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Healdsburg home Interior Design in transition

Healdsburg home Interior Design in Transition.

Healdsburg home Interior Design in Transition. A repeat client bought a second home in Healdsburg California recently and asked us to help with the Home Interior Design, so we said sure send me some photos. The property looked great, the house not so much, but I was happy for them. When they closed I was already on the road in her SUV as a passenger.

A nice 30 acre estate. The house sits nicely at the top of the property. Built in two stages, the seller might have been the second owner who added a new Master Bedroom suite, and updated some areas.

Temporary home Interior Design Healdsburg. As a new second home for our client it was a totally different story and purpose than when we did their first. After reviewing the project I already had plans in my head to update it in full again, Remodel & Interior Design.

The client had already decided this was a “tear down”, however that it would take a few years to design and build a new home, so meantime we would design and provide Furniture, fixtures, floor and window coverings, but no finishes, so that the house could be used comfortably. That is why we called it Temporary home Interior Design Healdsburg.That is all the furniture with a degree of flexibility to eventually relocate to a different house in the same lot. Nothing attached! An interesting challenge, and it was fun to do from that perspective. We did add customized window treatments, which in turn can be relocated and reconfigured.

Project description.

Healdsburg home Interior Design in Transition. . Consisted of several rooms.

Great Room. A tricky pattern, as you arrive into the great room and have to cross to the kitchen.

  • A pair of matching plush sofas in leather and Mohair split with the centered by a square table.
  • Reclining Mirror by Baker.
  • Matching Sofas by Berman Rossetti
  • Coffee Table. Square 52”.Corteen steel.
  • Rotating chair and bench by Holly Hunt.

Dining Room Kitchen.

  • The square dining room inspires a round table and has a view of the property on 3 sides. The table has a recessed flush lazy Susan, and a sculptural pineapple metal base.
  • The chairs are cane and wicker and immediately say Casual comfort, in Pierre Frey fabric. 4 arm chairs and 4 armless.
  • Chairs. McWire-Baker Laura Kirar.

Family Room.

  • This is a split level room. The 4 step sunken living portion had to be a sectional to enjoy the views, the fireplace an the TV.
  • Sectional.Cassina by Piero Lissoni
  • Club chair. Holly Hunt
  • Center and occasional tables. Antonio Citeiro, Maxalto, Italy.

Master bedroom.

  • Area rug by Floor Designs, San Francisco.
  • Bed by A. Rudin.

Cottage. Lower Level TV Room.

  • Table by Century.
  • Upholstery by Belmar, over a Moltenni sofa.

Other. Areas bedrooms and outdoor.

We planned and proposed improvements in the event they wanted to consider them in the future, such including, Master bedroom Bathroom and closet; Bedrooms and utility room.

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