Waterfront Villa

20,000 ft2, (1,850M2) 4 levels. 5 bedrooms, 7+ baths.

Architecture, Interior Design and Project Management. Turn-key.

Cancun, Mexico


Waterfront Villa, in a Palladian-Contemporary and tropicalized style, Designed for a star as a “Boutique Hotel”. Each suite includes a bathroom, wet bar and counter, walk in closet and terrace.

Street Entrance inspired by Colonial Churches. You walk into an Interior Garden with fountains and palm trees. Stepping up into a three level Atrium where you immediately see the Ocean. By boat or from the beach walk up to the raised pool area and the Loggia welcomes you.

Layout. A three level Atrium and a glass elevator connect four levels and roof terrace. Outside a covered loggia and pool. The Atrium splits the bulk of the House in two wings and allows natural light through and gives the Interior a Village felling and bringing in the outdoors.

The North View Elevation is terraced towards the Ocean and pool. The 60’ long vanishing edge or endless pool, visually merges the pool with the Ocean bringing it closer to the House.

The Loggia. An outdoor living area are regularly used. Nautilus fountain on one end and Classic lion head fountain in the other.

The Library. Honduran mahogany was used throughout the library and the rest of the house.

Intelligent glass was used reducing the amount of UV rays 95%, and laminated for hurricane winds.