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Vanishing edge pools.

Vanishing edge pools.

Pools. Vanishing edge pools, spas by  Jerry Jacobs Design. Pool houses and Loggias.

Vanishing Edge pools, opposing mirrors, spiral staircases are all subject to ad infinitum. It is not the Object or its use but what it conveys to your mind.

I have always been fascinated with what is at the end. Where is the end? Is there an end? Endless and ahead, a road hard to complete. I have always been intrigued on where do the “Stairways to Heaven” lead to? Or where is the horizon, actually, the world keeps turning.

The Art of the pool.

Architecture and Interior Design as does music, poetry,  film or other Arts can convey the meaning or the feeling of “Infinity”, “Eternity” or “Endless”, in some ways; or another dimension. If the purpose is to entertain, or is the purpose  simply to extend the perspective of the mind through the eye?

Arts work also in tandem with the Architecture or Interior Design of the space.

And then those which we have had a chance to design objects of Architecture or Interiors such  Vanishing Edge Pools, Opposing Mirrors, spiral staircases have noticed something similar happening there.

In the case of the Vanishing Edge Pools, the eye is telling certain points of perspective the there is no end to the pool, that it is actually part of the sea, or the horizon, and in the Opposing mirrors, we don’t really know if we are here or there, or is there another dimension. Who knows, who cares, I just care for the Art. The way in which an image or a space can not only fool the eye as in Tromp-l’oeil, but the mind as if we were really somewhere else. Just a dream.

Hacienda on the Beach.

At the Hacienda on the Beach, it was an easy choice. The beauty of the Caribbean Ocean, drags you in just like the song of the Siren.

vanishing edge pool at hacienda at the beach remodel jerry jacobs Jerry Jacobs DesignHouzz Germany has included this Image with the following note “Noisy waves”. The so called noise, the sound of the waves, is actually my favorite sound.
vanishing edge pool Caribbean Pool Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
Hacienda on the Beach. Architecture and Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design

Villa on the Beach.Vanishing edge pool at Villa on the Beach Jerry Jacobs DesignNo noise or sound in this one.

Vanishing edge pool at Villa on the Beach Jerry Jacobs Design

Vanishing edge pool at Villa on the Beach Jerry Jacobs DesignAt Villa on the Beach, they asked us to fit the largest possible pool, so we encompassed the Ocean. Architecture and Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design

Townhouse with a master bedroom Vanishing edge Spa.

At Townhouse “F”, when we joined the two level penthouse to the lower level unit, the terrace formerly adjacent to the living room, became the Master Bedroom Terrace.

Therefore we thought a Spa would be nice for the Master Bedroom. Why not make it a Vanishing Edge Spa. Finally why not have the water overflow on two sides at a corner rather than only one.

Vanishing edge Spa at waterfront townhouse Jerry Jacobs DesignAt waterfront Townhouse, the SPA off the master Bedroom, with a corner vanishing edge. Even a spa can have a vanishing edge or two. Architecture and Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design

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360˚ Vanishing edge pool atop a London High rise.

If design comes with opportunities to transport the mind, then why not do so?

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