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Floor Plan furnished Jerry Jacobs Design

Interior Architecture and Design. Los Cabos, Baja.

Interior Architecture and Design. Los Cabos, Baja.

How it is done.

Interior Architecture and Design. Los Cabos, Baja. How it is done.

Interior Architecture and Design. Los Cabos, Baja. How it is done. Interior Architecture is what the term says. It is shaping and configuring a space and all its components including plumbing, electric and others, and slightly different than Interior Design, as the latter concentrates more in FF&E. Finishes, furniture, fixtures and equipment.


Marketing works, though how well depends. It took 7 years for a call. I met BR 8 years ago at the Gimbal 2000 Rally event at The Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco. BR had until recently the menswear store and Cigar shop and smoking den at the Hotel. I bought a couple of shirts and smoked a cigar or some of it only, we exchanged cards and I left.

For 7+ years he received my newsletter and I knew he was interested in Design as he regularly opened the newsletter, and his store at the Fairmont was well designed.

Then I got his call. He was retiring to Los Cabos where he had bought a 2 bedroom Ocean View Condominium and he wanted me to help him, designing it and turn-keying it too, that is getting it done. So we met at his store a year ago, before the pandemic. We chatted and he showed me plans and lists and gave me some thoughts. I dropped my contract (I always work with one), and I left without taking any background material. He followed up with a few calls and we arranged to meet again to sign and start, at the Hotel Store, by now closed for Covid 19. We didn’t confirm as I learned a few days later from the hospital. He had fallen…

As the Condo building was under construction, there was not that much rush, by the time we met again and had lunch in Half Moon Bay Sam’s outdoor in June we still had 1 year for move in.

Interior Architecture and Design. How it is done. Los Cabos, Baja.

Interior Architecture is done in several stages, mainly planning and design, drawings and construction, purchasing and other tasks.


The idea that I promote is to move into the project as early as possible, and try to make improvements upfront if you can. You achieve a few things if successful: You don’t have to remodel it is already done, you can move in right away and hopefully the cost is better. This is mainly for the Interior Architecture and Design, that is layout changes or adjustments, moving things around and changes you probably cannot do later, or they would be more expensive.

The hardest thing is to have the Condo Building Team welcome your involvement in their Project. After all they have a much bigger task and you are mainly a nuisance. However we got in on time and have been feeding the project with the changes that will make BR life there more to his taste and wellbeing.

Floor Plan furnished Jerry Jacobs DesignThis Floor Plan shows both the Interior Architecture and Design and a Furnshed Layout

Construction Development. Turnkey. Our office in Mexico City.

The executive or working drawings and the day to day, site visit and so on are delegated to our Project Manger who is both an Architect and an Engineer, and based in our Mexico City office.


The set of drawing I create initially are my desgn solutions and improvements. All I can think of and select with the help of the Client. Then once it becomes more technical better CAD (computer aided drafting) is produced, more precise and “Valid for Construction”. We show some of each below.

Luxury Interior Design Wet Bar laundry Jerry Jacobs DesignWet Bar and Laundry combination. Floor plan on left, elevations on right. Larger scale for more detailed areas.

CAD. Computer aided drafting.

CAD is used by most designers now days, I have been using for 30 years, I hope they still teach hand sketching and design in Architecture and Interior Design schools.

While I use it to fit and think design while I draft, the quality of my drafting does not meet that of executive or for construction drawings, such as the one shown below form our Mexico City office.

Luxury Interior Design Los Cabos Jerry Jacobs DesignBefore and After.

As this project is in progress we will add interesting construction pictures as in Before and not unit we finish After.

Interior Design Los Cabos Jerry Jacobs DesignView is great, part of what you pay for. Under construction outdoor terrace or deck.

Job remains in progress and we will update this Blog at a latter time.

Los Cabos, Baja.

Also know as San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, both at the Southernmost tip pf the Baja Peninsula in Mexico.

I first went to Los Cabos, from Mexico City to look at lot to build and Aca Joe store in the early 80’s, or about 35 years ago. I stayed a few times at the Twin Dolphin” famous as Rachel Welsh’s preferred when she was famous too. I ended up finally doing the Aca Joe store in 1995, one of my last.

Earlier I had done some preliminary planning for a 500 acre Island off Baja, and understood in the late 70’s water was scarce, and that Californians would eventually gravitate there. Now it is a fact. You can live there and come back home as required. Very convenient. Mind you Summer is too hot for my taste.




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Thanks to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.


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