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Contemporary Country Club loft apartment

Contemporary Country Club Loft Apartment.

  • 4 Bedrooms, 4-1/2 Baths, 5000 ft.2 Full floor apartment.
  • Interior Architecture and Design. Turn-key.
  • Located in Monterrey, Mexico.

This Contemporary Country Club Loft Apartment offers views in all directions, to the Golf Course on one side, while to the mountains beyond, and finally to the City.

Furthermore the full floor apartment while only 2 hours away by car from the USA border, sits  on the skirts of the Sierra Madre.

In contrast this is an enclave for wealthy Industrialists while home to corporate headquarters, hence one of the wealthiest areas in the México.

We had done two other homes for this family. As a result when the two daughters were coming back from high school in London to attend College in Monterrey, hence we were invited to help with the new project too.

First of all we meet at the site and while we sketched the layout overnight, the girls helped select furniture.

When the project was completed, the young ladies and mother loved it, however the father exclaimed “where is the formal dining room” there is none I replied because it’s a loft.

Project Description.

The Grand room is an open plan incorporating the Library, Study, Living and Dining room areas.

The kitchen is open but Glass enclosed, with blue cabinetry to show through into the Great room.

The Master bedroom is for the girls to share.  Each with a queen size bed.  While a Pied-à-terre within the apartment has two small bedrooms and also a seating area. It is provided for the parents and guests to visit, from time to time.

Frosted glass covers the columns of the main areas, framing the main activities in the space.

Glass tile on almost all bath walls and butcher-block countertops in each matching tile colors were used in baths and kitchen.

While consistency was part of the palette, a different color was chosen for each bedroom and its fabrics.

Motorized roman sheers and shades for lengths of up to 30’ and 12′ height cover the windows.

The wall to wall and floor to ceiling bookcase almost (27’ x12’) has a rolling ladder, while contemporary Italian furniture by B+B Italia, Cassina, Poltrona Frau, de Padova and others are used throughout.

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