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Best Round Dining Tables San Francisco

Best Round Dining Tables San Francisco.


Best Round Dining Tables San Francisco.

While the Best Round Dining Tables San Francisco is mainly about our use as designers of specific tables, we certainly try to include a further selection. First of all our Blog includes tables we have used on our projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Including in: Healdsburg, Tiburon, Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, Saratoga and naturally San Francisco. Consequently we also include other round dining tables on other locations as examples. Similarly we incorporate examples of Round Dining tables we like from sources we list while we might not have used them before.



At the San Francisco Fog Art show earlier this year I discovered the work of Christopher Kurtz.

I loved its geometrical simplicity and nature. Through us or at Sarah Myerscough, London.

Round table with a pedestal made of other round discs

Christopher Kurtz table.


In a 2 bedroom Condo in Los Cabos our Layout require a round table of limited diameter. The Knoll Pensi dining table is 44″d. Most important it is a single leg, good for a Sette or Booth. And last but not least could move to the Outdoor deck if required there.

Luxury Interior Designer San Francisco

Our Most recently specified Round Dining Table.

Maxalto Xilos Round dining table. Top shown only, with Lazy Susan, both in Calacatta Gold Marble. At Tiburon Waterfront condo.


Two industrial grade tables from Italy.

Magis Design Italy has 2 designs that called my attention. The 360˚ is an adjustable height table. This is a great feature in the event you want to play cards or store the table on a corner and pull it occasionally for extra dining seat. The other Bistrot, is offered in different heights, and in anchored on a concrete base.

Round dining tables

The Recessed Flush Lazy Susan.

Recently a new Interior Design client requested a round table for her new home in Healdsburg, CA., a small town North of Santa Rosa about 60 miles from San Francisco, CA.

She didn’t know my preference for round tables when the space was right for them. Either for a round, square or octagon shaped room and her new dining room, was square. She also requested a Lazy Susan, but not on top, but most noteworthy a built-in one flush with the top.

It made a lot of sense. In fact in her current Corte Madera home she already had a round table with a flush Lazy Susan, which she had designed and had it custom built for her and her husband, and she and her husband were happy with it and the 6’ø table size,

Below is the table we specified and which they certainly love!

Best round dining tables“Club” round Dining Table, by Berman Rosetti Round. At Healdsburg Home Interior Design in Transition.

Please see below on our initial Round Tables Blog form June 2015. “Shopping for the Best Round Table in San Francisco”, we showed 2 round tables with recessed flush Lazy Susan inserts. The Pantheon (Mario Bellini for Cassina), and the Sophisticate II (Emerson Bentley). And two more with Lazy Susans on top.

The Client is important.

My client requested the Table had to be 6′ diameter. The size is standard so not unusual she didn’t want it any larger.  My Philosophy is that when a client wants something that is not a bad decision, then they should have it, though I thought the room could fit a larger table too.

While I wanted it to be larger i.e 6’6″-6’10”. Some would say that is too large or we never have more than 8 at the table (8 usually fits well in a 6’round, subject to chair size, and comfort). I prefer to make the table bigger if the room allows and have more room between guests, more armchair (4 arm + 4 armless).

I grew up in a large family and we would sit on our 7′ round breakfast table, often 10. While a few of us would meet for breakfast maybe two or 3 and it never seemed too large. We each had our spot. Some liked to sit next to, or face this wall or that window. So I do like space when the room allows for too.

Best round dining tablesCertainly one of my favorite tables “Pantheon table” Larger than the La Rotonda table also by Mario Bellini for Cassina, and with recessed flush lazy Susan in glass.

We did like other tables which could be customized to accept the Recessed Flush Lazy Susan, we decided to skip those were the LZ was a custom upgrade, due to additional cost and R&D requirements. Yet we did like the two other tables below very much and add them to our list.


Update January 29, 2016.

Recently the New York Times Real Estate section, came out with an article on selecting dining tables (not necessarily round), and focused own New York City’s small interior residential spaces. It is a very useful point of view so we are pleased to provide a link. Read Shopping for Dining Tables, by Tim McKeough, January 29, 2016 at NYT


We are not a rating agency, we call best those pieces we like and that work for our projects..

Recently as Interior Designers for a project in Saratoga California, in the Silicon Valley, the dining room table came up, they had a traditional non descriptive rectangular table. Chairs and sideboard to match.

Their table was pointed in one direction and the flow wasn’t working. I suggested rotating it to see how it worked. Our approach to design is “Architectural”, we measure and draw, when a piece of furniture is proposed you see it in a plan, so we followed up with one. The room was an “Octagon” shape, so we suggested replacing the table for a round one, which in our opinion would work best for flow and style.



Best round dining tables

Photo courtesy of Sebastian Brajkovic. Lathe table 1200/Anodized 6061 aluminum



They say it was King Arthur for his Knights who invented the round dining table or made it fashionable. It is certainly very democratic, with no head. If not quite full it can look empty, but any other shape does that too. The “Standards” talk about a 6’ diameter table seating 7-8 people, and a 7’ one 8-10. A lot depends on the occasion and the size of the chairs. Banquet seating with small chairs allows more seats. Comfortable chairs and long conversations requiring more space.

“But we don’t like round tables” the clients said. When you are used to something, you like to stay with it, even if it doesn’t work. Though they called us, Contemporary Designers, or hire us for advice, there is always resistance to change.

After all Interior designers have to educate clients, in as far as our trade goes. Gradually the clients said you are right, after seeing the plans, and having turned the rectangular table around, which stayed in the position until the round table came in.

The SFDC. San Francisco Design Center.

We suggested meeting at the San Francisco Design Center (SFDC), so we could show them live examples we liked and thought would work for them. While we always tour ahead and pre-select, so our tentative choices correspond to the needs of the specific project and client, as well as their budget. No use showing clients something they fall in love with but can’t afford, or doesn’t fit. We also showed our clients some of the best circular tables from our projects, below.

Kobe table by Perry Luxe.This was our Saratoga client’s choice, provided it was done in a 78” diameter. It weighed about 400lbs. and had to be carried by 4 men.


123238 Sacramento StDining table at Paris in San Francisco. Round with central leaf or extension. Hortense Century Furniture, through Jacobs Design San Francisco. An additional center inset converts it to oval and increases sitting area and table top.       Dining table at Paris in San Francisco

Glass Top.

Glass top Round table by Jerry Jacobs Design. At the Peninsula Penthouse, now called Polanco apartment. Cast stone pedestal and round glass top, beveled edge with frosted inset border, matching lazy Susan on top.

06 Dining Rm 0072

The Peninsula Penthouse. Dining room table.


Home rooms designsIn Catemaco, Veracruz, Mexico. Initially the room walls were straight. Then we redesigned the space and curved the walls, and invited Carlo Marchiori, a friend and Muralist based in Calistoga, Napa, California. To work on the walls. Naturally the Round Glass table looks best with round walls. Table base by Brueton. Additional table by Brueton shown below.

Black cast iron base for a table for 10. At Silicon Valley Villa and Vineyard.


A Rattan base by McGuire, no longer produced. Shown at Yacht Club Penthouse in the Mexican Caribbean Riviera.

Inlay marble table perfect for an outdoor loggia. Shown at Villa on the Beach, in Cancun, MX.

Top Round Dining Tables we have not used yet.

Below are the top Round Dining  tables we selected to show our clients , we do love them all. Some examples work best for some rooms and Décor, others for different places and budgets. There are many tables, which for some reason we did not select.

Dominique by Randolph and Hein. At Sloan Miyasato.

Because from time to time you might want to sit more people at your round dining table you should know that certainly some designs and mechanisms allow for said flexibility. While the one shown above is want type another one is the one on the dominique table above. While most of them will require storing the extension pieces, other might not.

Classic but simple base and nice finishes. Radial extensions. The clients did not want to store the extensions nor have to bring them in and out, which is understandable. Maybe it would be too small for the room without, or too large with them.

Eggen Table by Brueton.

Sophisticate II Dining table in Acacia, by Emerson Bentley. At Bernhard, San Francisco, CA.

Best round dining tablesWhat I like about this table: Simplicity of the leg, flush lazy Susan, and the driftwood finish. The base perhaps inspired in Cassina’s, La Rotonda and Pantheon tables by Mario Bellini.


Finally the Peso table by Holly Hunt. I love both the Contemporary tapered leg and the one piece marble top.

Round table as Art

Best round dining tablesSebastian Brajkovic. Lathe table 1200/Anodized 6061 aluminum. Frieze Art Fair London.

A round table with a nice arrangement on center can work well as a presentation piece or with a grand flower arrangement or books, not necessarily for dining looks good without any chairs around it.

Or as in the case of the table designed by Sebastian Brajkovic, a world know contemporary fine artist, the table or furniture as Art, which needless to say is priceless.


  • Arkitektura.
  • Baker Furniture. To the trade only. At the San Francisco Design Center. SFDC.
  • Berman Rosetti
  • Bernhardt. To the trade only. At the San Francisco Design Center. SFDC.
  • Bill Scofield. Designer
  • Brueton.
  • Cassina.
  • Century Furniture.
  • Emerson Bentley.
  • Knoll. Pensi.
  • Mario Bellini. Designer Pantheon Table, for Cassina.
  • Perry Luxe.
  • Randolph & Heim.
  • Sebastian Brajkovic.
  • Sloan Miyasato. To the trade only. At the San Francisco Design Center. SFDC


Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

Thank you for visiting!

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