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Residential Architecture and Interior Design San Francisco.

Residential Architecture Interior Design San Francisco Bay.

Residential Architecture Interior Design, is very strong at the moment in the San Francisco Bay. Even more there is so much going on. Besides many people have decided to stay put in the place they live in and do home improvement. Therefore remodeling as it is too expensive to upgrade. Certainly the option to sell, pay taxes and buy new exists.

Similarly when you buy new you still have to improve. Likewise at least do the Interior Design and Remodeling required to feel it is yours, almost always. The San Francisco Bay economic activity has priced out most people, consequently made homes unaffordable and scarce.

So it makes all the sense to do Interior Design, Residential Architecture and Remodeling. Certainly not only to satisfy your lifestyle and needs, but also as an investment. Because Real Estate appreciates with the upgrading,  additions and the Interior Design, seems like it is even more profitable.

Quality Interiors.

This is nothing new, flipping is back, maybe more than ever. Fortunately some flippers do fairly good Residential Architecture and Interior Design or Remodeling. As far as the fixed portions of the homes, rather not so on the finishes and decor nor the furniture. Seems like they use stagers and naturally the stagers do their best, but not a bespoke job. Therefore not perfect.

Jerry Jacobs Design has been active in the San Francisco bay since 1983, 35 uninterrupted years. First of all we did numerous stores in Union Square San Francisco, Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, and other important destinations. See ACA JOE stores design.

In 1989 we started to focus on Residential  Interior Design and Residential Architectural. Bespoke or Custom made for a specific end user or client. While almost always High end and with a focus on detail and quality. Likewise only high end Residential Architecture, Remodeling or Interior Design, while it allows for even more detail. Above all Personalized service.

Residential Architecture Interior Design. Investing. Cost Benefit.

While the cost of doing work for Interior Design and remodeling in the area, has to above all  be consistent with the cost of the property. And almost always with cost of living. While to produce an Interior Design or Residential Architecture of a quality properly requires a proper investment.

Unless you are flipping or speculating, you should invest as much as possible in your home improvement, certainly for the long run. Even more space or net area is so prime you are not just going to dump something from a catalog because it is affordable. It will show it.

Residential Architecture, Interior Design and Remodeling in the San Francisco Bay by Jerry Jacobs Design.

As a result we list a few of our projects in the area and follow with a description of the process and investment. Reasoning and suggestions for you.


Bathroom Design. First of all we started with Bathrooms in Marin. Therefore transitioning from Commercial Interiors and Retail Store Design, hence to Residential Design.

With Architecture in mind we thought baths were permanent Interior Design and a Remodeling projects. So we provided Design for a couple Designer Showcases in the San Francisco Bay.

The “Showstopper” at the Marin Designer’s Showcase, at Villa Altura in San Rafael. The cover of Casa Vogue, Sunset Magazine and Sunset Books.

That got us an invitation to do a bathroom at the San Francisco Decorators Showcase. Above all this was in a Classic 1906 building, the Hellman Mansion in Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

Because our bath here was not the showstopper, hence it was hard to compete with so much talent. However, we were actually selected as the Best Room of the House, by House Beautiful and its Best Room in America Award.

Most noteworthy judges included  Stanley Barrows†, Mica Ertegun, Victoria Hagen, Albert Hadley†and Keith Irvine†, all High Society in USA interiors. We won probably for the white, and the minimalist style so scarce then.

Bathroom sink Jerry JacobsThe Hall of Mirrors Bath. House Beautiful’s winner of the year Best Showhouse room in America award.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Turnkey.

Pied à Terre in Belvedere Tiburon.

The owner a European company asked us to act as Interior Designers. Because they were in Europe we acted also as owner representatives and Builders, which we did very successfully. When you have 900 sq.ft. to work with and the Bay Views are the Value of the property, each square inch counts.

We incorporated structural changes in a middle level condo, while gutting it down and redoing it entirely. Finally later on we furnished it.Jerry Jacobs Design. Belvedere Tiburon view condo living room and deckGentry Magazine called it “Mint Condition” and the “Gold Medal”. The Marin Independent Journal honored us selecting with the cover story of their first Home Section.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Decorating.

Fireplace 2

Orinda, CA. Fireplace. Reclaimed driftwood. While working on Cleaning day in the Bay I came up with this mantle piece.

COMMERCIAL.  Architecture and Interior Design. Turnkey and Security.

For the Mexican Ambassador, a personal friend, we even took care of facilitating the financing in addition to a full Turn-key, and emphasizing security.

For a few years we concentrated in projects abroad, in Cancun and the Mayan Riviera. In contrast we did a commercial project in San Francisco. The Consulate of Mexico at the Flood Building in San Francisco. Below.

JJD.-15.7_w_lineSan Francisco. The Consulate of Mexico at the Flood Building. Public reception areas.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Full service.

Paris in San Francisco. A Penthouse in Sacramento Street, in Presidio Heights near Pacific Heights.

A three level structure with a Store on the ground floor. While offices are located in the middle level and finally  the PentHouse at the top, with its own garden and views.


Paris in San Francisco, has been featured worldwide including AD.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. On a budget.

A villa in Morgan Hill, at the South end of the Silicon Valley. A 12,000 sf home with vineyard, covered pool, and temple.

Jerry Jacobs DesignMorgan Hill Taj. This 12,000 ft2 home with vineyard and covered pool was done on a strict budget.  Because of the restricted budget, some areas certainly didn’t get as much attention.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Color and Deco.

Apartment Interior Design San FranciscoBuena Vista Deco. In Buena Vista Park San Francisco, with a bit of Deco Style.

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Interior Architecture and Kitchen Design.

Kitchen family room. Remodeling and Interior Design. Larkspur, California.

First of all we tried to help the client, for that reason help the process, in contrast to try to dominate the picture. They had started the kitchen, hence completing the kitchen family room had to incorporate what was done.

Due to the fact that the first view of the lagoon was while going through the opening on the left below, because the opening was 35″ only. Certainly not enough for comfort and drama, therefore structural changes were necessary.

While in the middle of a job, consequently Structural Changes sound dramatic,even more difficult to have client go along. For the reason that most often structural sounds big.

Most noteworthy the opening was double to  6 feet in width, so was the room extended, certainly an improvement.

Kitchen Jerry Jacobs Design


Casa del Alamo.

Transitional project in Contra Costa County, a part of the San Francisco Metropolitan Region.

alamo interior design decorating

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Alamo in Contra Costa.

We were recently invited to do a project in Walnut Creek, another signature wall, consequently designing the homes entry.

Contemporary Fireplaces interior details

Residential Architecture and Interior Design. Marin and Sonoma.Healdsburg home Interior Design

In Marin and Sonoma we have done several project most recently in Corte Madera in Marin and Healdsburg in Sonoma.

Our favorite style tends to be Contemporary, because we live today and so we prefer minimalist clean looks. While it is nice to work in different styles for me it is usually an interpretation of the client’s personality. We probably almost always come out with something new. Furthermore we are surprised, we do not repeat to much. It is certainly fun even more when it is a surprise.

Alphabetical list of locations and cities in the San Francisco Bay we have worked in.

Alamo, Belvedere, Corte Madera, Cupertino, Lafayette, Menlo Park, Morgan Hill, Larkspur, Orinda, Palo Alto, San Francisco*, Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, San Rafael, Tiburon and Walnut Creek.

*Commercial work included in:

  • San Francisco at: Union Square, Geary and Powell Corner, San Francisco; Pier 39, waterfront San Francisco; Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco; 915-921 Front St., San Francisco.
  • Silicon Valley at: Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley; Vallco Fashion Plaza, Cupertino, Silicon Valley
  • Marin County at: Bridgeway Street, Sausalito, Marin; The Village, Corte Madera,  Marin;
  • Contra Costa County at: Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, Contra Costa ;

Sources & Links:

This blog offers several links to other Blogs, as a Chronological Portfolio. See below each project image the link to that project.

Bathroom Design San Francisco Bay…an-francisco-bay/

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