower, cheval mirror reflects bedrooms.

contemporary bathroom designsPowder room. Columns or pilasters on corners, reflected into infinity, or as far as you can see. Tapered counter top. Porthole windows.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs. Condominium Powder room with a shower.

contemporary bathroom designsThe fixtures where selected by a previous designer, that did not complete the job.. Mirrored cabinet, raise glass shower swing door above toilet height. Shower Grab bar and shampoo niche reflected.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs. Master Bathroom on the Cigar Tobacco jungle.

Contemporary Bathroom DesignsGiallo Siena marble, on countertops and grand mirror frame. Back lite glass sinks. Lapidary niagara faucetry by Kallista. Rotating Ottoman.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs in the Silicon Valley.

Bathroom Design San Francisco Jerry Jacobs DesignThis was our very first “Slanted” or Tapered” top. Sunset Magazine called it “Subtle Perspective”.

Our client met us at The San Francisco Decorators Showcase. When we interview I asked did she have a color in mind and she graciously said Pink!

We incorporated a small closet and made this not only the family room but a powder room as well.

Contemporary Bathroom Designs in the San Francisco East Bay. Lafayette.

Elliptical Bath.

Here we used the Ellipse as a theme. The ceiling has a complete Ellipse shape molding, and the Vanity is an Ellipse portion as well.

She had her bathroom, and this was to be for him. 



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Modern Fixtures. Designs by Arne Jacobsen in 1968, todays modern-contemporary standard.

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