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Luxury Residential Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay.

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay.

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A background.

As an architect in my early practice, I designed a few homes with their kitchens, while I focused my initial years even more so on Commercial Architecture and Design.

I designed a few restaurants and food facilities, including their Kitchens, in addition to many stores. Here is the floor plan for a restaurant kitchen. Restaurant capacity 200 seats + 30 at Bar.

While I was designing Restaurants and Food facilities, I took a Cornell University Diploma on Restaurant Planning and Development. I was very interested in Hospitality and Restaurant Design.

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay

Gradually I focused more on Residential Design.

These Kitchens were done in a 30 year period and the span is 30 old to yesterday. That might make a point. Others are new, from the ground up. While others are remodeling of existing kitchens which had the right structure and potential. Ideally they should look timeless. or last a long time anyway.

Here are 10 or so Kitchens of different types we have designed for our residential projects. We also include 5 or so Wet Bars.

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # High-Tech and Minimalist style Kitchen

Kitchen detail at Casa Lila, Mexico City. High-Tech, 1988.

At about the same time I designed restaurants I designed a home for myself. I ordered a Stainless steel kitchen top with built-in sink and cooktop. Just like in the professional kitchens I was designing then, and by the same fabricator to the restaurant in turn.

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 2 Tiburon. Open kitchen.

One of my first residential kitchens is very small and open (I opened it) into the family room of a One Bedroom Condo in Tiburon-Belvedere, San Francisco Bay. The apartment was a total remodel and the kitchen was new from the ground up.

Open Kitchen at Tiburon one bedroom apartment. 1992 bullnose edge.

Very small. Very simple. “L” counter, Peninsula and Built in wall. The Cabinetry is beige laminate, the tops Ming green marble. Backsplash is mirrored to reflect the water view and make room look bigger.

Bullnose edge doubled at Peninsula looks and works great after 25 years.

See. Wet Bar for this kitchen bottom section.

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 3. Hacienda on the beach.

A few years later I was invited to design an Hacienda on the Beach for a Country Music and Hollywood, Californian Star. The Building shell was there. We enlarged the shell, carved more spaceremodeled it and did all the interiors, Kitchen, bar, baths, bedrooms, pool and outdoors.

Because of certain other materials such as volcanic stone in the plazas and local limestone elsewhere, we selected “Rojo Alicante” or “Rojo Navona” marble for countertops and full backsplash, as a contrasting color the client liked.

Hacienda on the Beach Cancun*. 1998

At Hacienda on the Beach, we were a bit conservative with the budget, and as a second home to the client, not much personal cooking was to be involved.

The Backsplash in slab made the statement. We used the house as guests many times and the kitchen worked very well for all purposes. Notice the Volcanic stone floor which was part of the home purchase. Over the years we gradually replaced it in the interiors for a softer more comfortable local limestone floors.

Sub-Zero side by side and professional gas cooktop.

See. Wet Bar for this kitchen at the bottom section.

Luxury  Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay #4 High rise loft style contemporary apartment. New Kitchen.

We wanted the kitchen cabinetry to be a color, so we selected blue. While we wanted to see the kitchen from the great room. However to contain the cooking smells, hence we glazed the enclosure. The Island in butcher block is rotated, and ends in a round table shape accommodating 5 places.

Upper cabinets with frosted glass doors.

Bar stools by Brueton.

Luxury Residential Kitchen Design San Francisco BayLoft apartment Kitchen, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, MX. 2002

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 5 Villa on the Beach. New Kitchen.

In this Villa we designed the Architecture and Interiors from the ground up. The house has a Classic Tuscan or Georgian inspiration, so we wanted the kitchen cabinetry to work together with it. The Character the clients had.

We certainly had height we had created architecturally for the Kitchen and took advantage of it, providing it with a rolling ladder. Tons of storage and display.

The 10’ long Island has two under-counter refrigerators and an inlaid border marble top. While the top and floor are Bulgarian White limestone, the details and backsplash are Rojo Alicante or Navona again.

The kitchen is glass enclosed on two ends, first facing the Ocean for view and connection to the breakfast nook and pool loggia. At the other end, not shown is the family TV room also separated by glass and shutters and raised to look over the kitchen to the Ocean.

This house has 6 suites with en suite bathrooms and each room with a wet bars with sinks and refrigerators.

The kitchen cabinetry extends to the breakfast nook.

Sub-Zero refrigeration.

Classic style. Timeless.

Kitchens and wet bars

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 6. Waterfront Townhouse Kitchen.

  • Rojo Alicante or Navona, Countertops and Slab backsplash. Client liked previous one.
  • The cooktop niche in turn has pull out spice cabinets with marble slab sides.
  • Rotating lazy Susan over Island.
  • Built in Sub-Zero 700 series set, wood paneled.
  • Smeg range.


Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay #7 Presidio Height San Francisco. Small new kitchen.

The new kitchen cabinetry was salvaged from a previous apartment the owner had planned it for but never installed.

Granite top and baseboards. Mirrored backsplash returns. Custom crown molding, with 45˚ set backs so it transitions.


Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 8. At the Contemporary Campos Eliseos apartment new Kitchen.

Calacatta Gold Marble tops a full slab backsplash. English sycamore cabinetry Pull out hood. Sub Zero 700 series Refrigerator and freezer.

The client wanted to have coffee at the kitchen Island while viewing over the dining room toward the Boulevard. While sometimes there would be formal entertainment. Hence we glazed the kitchen entrance pair of swing doors and sidelight in “Molecular Glass: so at the turn of the switch they become transparent or frosted.

  • Vola faucets.
  • Built in Sub-Zero 700 series set, wood paneled.
  • Calacatta Marble countertops and full backsplash walls.

Kitchen glazingBottom pair of Images shown, on right Glass doors clear. On left doors are frosted. Molecular or switchable glass use. Top kitchen seen from dining room entrance. Campos Eliseos, Mexico City. 2010

Kitchens and wet bars

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 9. Larkspur, Marin, San Francisco Bay Area New Kitchen Family room.

Brown cabinetry color is extended to doors and wall to integrate better. Tiled back splash extended around windows. Cabinetry transom over sink to tie both ends. Extending the color of the cabinetry into the wall, replacing doors and other detail make a big difference. Two tone, the island base in Zinc venetian Plaster to tie with the appliances and balance the color.

Lighting pendants by Leucos. Kon.

Kitchens and wet bars

Larkspur California. 2013-2014

Luxury Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay # 10. Tiburon Kitchen remodel.

This small open kitchen was in the right place and the right size when we remodeled it. We decided to keep it provided it should look and work well. The cabinetry was improved and painted. The appliances and countertop stayed.

As it was just the wrong color, and had the wrong lighting and wasted space so we did only the improvements necessary to make it look and work better. So far so good. Most important is not to waste resources, be sustainable when you can. This helped the client’s budget, while it helps the planet. However little we can contribute to “Sustainability” that is great. Sometimes it is very little sometimes it is more. If we all help things will be better.

Notice the Gray color is just a tad different to the walls color, so as to make it disappear. Dilute it more into the space.

Luxury Residential Kitchen Design San Francisco BayTiburon Waterfront Condominium, 2018-2019.

Most important trend in Kitchen Design, is incorporating adequate space for your pup/s.

7/7/2019 Country Life UK on Canine cubbyholes.


The Wet Bar.

Wet Bars are not only for drinking purposes, liquor or not. The are also an extension of a kitchen as well. Sometimes work as a pantry kitchen too. Particularly when the kitchen is not so close to the dining areas. When a Bar area has a sink and a faucet it becomes a “Wet Bar”. Then the services it can provide are much more than that of a counter or credenza where you could always sit drinks or a buffet. If you don’t want to redo the kitchen but have room for a Wet Bar, then it is a great idea.

Often we have the opportunity to extend the kitchen either immediately adjacent to it but into another room, or sometimes a bit further away. Quite often wet Bars serve some of the Kitchens and Pantries purposes.

Wet Bars at Buena Vista Deco. A penthouse in the San Francisco Bay.

The photos below show 2 wet bars we did for the same home we call “Buena Vista Deco”, on Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, California. While the Penthouse had a great kitchen already, we carved a corner behind a dining booth and took over a closet, to fit it in right there. Red Bar on the right. The other wet bar was added downstair at the Library- Home office, far from the kitchen. Photo on left.

Kitchens and wet bars

Buena Vista Penthouse. Wet Bars.

Wet Bar in Tiburon, California. One bedroom apartment Wet Bar.

Wet Bar at the Tiburon. Relates to kitchen # 2 above.

One of my favorite aspects here is closing the bar. That is when not in use it gets 100% concealed. The built-in wet bar disappears when not in use… This is a second home for a European based Austrian businessman, so it is quite often that it is closed.

Fireplace and Furnace to the left, entertainment system underneath.

Wet Bar in Tiburon

Hacienda on the Beach sit down Wet Bar.

A sit down bar. Wet Bar with Counter at Hacienda on the Beach. Relates to kitchen above section #3.

This wet Bar has everything, a copper sink and faucet, Sub Zero Refrigerator, ice maker and wine storage. Mirrors back shelving. Entertainment system by swing door into kitchen with porthole.

Luxury Residential Kitchen Design San Francisco Bay

Santa Fe high rise Wet Bar.

At the Condominium apartment we couldn’t redo the Kitchen which was too small, cluttered and 23 stories up. So we carved a Wet Bar with full height Sub Zero 700 series refrigerator freezer, serving both as kitchen extension and Bar. there was this was no drainage or water supply in the Dining Area, so we brought them in through the ceiling and out with a pump. Rotating bar table at front, for sit down or buffet.

General concepts.

While in most of our projects we do all the interiors and sometimes the Architecture, we try to be consistent and use in the kitchen some of the same materials as in other parts of the House. Most notably Bathrooms, the term Kitchen and Bath design applies here.


The Porthole.

I guess I like Porthole windows, and will use them whenever I can. It is both first of all a connection between the two spaces the interior of the kitchen and the exterior or other room. Then it is also a safety device for swing doors.


  • Whenever possible extended throughout for a look of consistency. Also if possible a slab v. a tile.
  • Mirror works. Just as easy to clean as any other surface, though it shows dirt more. If it visually extends, or reflects a view why not.

The open shelve.

I guess as designers we got carried away enclosing everything we could in uppers. Then came having the upper doors with some glass first translucent and transparent. And finally the return to the open shelving. Here are some points:

  • The truth is the open shelving was always there. My early DIY kitchens were open shelves, that is all I could afford, it has always been a more natural way.
  • Concealing or not. If items are beautiful why not show them.
  • Dust. Well don’t you wash before you use or dust regularly.
  • Geometry and space.  If space is too small and the ceiling is low and the enclosed upper would make the space loo even smaller, then the open shelve is the way to go.
  • Ideally and if cost is not an issue (it always seems to be), then try to run the backsplash material behind the shelving. This will make the look refined and then shelve float.


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