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Los Cabos Residential Architecture and Interior Design.

Los Cabos Residential Architecture and Interior Design.

Los Cabos Residential Architecture and Interior Design Custom Second Homes.

Jerry has the Local Know How and a USA practice. The balance between Creativity and good management “A perfect combination”. J.Olson (Homeowner client).


Residential Architecture and Interior design in Los Cabos.

When developing in Los Cabos Residential Architecture and Interior Design Custom Home projects, which are usually second homes for a specific client, and a personalized service, or designing and building, away from home. It pays to use the right people.

For us the right people are those not only experienced Architects, Interior Designers and Builders, which you do find in some locations, but also people with the right culture. Therefore the services you personally need.

Jerry Jacobs Design, combines both concepts. We are perfectly familiar with the culture in Mexico, and particularly Los Cabos and also some other resort destinations, where we have worked for many years. Such as Cancun, the Mexican Caribbean Riviera, Cozumel, Puerto Vallarta, or for that matter Hawaii as well.

Besides we offer the right combination of Creativity and Good management. While we also have the balance of Local Know How and USA technology. “A perfect combination”

We are a San Francisco Bay Area based company with 25 years in Residential Architecture and Interior Design practice. Likewise we operate as a California corporation, with associates or branches in Los Cabos, Cancun and Mexico City.

Therefore you get the best of both worlds, a difficult combination to find in one go. We have been designing and building private Custom resort homes in Mexico for 25 years, with great success.

Jerry Jacobs

Jerry was born an American in Mexico City, to a Lebanese family and a father from NY. He was raised in Mexico City where he obtained his Masters in Architecture at UNAM. Most noteworthy he became successful in the Retail Store Design for a retail Store called Aca Joe.

Aca Joe which exploded Worldwide (now defunct), brought him to the San Francisco Bay in the early 80’s.

Jerry knows all the resorts in Mexico and has building connections practically in all of them. While he also  Designs homes to the most sophisticated US standards in The San Francisco Bay as well.

If you are a Californian or from anywhere else and want a house in Los Cabos, Cancun or  Mexico City, we would be happy to help you. Similarly anywhere else where we can do a good job for you.

The Architecture of Mexico.

Colonial Architecture and Pre-columbian as well, as a source of inspiration, as a test of time, but not to be imitated in a different Era. We do know what a real Pueblo is like, not the staged version, and we know the essence of Mexican Architecture, the Minimalism and Color of Luis Barragan.

“I traveled through  the country for many years, always studying the Architecture with a critical eye. Saw the good and the bad, an I am committed to producing the Best”.


Creativity. We always extend the envelope. Or we bring the Sea closer to your pool. Whatever is possible, we try to do it for the sake of the project. We make the most out of it.

Also Projects are an opportunity to please the client, and they too are means to create Art an Inspiration and successful Architecture and Interior Design, always unique to the location.

Turnkey. We have managed turn-key Residential projects for several well know American Entertainment and Business personalities.

All components of Architecture, Interior Design and Building Management required for the successful completion of your home.

There are so many beautiful places around us, nearby, perhaps a couple of hours flight away only. You plan the needs, imagine, draw, and make adjustments and changes.
Then you start building, and pretty soon it’s there to enjoy. We also do Turn-key for our clients, Architecture, Interiors and project management, hence what is required for each client.

Hacienda on the Beach, Los Cabos. Architecture and Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design.

Ocean View Villas in Los Cabos.

All design below by Jerry Jacobs Design.

Why freeze when you can sunbathe in Los Cabos? 

We designed two great Villas, one to serve as rental extension to the five-star Hotel on the beach, the other one as a private residence.
If you need a Villa for your own, or for your group of friends, and wish to have a chef and five-star services, well you can have it, through the Hotel. Or we can custom design one for you anytime.
Residential Design Jerry Jacobs
The Ocean view elevation. Pool section. Left tower is a separate Casita or owner’s Pied-a-terre. Right tower is dining. Living above, bedrooms below.

Upper level. Motor court, grand room with kitchen dining, living and extra room. Outdoor dining and veranda. Separate Casita tower.
Lower level. Pool and terrace. Four bedrooms, loggia, and services.
Residential Architecture Jerry Jacobs
 Entrance at the top through a glass bridge from motor court. Four bedroom entrances below. Casita section on the right.
hacienda at the beach remodel jerry jacobs
Private entrance to Hacienda on the Beach. A star’s retreat.
Home in Los Cabos.  Master Bedroom Swimming and vanishing edge spa.
Interior Design.
Your Interior can be finished to the highest specifications, with some local but also special unique materials. Built in Cabinetry, Furniture, Kitchen and Bath, window and floor treatments,  all perfectly completed for your needs.
Also our Logistics department takes care of having everything ready on time for a great opening.

Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

Thank you for visiting!

Jerry Jacobs Design. San Francisco . Belvedere-Tiburon.  +1.415.435.0520   Contact


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