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Alamo Interior Design Decorating.

Alamo Interior Design Decorating.

Alamo Interior Design Decorating. An Interior Design and decorating project for a new 6,500 sf home.

Alamo Interior Design Decorating, is a project that has been an extremely nice experience.

In Contra Costa County, we had worked in Residential Interior Design projects in Lafayette and Orinda only. While in Retail Store Design in Walnut Creek before, but not in Alamo.

I had been to Blackhawk Country Club as well a bit further for consultation and a party over the years, but not to Alamo nor to Danville, nice towns indeed.

The client expressed concern early on about the merging of styles; her husband’s Victorian antique furniture collection, and her wish for a more Contemporary Casual feel. We thought it was a nice challenge.

A new client.

A new client is always a challenge as well. Two different people working together, the client and the designer.

Once you get going it only gets better, as an Interior designer you get to know the client better, what they like and what they don’t as a person and as a family, so it is a very nice experience.

Like in many large properties, you don’t necessarily do it all at once, and what you do gets paced, by logistics, goals and finances among other issues.

People often need time to make decisions, specially for Interior Design items as they tend to be expensive and their lifetime expectancy long, so there shouldn’t be any rush other than if there is a specific move in date.

The first thing I asked was to have my Faux finishing crew work on the Great and other rooms, marbleizing trims and panels that otherwise looked to cold.

We were also lucky the client was receptive to “trompe-l’oeil” or fooling the eye. We wanted a window were we could have one, that is above the entrance door, and to cap the dining room ceiling a trellis in Iron with Fleur de Liz both beautifully executed by our team*

Alamo Interior Design Decorating.

  • Living room. The wainscot and mantle wer faux painted. A mixture of Antiques and transitional new furniture.
  • In the Dining room we only just complete the Verre Eglomize (Glass Painted on the back)
  • As the house was new it needed window treatments, it had none and all those windows. You need the warmth and color of fabric, and you need privacy and the ability to sleep when there is lights outside or Blackout shades. Every window had an elaborate treatment due to the scale of the house and the level of detail and elegance the clients seeked.
  • The family room entertainment system was designed to match the cabinetry that was part of the House.
  • The Master Bedroom had a nice bay window facing the garden and Mount Diablo beyond. We created a banquette for it.

 Alamo Interior Design Decorating.

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