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Contemporary Apartment Design San Francisco

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco.

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. Because our preferred style is the contemporary style when given a choice.

So we like to think that we live today and tomorrow, hence prefer to make Contemporary and Cozy work together.

Our believe is you don’t have to do Eclectic or Transitional to make  people feel good, unless that is where their lifestyles are, or the style of the building is. Hence the challenge is to make them feel good in either environment.

Apartments, Condos, Co ops and Townhouses, tend to have more mobility than houses. And as they are frequently in the air, they are more flexible and lighter weight.

There are though two types of apartments for the issue of permanence.

First those to keep for life or a long time and second those for a single reason to have, such as to move for a job or other reason, not initially meant to be kept forever, perhaps less permanent.

We show four examples of our completed Contemporary Apartments.

The first three projects are on our Website and we provide links to their Portfolio Pages and related Blogs if any.

We  are showing them for comparative purposes and encourage you to visit them.

Also shown are some projects for the first time “Santa Fe”, and a couple uncompleted projects both in progress: The Peninsula Penthouse and Walnut Creek. Coming soon will be Tiburon Belvedere waterfront Condo.

San Francisco.

The magnificent growth of the SOMA South of Market area, includes its New buildings, such as Building at 181 Fremont which are so contemporary, this one is one of our favorite in town I am very pleased to see this growth. 181 Fremont is ready for the tenant improvement phase.

So if you have bought and apartment there or are planning to do so, we are ready to implement the interiors for you, we have a very good professional relationship with management which will make it even more successful therefore.

Because some of the detail is already there, such as the kitchens and baths,  which are well designed (by ODA Orlando) and the styles are Contemporary, hence our projects below can be as an example or inspiration of what we should be able to do for you.

Let us know what your needs are and presto it will be ready for you on on time.

Meanwhile enjoy the 360˚ film from the Pent-house on the 52nd. level, best comprehensive view of the San Francisco area and the Progress of the Transbay terminal, and any other buildings.

We can also do the Interiors of for your apartment at any other building too.

The Transbay Terminal (TTT)

The San Francisco Transbay terminal designed by Cesar Pelli, recently opened, unfortunately with some problems now.

However the building at 181 Fremont at the end building on the bottom right has no problems. See opposite on towards the left  where the light beam is pointing the curved corner . The Workforce tower, also by Cesar Pelli, will be at 80 levels the tallest building west of the Mississippi.

181 Fremont penthouse would a great choice for anyone able to afford it.

The Magnificent Transbay station complex is about 8 blocks long suspended above street level, you can see the rooftop which is literally a park.

It brings in and out transportation, and will be the central Hub of the South of Market development plan. We certainly hope the minor problems are resolved soon.


Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. Belvedere Tiburon, Marin, California

Waterfront apartmwnt in Tiburon, the San Francisco Marina, and the Corinthian Yacht Club. Small table by Maxalto, DWR Como secional sofa Rug and Pillows by the Rug Company. Imari Mweiji period screen.


Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. Belvedere Tiburon, Marin, California

  • One bedroom, one Bath View Condominium apartment
  • 820 ft2 Interior, 180ft2  Deck. (75m2 ,15m2).
  • Pied-à-terre or second home. Austria is their first.
  • Floor plan. Please go to links below.
  • Remains in same conditions after 25 years.

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. Jerry Jacobs Design. Belvedere Tiburon, view condo mint leather sofa and consoleThis apartment was done on a turn-key and is already 25 years old, and remains in exactly the same condition as when we remodeled it.


Belvedere Tiburon view apartment Interior Design

Interior Design Remodeling Belvedere Tiburon

Contemporary Apartment. Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico

  • Four bedroom, five Bath full floor Condominium apartment
  • 6,000 ft2 Interior. (500m2).
  • Main home college girls, Pied-à-terre for the family. Veracruz, Mexico
  • Floor plan. Please go to links below.
  • Gone. It lasted 12 years then they moved to another city, took furniture with them.

Jerry Jacobs DesignThis was a very successful project. The building was new. The apartment configuration and ownership lasted 12 years, and then the girls moved to another city. They took with them their Italian furniture collection. Certainly it was not necessarily intended for longer.


Contemporary Country Club loft apartment

Contemporary Loft Interior Design

Contemporary Apartment. Polanco, CDMX Mexico City, Mexico

  • Four bedroom, five Bath full floor Condominium apartment
  • 3,500 ft2 Interior. (300m2).
  • Pied-à-terre for Art Collector. Main home Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Floor plan. Please go to links below.
  • New. Remains.

Jerry Jacobs Design

This apartment had not be redone in 30 years, so it was a total gut down. Very easy client, an old friend who liked our style, we would propose and he would approve, always the best option.


Contemporary Polanco apartment remodel and Interior Design in Mexico City.

Contemporary Polanco apartment

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. Kitchen-Family Room. Larkspur, Marin County California.

  • Partial Project. Family room kitchen, Fireplace TV combo. Entrance and Remodeling.
  • 1,000ft2 Interior. (90m)
  • Ongoing project.

Fireplace TV Wall Jerry Jacobs. Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco

Contemporary Villa Interiors

Contemporary Apartment. Santa Fe, CDMX Mexico City, Mexico

  • Three bedroom, three +1/2 Bath  22nd. level Condominium apartment
  • 3,000 ft2 Interior. (260m
  • Main home
  • Floor plan. Below shows only Entrance and Living-Dining areas.
  • New remains. Details to be completed one day.


Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco

Links. None at this time.

Projects in progress or not completed.

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. Walnut Creek, CA.

Floor plan.

  • In progress.

Contemporary Apartment design San Francisco. The Peninsula Pent House.

Four bedroom, five Bath full floor Condominium apartment

  • 9,500 ft2 Interior. (850m2).
  • Main home.
  • Floor plan.
  • To be completed.


We did The Peninsula PentHouse Interior Design, however we were too busy in the Caribbean, and the client went into a coma!

Hence we lost track. Happily she came out of the coma and we reconnected 10 years later, and we learned it had all worked well. We are still hoping to visit and photograph.

Grand master suite on the right, kitchen and services on the left. Entrance, living and terrace at the center.

We met the client when the building was not completed yet. Then were able to have the Architects re-specify the PH interior height from 10′ to 13′, (so my client could fit a Chandelier, hahaha), therefore dramatically increasing the value of our client’s unit.

Unfortunately because of the clients coma did see the space when the Architecture was completed, but not again yet.

Real Estate.

N.Y. has dozens of 40M plus penthouses that are not selling as planned; L.A. and the 100M dollar mansions aren’t selling either; Miami 10-20M condos aren’t selling either. What is going on? I’m not an economist or an expert in RE, however I can say we don’t have that problem in SF… Why, because we don’t build as much. So the important thing is that Value is here and there is plenty of room to add Value in Interior Design to Value in Real estate. You will be in good hands for the high-end with us.

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