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Silicon Valley Home Interior Design.

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design.

Taj Morgan Hill. Silicon Valley Home Interior Design on a Budget.

Morgan Hill is in the southern edge of Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design.

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design in Morgan Hill. The Hindu Architect Chary Dagam † from L.A. had completed his last house before passing away, and the owners needed to do Interior Design and furnishing before moving in.  

We asked the client to describe the house. “It has 72 columns and lots of arches” she said, then she sent photos, we met and enjoyed working and sharing with the family. The beautiful house had very generous interior proportions, a covered pool, a temple and a vineyard, we enjoyed the design process and completion. 

Just arriving back from the Christmas Holidays in London, I pick up a call. The Lady kept telling me the House had 72 Columns, was full of arches and was 12,000 sq.ft.. In Morgan Hill, California. I had never been there but the name sounded familiar. Could you please send me some snap shoots, I asked? In they came. Right on a Hill, very classic and symmetric stood this House, the last project of the L.A. based Hindu Architect Chary Dagam. They loved their home but the Architect passed away and they didn’t know what to do, could I give them a hand.

Home on a Budget.

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design on a Budget. Before heading anywhere to meet a client I always ask if they have a budget for the scope they want our help at, and what is said budget? If the scope is way more than the budget, though not always written in stone, you better alert the potential client or you might be wasting your time

Any excuse to get out of the office and travel down beautiful 280 on a sunny morning is good. I said hello, and what is that on top of the main entrance I asked? She said Vastu! A. & M.C. are a young couple from India, who moved to the US to study, got married and stayed. She is an MD Heart surgeon and he is an IT., and have two lovely daughters. I came in, and it was all white, including the 72 columns.

They had a specific Budget I could spend., no more than….. plus my fees, and did we have to negotiate those. 12,000 sq.ft. and 72 columns? Well I was already there, the house was incomplete and they were very nice, so I accepted. In the end we came in at 1% over budget.

Design Solutions.

Lets Marbleize the columns first, I said. They loved the idea and we went on.

Window coverings were installed in all the bedrooms and we furnished mainly on the Split level Library, Living room, Family room and Breakfast nook. We softened the staircase with faux and did a sky ceiling dome.

My main contribution was selecting the furniture and materials and bringing in Color, we now had: Dark Red, in the Split level Library; India Greens in the round Living room; Red and cream in the family room; and, yellow in the Breakfast nook. Plus purple, dark green, chocolate and baby blue in the bedrooms. They say Hindus like a lot of color and it is true. We also added fireplace surrounds.

I think they like their Interiors. We came in right on budget, with a scope that extended far beyond our initial plan.

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design. Living room.

One of the things I liked in this house was the spaciousness, this is less expensive as you get further from the center of gravity or business. Both the Foyer and the Living room are double height. We used drapes panels hanging from the second level,  to emphasize this height. The Fireplace was covered with a cast stone classic surround and over mantle.

Taj Jerry Jacobs Design
We took advantage of the living room height, designed a grand fireplace surround,  tall velour olive shades and motorized sheers. A circular seating arrangement with no corners and green, a very Hindu color to bring the garden in.
Taj Morgan Hill Jerry Jacobs
Taj Morgan HIll Interior

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design. Family room.


Silicon Valley Home Interior Design. Library and Home office. Before and after.

Tag Morgan Hill Columns

Silicon Valley Home. Before

Silicon Valley Home Interior Design on a Budget.

Library and Home office. Nine of the 72 columns seen from the balcony on the foyer, now Faux finished. We designed a dark red split level library, for the home office below and  the kids study above. India inspired dark red too, so we did the library  in stained drift oak, and the family room and bar leather accents above. It’s a pleasure sharing our work and experiences with you, and we hope you enjoy our newsletter and share it with your friends.Please let us know if you have any projects in mind, where we might be able to help you. We will be delighted to work with you.

Breakfast nook for 10.

Best of all. A few years later I returned for dinner and wine for their recently bottled reserve. They were pleased with what we had done for them, continued to add an enjoy!



On Home Stratosphere “Lovely Columns”

Interior Design and Project management. Jerry Jacobs Design

Architecture by Shary Dajan

Photographs. Bernardo Grijalva


Manufacturers and distributors.


  • Baker, Knapp & Tubs. Library cocktail table.
  • Century. Curved sectional. Games table.
  • Swain. Living room sofa.
  • B&B Italia. Maxalto. LR Side chairs.
  • Italmond. Bar stools and chairs.
  • Stone Yard. Bases. Foyer, Breakfast. Black. At Sloan Miyasato.
  • American Leather. Family room sectionals.
  • Room & Board. Library Sofa & Rotating chairs.
  • Ralph Hays. Breakfast chairs.
  • Elite Leather Company. Elliptical Ottoman.
  • Elite Manufacturing Corporation. Coffee tables and side tables. FR & LR.
  • Rug. Library. Endless Knot.
  • Rugs. Living room, Family room and Bar. Custom made in India.
  • Sculpture.
  • Fans. The Modern Fan company.


  • Robert Allen. Breakfast room. Window treatments and chairs.
  • Pindler and Pindler.
  • Rodeo Home Fabrics. Window coverings.


  • Architectural Facades Unlimited. Fireplace surrounds and mantels. LR & FR.
  • Cabinetry. Library. Hans Zosseder Cabinets.
  • Faux finishes. Columns and Ceiling. Ray Regan.
  • Shades. Andrade Window treatments.



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