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Townhouse Remodel & Interior Design

Townhouse Remodel & Interior Design

A Vacation Home in Cancun the Caribbean Mayan Riviera of Mexico

The Townhouse Remodel and Interior Design project is a conversion from 2 condominium units, first of all a two level penthouse and later an added ground floor unit. Both New construction. Probably where scale is most notorious is the Foyer, where we were also able to do a split level and a new entrance Foyer, rather more like that of a freestanding large home.

We converted a two level penthouse and ground floor unit into a five bedroom six bathroom, three level townhouse. The new entry foyer has two level limestone columns, balcony with glass railing, hemisphere pendant and floor recessed up-lighting  and cross vault ceilings, as a result it is very dramatic, while also welcoming.

How it happened.

Here is how it happened. A couple from Miami asked us to do a 3200 sq.ft. two level condominium penthouse, over a single ground floor unit. Because the clients decided to also buy the ground level unit as well and to merge the two units for a total of 6000 sq. feet, for that reason we had to redesign.

Furthermore we had already designed the upper unit and had for that reason already bought most of the furniture. Certainly we were happy to oblige. Certainly a better overall project would materialize, likewise more revenue while more work as well.

Expectations for a Townhouse Remodel & Interior Design project. Working in Cancun as well as in the Islands of the Caribbean is challenging. There are no sources for medium to high-end FF&E. Most everything comes by boat from Miami. Additional time has to be allowed for customs and procedures. Clients expect to have their vacation homes ready for the winter season and holidays.

The building with load bearing walls and concrete slabs would now need to have some structural changes. We eliminated two outdoor stairways, originally providing access to the upper unit. One was converted into the entrance foyer, the other made the dining room more ample, and we extended the interior stairway of the upper unit to the ground one, practically changing the entire layout of the lower unit.

This allowed us to convert the bedrooms of the lower unit into a garage, and enlarge the living, dining and kitchen areas. Similarly to use the main penthouse terrace as a Master Bedroom Pool and Spa area.

Vacation Homes.

First of all we regularly do vacation homes as a turn-key operation. This has the advantage and disadvantage of not having the client on the site most of the time. One of the advantages is that the client does not panic when the demolition takes place. While the disadvantage is they might be negatively surprised when they see the bill.

As a result in this case turnkey was very convenient. At any event they were happy and satisfied when they saw the completed project and are now enjoying it.

Project Description.

The entrance foyer at the Townhouse Remodel & Interior Design project is double height with full height limestone columns capped with double cross vaults and a Hemisphere pendant light and a split level balcony.

There are vaulted ceilings through the stairway, hallway, family room and terraces, and all openings were arched, creating the feeling of the Yucatan Haciendas.

Mirrors cover the main wall of the living-dining area, hence reflect the east bay water view. The same effect is repeated in the master bedroom. The kitchen has Rojo Alicante marble counter tops and splashes.

The same marble is used in all bath and cabinet countertops. The floors are local limestone. The stairway landings are tempered laminated clear glass allowing sunlight from the upper windows.

The three level Townhouse remodel and Interior design ended having five bedrooms, each with a bath en suite and  a terrace. It can conveniently accommodate ten to twelve guests for the holidays.

Finally the master bedroom runs the width of the building and has a full width terrace featuring a vanishing edge spa. The terrace was structurally reinforced to sustain the weight of the spa. The master bath has sculptured basins and ‘his and hers’ mirrors reflecting into infinity.

Foyer and some rooms from a Townhouse conversion

Two level foyer on a water’s edge home. Architecture and Interior Design.

townhouse design jerry jacobs Jerry Jacobs DesignTownhouse Remodel & Interior Design. Split level Entrance Foyer.  “Crema Maya”, a local limestone used in tile in the floor and in the carved 20′ tall columns, and wall flush baseboard.

Finally floor keys in “Ticul”, local orange to red-clay stone.

Floor recessed light for columns, Hemisphere pendant above.Arched hallway leads to Living and garden beyond. New stairway to the right of front wall. Balcony landing is entrance to master bedroom.


Jerry Jacobs Design

Townhouse Remodel & Interior Design. The Master Bedroom terrace, formerly the Living room terrace of the original Penthouse, had this very ice view into the Marina and large space, so we incorporated a walk down into 2 side vanishing edge Spa.                                                                                                                                                                              Master Bedroom and terrace. The full 30’ length windows pocket joining the two areas. The Spa has a banishing edge on 2 sides an outside bench to rotate from at the top and the Ficus tree is circled by steps.


Jerry Jacobs DesignTownhouse Remodel & Interior Design. The selected color accent and imported Luxury marble turned out to be Rojo Alicante. Used in the Kitchen countertops and island as well as in a single slab backsplash.

Notice the side ends of the range are top are pull outs for cooking accessories. On each side of the Smeg Range.



Jerry Jacobs DesignTownhouse Remodel & Interior Design. The Master bathroom has the same Rojo Alicante Marble used throughout the house in contrast to the local Crema Maya with Ticul keys on the walls likewise in other parts of the house.

His and Hers reflected sinks and faucets by Perrin & Rowe also bathtub filler. Consequently the tub position allows for a bay view. Hence plantation shutters are the ideal window treatment to control privacy.

Because of the wet conditions, Plastic shutters turn to be probably the best treatment.

Custom Basin shell design by us, maybe seen on other projects of ours too.Jerry Jacobs DesignTownhouse Remodel & Interior Design. The master Bedroom reflects the SPA on the terrace and the Marina on the left, while on the right notice the two portholes inset in the mirror.

Most noteworthy allowing a view from the shower too Bay, certainly pleasing. Bed reflected in the back. Sitting Area fabric Manuel Canova, at Cowtan & Tout..

Jerry Jacobs Design Jerry Jacobs DesignTownhouse Remodel & Interior Design. Bedroom. This bedroom on the third and top level consequently allowed us to take advantage of the pitch roof to create an Hacienda type vaulted ceiling. L Arch ceiling reflected. Furniture by Century.

Because the theme colors for the bedrooms are pink, aqua and blue, hence in this one light blue walls and arch vaulted ceiling. Finally please notice the blue bedroom has a mirror above the closet that reflects the vaulted ceiling.



Waterfront Townhouse

  • Isla Dorada, Cancun. Townhouse F.
  • Architectural Remodeling and Interior Design By Jerry Jacobs. CAM, ASID
  • General contractor. Jacobs Design, Inc. Mexico SA de CV
  • Photography. Victor Elias Perez de Lara.
  • Featured Publication. Casa & Estilo International, Miami FL.

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