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TV-Fireplace, Family-room and kitchen | Larkspur, CA.

TV-Fireplace, Family-room and kitchen | Larkspur, CA.

Getting ready for fall…

You might wonder why a fireplace in summer? Very simply that it takes time to design and put together, so you should plan now. The flat screen TVs, now even curved, fit beautifully over direct vent fireplaces. Typically there is one focal point in a room, where you would want both the fireplace and TV to be. Before it was a problem, but today new technologies make this easier to solve.

So presto!

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Fireplace Jerry Jacobs Design

Completed. The 60″ recessed flat screen above the direct vent fireplace, over venetian stucco wall. We made this 5′ entry to the family room from an existing 35″ opening (see below) . Now the water view and flow work much better too.
Before. Fireplace and TV wall.
Fireplace Design Jerry Jacobs
Fireplace TV Wall Jerry Jacobs
After. Now TV and the Fireplace work together. Wider entryway. Venetian stucco on wall.
Here we were also invited to complete the kitchen.
Not so nice before…
Kitchen Jerry Jacobs Design


Kitchen Build Jerry Jacobs Design

Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

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