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Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling.

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling, describes 6 projects we have done over the years, and what we have learned and share with you.

  • 169 Stewart Drive, Tiburon, CA. 1996- Ongoing.
  • 10 Via Paraiso East, Tiburon, CA. Full Architectural remodel before constructyion. 1992-93
  • 16 Via Paraiso East, Tiburon, CA. Full Architectural remodel before constructyion. 1994-95
  • 2051 Vistazo East, Tiburon, CA. Remodel and Interior Design.  2800. Ft.2 New Pool and Pool house. 2011
  • 107 Trinidad Way, Paradise Cay, Tiburon, CA. Home addition and remodeling. 2014
  • 583 Virginia Dr. Tiburon, CA. Exterior remodeling and landscape planning. Private Residence. 2011-14

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling at 169 Stewart, our own home and office.

My wife and I bought the house in 1986. In 1996 or so we added a 450 sq. ft. Studio for myself, with an independent street entrance,  and made the downstairs of our home next to it more of an independent and complete area, with a bedroom-Library, a full bath, and a room that could become a laundry room.

Home office. Working from home.

First,  is it did make our life much more pleasant, I do not commute, I work out of the studio, and share the studio bath, rather than share the upstairs bath with my wife. I believe it has extended our relationship. The deck above is grand 400 sq.ft. view deck, my favorite part of our home.

We hardly made ends meet, but couldn’t remember now. Great investment as it increased the home value much more than the cost to do it. It is not perfect by far, somewhat unfinished but that is how our budget went.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.169 Stewart Drive, Tiburon, CA. Studio below, view deck above.

10 Via Paraiso East.

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling at 10 Via Paraiso East.

I met this old friend at the Tiburon gas station. She said “we are building a house in Tiburon”, would you like to help me with it? I said sure let me take a look at the drawings.

he way she had done the project was hired an Interior Designer to Master Plan it, and then brought an Architect who was on the Tiburon Planning Review Board to do the working drawings. A nice 6,000 sq. ft. view home is always a nice project. I don’t know which of the two previous professionals had, but the house had a few major mistakes, we were happy to have caught before construction started.

Old Architect. New Architect.

Seems like they were not happy with the Architect, who most noteworthy was on the Tiburon Planning Review Board. (I made sure they had paid him before I took over).

Because of the substantial changes and additions I proposed, we had to attend hearings for approval. We created an extension for the Master Bathroom, the bathroom had been fitted inside the closet. The area above the Master Bath became an additional view deck.

Most important the garage was a level below the kitchen and from there you had to walk in and across to the main and only staircase, and back to the kitchen.

A realtor friend  DS reviewed the plans I had from the Architect and pointed out that would make the house not sell. We were able to fit a second staircase directly to the kitchen and of course a dumbwaiter. Then we redesigned the interior layout maybe 50%.

It got built and sold well I believe. The point is are single home architectural remodeling plans were done before construction started, so we were able to save a substantial part of the budget had the issues been caught up later.

Later on. The repeat client.

The clients bought a house in Las Brisas in Acapulco, and we were also called in to redesign it, the their Hillsborough home mysteriously burned down and they also invited us to help. Again we had other commitments at the time and were unable to help there.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Via Paraiso East, Tiburon, CA. left, and center #10, right #16

16 Via Paraiso East.

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling at 16 Via Paraiso East. Word goes around so we were highly recommended to the developer neighbor.

Again we remodeled the Interior Layout 50% and the exterior elevations for a more Tuscan look, rather than a typical Cape Cod. We were retained to do a full follow-up through construction, unfortunately we were too busy and had to leave it at that, consulting only.

We were invited to the grand opening and a wedding reception but had to miss both due to other commitments. This means the client was happy with what we did.

2051 Vistazo East, Tiburon, CA.

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling at 2051 Vistazo East. The lot was very large, and it had a house there already, so we provided a full set of Architectural remodeling plans. We also designed a pool with a pool house.

The client had just moved in from Hawaii, and wanted to bring the Architect from Hawaii to help. So again when we completed our drawings, we left it there. We are not sure what was done after. We were happy to help, as consultants and make things better.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Master Floor plan at 2051 Vistazo East

107 Trinidad Way, Paradise Cay, Tiburon, CA.

Tiburon single home Architectural remodeling at 107 Trinidad Way.

Here we did a full remodeling plan for the home. Not much happen, and we were called again 2 years later for an addition.

The interesting thing is that this area of the Tiburon Peninsula not ruled by the Tiburon Planning Department but has its independent design and building bylaws. We were surprised now the owner and client had become a part of the  Planning Review Board.

583 Virginia Dr. Tiburon.

I love it when neighbors call. It is so easy to get together and come out with solutions. They had a nice recently remodeled home. However the remodeling had been partial.

Hence we were asked to complete what hadn’t been done before. First of all we suggested they engage the previous Architect as to us it looked like it was well done.

They did not want to work with him anymore. While it is sad, that how it goes.  Finally we completed the plans for the remaining part of the House. They were submitted and approved, and the client completed the job.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

I have contacted Jerry for two projects, one was for a partial Architecture remodeling of a residence and the other for the reconfiguration of the green areas adjacent to a residential property.  

Upon our request, Jerry rapidly grasped the definition of the projects, and then started working immediately to provide a first approach to them.

Upon this, we went through a meticulous and complete analysis to arrive to what was acceptable to our taste and desire.  

Besides he was instrumental in providing clear plans, researched town regulations, helped with contractors and town inspectors and followed up with the various stages of construction. 

Most importantly I recommend Jerry in a heartbeat, he listens well, he carries out thorough research, he is knowledgeable with modern materials but most importantly he is a master in design and architecture.

He always acted with celerity, besides his integrity and transparency and by all means it was a pleasure having him assisting our needs. 

Jose-Maria Castro, Tiburon, San Francisco, California


ADU. Accessory dwelling unit.

ADU together with formal Home offices will become the best or primary reasons to remodel.

The accessory dweling unit allows you to retain part of your home and rent the other provided you meet certain specifications. Ideally you can convine with thre now so popular home office. If you meet ADU then you can use the unit as an independent office.



Tiburon single Home Architectural remodeling.

Conclusions and Recommendations.

  • It is definitely worthwhile hiring a professional for design and consulting. Hire the best one you can, who might be available and meet your budget.
  • 90% of the time financially you are going to come out ahead. Architecture last for years, cash doesn’t.
  • It is normal to have another professional engaged. You might not be happy with the original one, and sometimes  they might not be able to help you down the road. Do talk things over. Do pay the fees due.
  • Planning, Architecture and Construction take times. A couple of years usually sometimes more. Be patient. Fall in love with what you are doing.
  • The Tiburon Planning Department is there to help you, do not be scared. If you designer knows what they are doing you will get your dreams approved, so long as they are reasonable, and don’t affect your neighbors negatively.
  • To properly design an Architectural remodeling,  Interior layout should be done though not specified.

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