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Taj Morgan Hill by Jerry Jacobs Design

Taj Morgan Hill | Interior Design Silicon Valley

Taj Morgan Hill. Interior Design in the Silicon Valley

Morgan Hill is in the southern edge of Silicon Valley, in the San Francisco Bay area.

Taj Morgan Hill. Interior Design in the Silicon Valley. We asked the client to describe the house. “It has 72 columns and lots of arches” then she sent photos, we met and enjoyed working and sharing with the family. The beautiful house had very generous interior proportions, a covered pool, a temple and a winery on the fields, we enjoyed the design process and completion. The wanted us to do the Interior Design for their home on the edge of Silicon valley. The Hindu Architect Chary Dagam from L.A. had completed his last house before passing away, and the owners needed to do Interior Design and furnishing before moving in.  
Interior Architecture and Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design.
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Taj Morgan Hill. We took advantage of the living room height, designed a grand fireplace surround,  tall velour olive shades and motorized sheers. A circular seating arrangement with no corners and green, a very hindu color to bring the garden in.
Taj Morgan Hill Jerry Jacobs
Taj Morgan HIll Interior

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Taj Morgan Hill. Nine of the 72 columns seen from the balcony on the foyer, now Faux finished. We designed a dark red split level library, for the home office below and  the kids study above. India inspired dark red too, so we did the library  in stained drift oak, and the family room and bar leather accents above. It’s a pleasure sharing our work and experiences with you, and we hope you enjoy our newsletter and share it with your friends.Please let us know if you have any projects in mind, where we might be able to help you. We will be delighted to work with you.

Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

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