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How to Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors.

How to Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors .

Vacation Property Design Build or Turnkey. Luxury Design Build process. Second Homes and Hospitality condos.

You have the money but you don’t have the time. Design -build vacation condo Interiors is the Ultimate Luxury. You don’t have to worry, design build handles everything for you. Like your own Architecture and Interior Design Concierge. Professional time cost is lower than yours, know how, culture and lifestyle for the Second Home or Vacation Home you want. Convenient and saves you money and time.

Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors. Part 1 Condominiums or Apartments. Cancun, Mayan Riviera or Los Cabos.
4X4. Four Waterfront Condos each on a Four-month completion turnkey, by Jerry Jacobs Design.

Interior Design for the Caribbean. Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Vacation homes in Mexico’s resorts.

Design build Vacation Condo Interiors. We are not talking about time-shares, nor fractional ownership, nor high-end travel clubs, nothing wrong with any of them, we are talking about doing your own Vacation Home, in Cancun, the Mayan Riviera or Los Cabos.

The ability to do a Vacation home by yourself or with a support team to help you. If  you are considering a Vacation Home for you and your family, but do not know how to proceed, we hope the experiences we have and the methods we describe here are helpful to you. We have experience in the Mexican Resorts, Cancun, the Caribbean Riviera and Los Cabos, and have also worked in most Mexican Beach resorts. In San Francisco we do turnkey for people who want a second home in San Francisco too, and who live elsewhere in in the US, Europe or Asia.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Puerto Aventuras Yacht Club Penthouse.  Puerto Aventuras in 1995, in the middle of nowhere. This Luxury vacation apartment pent-house is dead center upper two levels front building.

Design and Turnkey.

Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors includes working with the clients on their design concepts and needs, and taking it from there, then delivering a dream Vacation Home without the client having to do much more than make choices and sign checks. Turnkey is only for those people who can afford it. Maintenance and other costs exist and the property might not appreciate as much as expected. Turnkey Design and Construction is for those who want an Exclusive use and can afford it. What no one can afford is doing it wrong, or paying more, or not getting what you want. That is where Turnkey comes in.

Below we tell the stories of how we did four Waterfront Condo “Turnkey” projects, from our San Francisco, California offices, and our local branches in Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean Riviera. Each one in a four-month period, on a Turnkey basis, that is we took care of everything for the clients, bought all the furniture and installed the interiors on time, we did so while the clients enjoyed their lives elsewhere. We actually have our own teams in the location developed over the years, and teamed as Interior Designers, Interior Architects and Project managers with local sources and associates as required for the project.

As we did the Vacation Homes Turnkey projects, we developed our own methods, contacts and know how. If you are seriously considering a vacation home or condo in the Mexican resorts, please let us know so we can share our experience with you and perhaps help your become a successful Vacation Home owner in Cancun, Mexico’s Caribbean Riviera, Los Cabos, San Francisco or elsewhere.

The Puerto Aventuras Yacht Club Penthouse. 1995.

Our first Turnkey Luxury Vacation apartment or Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors in the Caribbean was many years ago (20), the Penthouse at the Puerto Aventuras Yacht Club, located about 40 miles south of Cancun’s airport.

Ivan Ebergenyi an old friend was the manager and sales point for the development, and while having dinner in Cancun, he explained to me his boss was arriving the following day in his private Jet, and he didn’t have a designer for the Pent-House apartment , which he was keeping for himself and his family. We met on site, they confirmed a week later and then we met in Florida for the presentation. They approved it and we went to work, initially doing the Interior Design presentation.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.They would christen the penthouse for their Christmas Holidays, there was no room for failure. A budget had been approved, we hired a local general Contractor to start work on the shell (floors, ceiling, et.), while we placed furnishings orders in the USA,  included limestone floor from Spain, tempered glass components and high-end furniture. A Turnkey includes as we did, bed linen, mattresses, music systems, and everything the guest or visitor (or owner) might need or want.

The Party.

When the clients arrived for Christmas and New Year holidays, music was playing, the fridge was full of champagne and we started uncorking and had a party. They have had it for 20 years, and from time to time ask us for minor things, reupholster replacing fabrics for a new nicer one perhaps. They love it and enjoy it.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Perhaps more important, the project looked good, the clients really liked it and showed it off and over the years it proved to be timeless too.

View project link below.

Cancun is pretty much an Island so particularly 20 year ago it was isolated, there were no local products we could use. We containerized everything, shipped it, and installed the furnishings once the shell had been completed. The clients were very happy, so much they invited us to do other homes for them too.


Condo G. Isla Dorada, Cancun. 2004

From 1995 to 2004 we did not do Turnkey Luxury Vacation apartments we did mainly Waterfront Villas and Retail Stores in the area but no condos. In 2004 we were hired to do a 20,000 ft2 home there and the client also bought a condo and asked us to put it together while the house was completed. Large homes take over a year to build, while the condo or a Luxury Vacation apartment was there, ready to be done, so we had it finished and furnished. Not much was discussed they intended to sell when completing the house and they sold it furnished. I’m sure with a profit as well. Again Turnkey services in about four months.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Pocket sliders, motorized shades. Bay view. Living Dining at Condo “Gâ€.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

To view the full project visit @. red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Guest Bedroom at Condo “Gâ€. Wicker and rattan pieces were fabricated locally. The limestone floor is local too. Crema Maya and Ticul keys. From 1995 to 2004, a few sources developed because of the Hotel Industry boom.


Condo F. (Townhouse) Isla Dorada, Cancun. 2004

Another client we were designing a 10,000 ft2 home asked us to do his Turnkey Luxury Vacation apartment or condo while the house was completed.

This one got complicated; it was a two level penthouse above a single ground floor unit, and our clients had the penthouse and we designed it and started work on it. Half way through the planning process the client was able to buy the ground floor unit as well.

So we did the architectural conversion into a Townhouse condo, with about 8,000ft2 (almost as big as the house), 5 bedrooms and 5 baths. We had actually bought most of the furniture for the critical lead-time, the Christmas Holidays, while we had to start the remodeling and conversion design. The Grand Foyer below is all New Architecture by Jerry Jacobs Design. Our intend to provide the Townhouse condo a grand entrance and connect the levels properly.A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Waterfront Townhouse Foyer. Architecture and Interior design by Jerry Jacobs Design. To view the full project use link below.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Here we did remodeling and a new vanishing edge Spa, on the Master bedroom terrace. With the necessary structural reinforcements.  Architecture and Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design.

A bedroom with a bed, armoire and vaulted ceiling.

Guest bedroom. Vaulted ceiling reflected on mirror. Light blue paint, distressed imported bed frame finish, local floor.


BVG. Bay View Grand. 2005-2006

We had actually started another Luxury Vacation apartment project in Tower One of the BVG development, but the client moved to another city and sold it before we could do the job.

Then one day we got an email request on our Website Contact form for the Interior Design services for a Turnkey Luxury Vacation apartment or Condo in Tower Two, under construction at the time.

A gentleman from Philadelphia had purchased a Condo there and wanted it completed ASAP, for when the building was to be completed in about four months or so. He was in the rental business, and wanted the unit completed with a specific budget of about 1/3 of what he had paid for the unit.

They had paid $450K usc., so we had $150K. as a budget. There was no Airbnb at that time and this was a small business concept for them. So we planned it to work for guests always tourists, no second home purpose and we included a mural of a “Caribbean Shack” for those Tourists on a short stay to have a good time.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

This was a 20 level building under construction, so we suggested we team up with the tower’s builders to be able to make shell improvements ahead and incorporated them to the building, saving time and money.

The building was scheduled for completion in four months, so we would come in with the furniture the next day following the opening and furnish it and be ready and complete.

Hurricane Wilma.

We were on time and on budget, however hurricane “Wilma†was a surprise. A

s we were getting ready to ship the container from the US to Cancun, with the “Kit†to put it all together turnkey, and ready to start producing for the Caribbean Winter Season, Hurricane Wilma arrived.

It stayed on top of Cancun for 4 days going nowhere. Wilma was the twin hurricane of Katrina, and as strong. Cancun was devastated, so we couldn’t stick to the plan, what is more the building completion would be delayed 6 months or more.

Our biggest concern however became the storage of our container in Miami, as Miami, we would learn a few days later would receive Katrina. Our goods were safe thanks to the precautions of our excellent forwarder. We didn’t drop the ball, we returned in 2006 to open the Turkey unit with the Building as planned, on time and on budget.A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Dining room chair from Oscar de la Renta; All wall colors custom made to our specification.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Luxury vacation Apartment Condo. To view the full project use link below.


The lessons.

  • Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors is a simple procedure, however you need to do it very well to be successful.
  • Lead-time can escalate if you are not careful.
  • Logistics are critical. See storage below.
  • The team is essential, from your local General Contractor and your own staff to all the manufacturers, and people involved in the process.
  • Don’t buy anything with a long lead-time, or you might have to ship it separately at a high cost.
  • Gradually there has been more local furniture production, notably wicker and floors, the problem is the styles are either very bad or long lead times. You need a direct connection to the local manufacturers if you plan to use them.
  • When doing homes rather than condos a full new set of rules apply. This will be the subject of another upcoming blog. Custom Waterfront Villas.
  • Storage. Shipping your household or partial, or new furniture for your vacation home can use Storage. Here is a link to Storage Logistics.



Turnkey abroad. Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors.  Though Jerry Jacobs Design is a California Corporation, We can work in the USA, Mexico and England particularly in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our clients can trust our banking and accounting system as it is open and clear, while they might be more difficult to oversee in other locations. We appreciate our client’s trust in putting their investments on our hands.

Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors services are for people who’s time is worth so much they don’t mind entrusting a professional, with the right experience, so they can devote their time, to making more money, or simply having fun.

Design Build Vacation Condo Interiors can be done anywhere.  Some of our clients don’t live in the Bay Area, but want a home away from home in San Francisco, and they live in Europe, New York or China, that is easier for us too as we do the work closer to our main office. We look over our clients interests and money right at home. We always care for your investment. The more creative and financially savvy we can be on your behalf, the more your project will show it and the more you will enjoy it.

To learn more about Luxury Vacation Apartments and Condos on a Turnkey, please request additional information through our form at  CONTACT

Punch List. If you would like to receive our “Punch List” for turnkey in the works, let us know too. Please request.



Over a period of 10 years from 1996-2006, I traveled to Cancun around 100 times or an average of ten times a year almost once a month. Not only for the 4 condos above but for other residential and commercial projects as well. Some months I went twice while others not at all. The introduction of non-stop flights, half way through this period came in very handy.

It was very nice putting my Bermudas on in the Pacific Coast (San Francisco) leaving in the morning, and having dinner in the Atlantic in Cancun that same day. A break of a week a month, change of weather and friends and workspace, is very healthy too. Do I miss it? Well I was also very pleased when we started doing similar Interior Design projects in Los Cabos, half the traveling time from San Francisco, and certainly when we do them next door, but a different and nice location and an adventure is always welcome too.

China is to far and more difficult of set up. Completely different business. Canada or London make more sense to us.



  • Pablo Aguinaco. Puerto Aventuras. @
  • Victor Elias. Three other condos. @


  • Century Furniture. Oscar de la Renta Chairs and Headboards.


  • The Benson Ford repurposed Vacation Home.
  • Casa & Estilo International. Miami. Apartment in Bay View Grand, Cancun. June-July 2008.
  • Casa & Estilo International. Miami. Equilibrio y Elegancia. Townhouse in Cancun. April-May 2006.
  • Casa & Estilo International. Miami. Equilibrio y Elegancia. Townhouse in Cancun. April-May 2004.
  • HD. Hospitality Design. Bill Communications. New York, N.Y. Clubs. Staying Power. October 1994


Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.


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