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Jerry Jacobs Design. Tiburon view condo. Living room, Japanese screen

Interior Design Remodeling Belvedere Tiburon

Interior Design Remodeling Belvedere Tiburon.

Interior Design Remodeling. Moving to Belvedere Tiburon in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Moving to Belvedere Tiburon, and other parts of Marin. The importance of Remodeling and Interior Design of your new home. We describe some procedures and Design Build Logistics. Following we make recommendations for those planning to move to the San Francisco Bay area, or Marin County.

An appealing design remaining in its original condition with no changes after 25+ years. Timeless they say!

This story is dedicted to the client and owner who recently past away my dear frien MZ†. His dear wfe calls me from Austria for consultation after so long.

David a realtor friend whom we had bought from our own Tiburon Home 10 years before, called to introduce us to a client that had just bought a View condominium from him in Belvedere Tiburon.

We met the client at the site and agreed to gut the unit entirely down to the structure. Then designed the basic layout, for him overnight to approve the next day as he was going back home to Austria. When asked what color? He replied, “Green, but one that says good morning”

  • Belvedere Tiburon, California. Marin County, San Francisco Bay.
  • 900 ft2 (80m2). One bedroom view condominium.
  • Interior Architecture, Interior Design. Design Build Turnkey Project.

This 900 ft. 2 apartment with a San Francisco Bay and Financial District view, is celebrating its 20 anniversary, of being designed and completed by Jerry Jacobs Design.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Before and After. Interior Design Remodeling of shell is completed. Polar Ash wood floor replacing carpet, less walls open kitchen, mirrored back wall, wet bar.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Furnished to move in.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Sloped arm sofa, mint leather with white welting. Entry glass top Console over cast some corbels.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.From the entrance you can see the living room as well as the deck.

Project description.

The unit was entirely gutted down, a second level in a 3 level condo, then made structural changes and mechanical updates, and installed all new finishes, lighting, fixtures and built ins. When they returned after six months, the space was totally new, hence we accomplished our goal. Later we went shopping together for the furniture. It is still there looking just the same.

To reflect the Bay Views and enlarge the small space, the back wall is mirrored, even the kitchen window facing the garage, now reflect the water view. The Bath mirror was so large it had to be introduced before installing the sheetrock on the walls.

Living room. Mint leather loveseat with white contrasting welt. Italian travertine coffee table, and custom furniture. Meiji period Silver screen tarnished over 200 years, serves as living area backdrop.

Open home office with fireplace includes new concealed wet bar.

The vaulted ceiling bath includes a bathtub jetted spa, his and hers sinks, hot towel dryer, electrified make up mirror, and wall attached hair dryer ( so he wouldn’t have to carry).

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.
Meiji period Japanese screen. Characterless and tarnished from silver to antiqued gold.

Below from the console to the built-in wet bar. Mirrored back wall, new fireplace. Not too much mirror, it worked to expand the small space and to reflect the San Francisco Bay views, multiplying the view assets.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.When they are gone, which is most of the time, the bifold doors close the Bar entirely. Very clean and very easy to clean.

Mirrored backsplash. I agree it is not the best idea for everyone. But for a pied-à-terre, it is not bad as going out is essential. Usually cooking is simple and has worked this past 20 years.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.


One of the nicest compliments we receive is a client showing us how the space, our work , has lasted and has been enjoyed, for many years without need for change……

If your designs turn out to be “timeless, it means not only that they are functional but that they were styled correctly. Remember “Fashion Changes but Style remains forever” YSL.

For more on this project please visit Belvedere Tiburon Pied-à-Terre

Very few things have changed, certainly the TV in the bedroom was replaced for a flat screen, fitting in the same lift provided. Storage has been the only issue as the couple have become painters and canvas storage is an issue. They also spend more time in this their second home as they are working less back home.

We are now proposing our signature wall to wall cabinet for at the entrance. Below.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Our own Move to Belvedere Tiburon and our Interior Design Remodeling.

Ten years before doing the Pied-à-Terre, my wife and I discovered Belvedere Tiburon, and moved from Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The weather was better, schools for our 2 year old daughter were good, and the views were more affordable. My commute in those days to the Embarcadero Center was pretty good too.

On weekends we would cross the Golden Gate, in our convertible and spend time in Marin, the Beaches, woods and the cafes by the water in Sausalito and Tiburon, and it made a lot of sense. It was warmer in Marin. First we looked in Sausalito. A friend from NY in the restaurant business took me to Sam’s Café in Tiburon. I hadn’t been, and realized in Tiburon-Belvedere it was easier to match two, “View and Sunâ€.

What and when…

We started looking and realized we couldn’t afford what we wanted. Then we meet David a realtor at an open house, and mentioned we could not afford the prices, so we asked for a shack but one with a view. He asked to meet after 5pm, we liked the house and purchased it on the spot, so to speak.

A great view. The house was well kept, but it needed some work. A couple years later we knew what we wanted, so we did a part of it. Our Interior Design remodeling increased our footprint 500 sf.ft. and a deck of the same size, and converted a den to a third bedroom, a third bath and a home office with its on entrance.

Current real estate conditions.

We are not realtors, but we understand that current conditions are similar to San Francisco; growth and high demand with low inventory. Therefore a seller market. Belvedere Tiburon, or Southern Marin, is a sprawl of San Francisco, in many ways, this being one of them.


Below we list some recommendations and issues you might want to consider.

A lot of people tell you to settle down first, in the House you just bought, so you understand it or make the most out of it; the longer you live in a place, the more you learn about its Architecture and Interior Design, or the more you understand how they work, and the better solutions you might come up with.

While the above is true, it is also true, that professionals designers, are able to see issues and understand up front. And it is also true, that you get used to, not living as well as you could…

We recommend you have a professional look at the space, when you buy it and before you move in. It is always easier to do upfront work, when you are still living elsewhere.

However this might not be possible, you might already be on the move, not have another place meantime and so on. Designers should be able to help you at any stage and with any challenge you might have.



  • Before looking for your dream home, make a list of what makes it so. This was the winner in Zillow question of the year as a result.
  • Before you buy any home that is not perfect, or new; that is, when it might need changes, improvements, Interior Design remodeling, additions or interior improvements, survey it at least once with your Architect or your Interior Designer.
  • When you buy make sure your realtor or yourself gets a hold of a set of drawings from the previous owners. Or go to the Planning and Building departments to obtain copies of what is available. If there aren’t any, prepare a set of “As built†or “As existing†drawings, then you have them to help you plan and to expedite any work you might contemplate doing either to remodel or do design your interiors.
  • Because of views and tree issues, don’t count on views you don’t have which would come out of cutting trees. Their foliage was there before you bought your new property.
  • The earlier you plan the better, as things take time, and as is said “Though plans are of no importance, planning is essential†Winston Churchill.


  • Create your punch list, or many of them. The more you work on your punch list, the easier it will make it for you and your Architect or Designer, to understand and reduce fees, and achieve your goals.
  • Cut outs. Don’t keep magazines, cut out the pages you like. Define your style and that of your partner, and provide your designer or Architect with this background.
  • Prioritize. Though you can/should tell your architect or interior designer, all you want, don’t ask them to do more than you can afford, remember you end up getting what you pay for.
  • Bathrooms were too utilitarians, now they are glamorous as a result of lifestyle.
  • Lifestyles change. Many houses in Tiburon-Belvedere, were designed and built, as second homes, so they are not ideal for today’s lifestyles.
  • Small rooms that need to be converted. So you get 4 bedrooms, however they are too small, all of them. The Master will fit a king and might have a place to sit, but does it have space for so many other things.
  • Kitchen- Family room. Most of the time the kitchen will be too small and enclosed.
  • Family heirlooms. It is understandable that you wish to incorporate, we do it all the time.


  • There is a lot published about recuperating your costs for home improvements (ROI). They all fail to assign a value to your enjoyment of the space, itself.
  • Given that average stays averaged 7 years, after you live in some beautiful places you get spoiled, hard to find something equal, so you might stay longer. A good reason to make your improvements in Interior Design Remodeling.
  • They say Kitchen and Bath are the highest ranked for return on investment m(ROI). Kitchens were enclosed and they are now Open Kitchens, so you might want to consider changes there.


  • Master Plan. Look at the entire picture, for today and for the future. Keep resale in mind always.
  • If you plan new Architecture or additions, these should be considerate of existing properties and their foliage, and everyone’s views. You pay for the view you have, not those you might. Others paid for theirs too.
  • In Tiburon currently, additions of 500 ft2 or less go to a consent calendar, so long as that is all you need to add, and your plans is considerate as described above. Be creative and add the space you need, if more than 500f2 is required, go to planning, as a result not a big deal. It takes time, but if you know what you are doing it can be very fast too.
  • Live with your footprint if you can and just redo the Interiors. Not decoration, but refitting the layout. Most bedrooms in older homes are too small for today’s lifestyle, do your Interior design layout options and planning before remodeling too.
  • Ideally you find an Architect and an Interior Designer to help you. A way to select is one is by looking at work you like and asking your friends, realtors and so on, then do a short list and talk to 2 or 3 professionals and select one, who understands you and matches your tastes. Or fall in love with someone’s work on their website and take it from there.


Contact. Give us a call or email if you need help with your new home in the San Francisco Bay.

PUBLICATIONS. This apartment was featured in the following publications.

  • Marin Independent Journal. Home & Garden debut section cover. Marin IJ.
  • Gentry Magazine, Menlo Park, CA. May-June 1996. “Mint Condition. Cool shades of green and white and smart ideas for doubling space liberate and freshen a Bay view pied-à-terre….the gold medal for this one goes to Jerry Jacobs Designâ€
  • Kitchens, Bedrooms and Bathroom, London, UK. Reflective surfaces and a consistency in materials are the magic ingredients that visually enlarge this small California apartment.
  • Pacific Sun. April 14-20, 2004. Spring Trends.
  • FFI. San francisco Style. March/April 2005


  • Photography by John Vaughan †
  • Kitchen. Downsview.
  • Wood Floor. Pablo Castro, Marin Hardwood Floors.
  • Realtors: David Gilbert and David Schwartz


Downsizing Tiburon Waterfront Condo.

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Celebrating the 25 Year Anniversary for a One bedroom View Condominium apartment in Belvedere Tiburon.                                                                                                                                                                              We provided Design Build and Interior Design Remodeling and furnishing for this Pied-a-Terre of an Austrian Businessman.

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