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Tiburon waterfront apartment design

Tiburon waterfront apartment design.

Tiburon waterfront apartment design. This waterfront apartment is located in Downtown Tiburon Belvedere, California. It is half a block from world famous Sam’s Cafe, hence an excellent location. Tiburon waterfront apartment design is a One bedroom and One bathroom apartment only, rather small. The waterfront apartment views the San Francisco Bay and the Financial District, probably the most coveted view in town. It also views the Corinthian Yacht Club. Therefore the intangible size feels much bigger than it is.

The project requirement were:

  • Provide storage. Designed for couple downsizing and making this their main new home.
  • Accessible. Particularly the bathroom needed to be accessible or barrier free, hence the complexity.
  • Style. Contemporary. Non Nautical while intended to be Timeless.
  • Challenge. We welcomed the opportunity to design for accessibility while making the space attractive rather than aseptic looking.


  • Space. One bedroom one bathroom apartment.
  • Location. Downtown Tiburon- Belvedere, California. On the waterfront. Half a block from world famous Sam’s Cafe.
  • Area. 920 sf
  • Services provided. Interior Design and Project Management Turn key. Hence purchasing and overseeing included.
  • Construction time.  Six Months. From meeting to move-in.
  • Procedure. Including planning, Interior design, building and furniture purchasing and installation. Six months seems a long time for a small space,  however space certainly restrict each other trade from working simultaneously. Sometimes a small space takes the same or longer than a bigger one. Decision making, permits and others are also factors.
  • Unit entirely remodeled. No structural changes.
  • Accessibility. Elevator exiting in building, therefore fully accessible.

While it is always nice to work on a team with the clients, we believe it is particularly necessary to know their needs. In this case above all Storage and Accessibility.


The apartment was well designed and only 15 years old. However because it was probably designed as a second home, as a result with very little storage for a couple making this their main home. So we increased storage space as much as possible.


The client required that the bathroom and shower be accessible, that included the use of wheelchair access.

The apartment was designed for “Aging-in-place” that is to offer as many accessible features as possible. It is important to allow the flexibility in any project in the event the user remains for many years to come.


Modern Contemporary and not Nautical. The apartment previously had a Nautical look, typical for its location by the water and Yacht Club.

While we wanted the apartment to feel Contemporary rather than the Nautical stereotype that does work well too for many other residential or commercial Interior Designs or Exterior one’s too, Such as Sam’s Cafe…


As always we approach design as teamwork or requiring client participation in providing their needs as detailed as possible and helping select the finishes and fixtures. Important changes were reconfiguring the bedroom closet, replacing the fireplace and TV wall, and the entire lighting system. Selecting furniture and fixtures with a budget in mind.

Great Room.

The Great room includes a living area and Fireplace-TV wall, a dining area, and a kitchen.

Living Area. First of all is facing the Fireplace-TV wall. But because of the beautiful Water views therefore a sectional was certainly the best option. The Sectional sofa allows for casual comfort, similarly allows for a side to face the view.

Dining area. While there are 2 arm chairs, there is also a banquette on the wall side, not typical with a round table because of variable distance to table. As a result the number of people seating at the table can increase.

Kitchen. We love it when we can redo, rather than replace, therefore saving some money as well as the planet. Noteworthy is the fact that it was just painted, and a few cabinetry details added.

The Fireplace-TV wall. It is entirely new and served 3 specific goals: 1, First of all to create a new additional closet accessible for him, hence her keeping the bedroom one to herself; 2, Similarly to replace the fireplace for a sealed landscape updated and much more efficient unit; 3, Finally to incorporate a 70″ class TV the client already had.


Due to the unusual shape of the room because the lot is angled to the street, and because the bed had to be California king, it was placed on the angled street side wall. Hence one out of the three windows is partially blocked with the headboard while bed accessibility was optimized. The closet was reconfigured to add storage, while its doors are mirrored to extend the virtual space effect, likewise it’s convenient while dressing. We selected a bed frame with storage under it.


The accessible bathroom, first of all allows for wheelchair access below the vanity, while the shower has no threshold. Therefore it is totally accessible. Bench and hand held shower are provided. The vanity top is backlit resin. Medicine cabinets with substantial storage space cover the full extension outside the shower.


  • Floor. The wood floor was replaced with a 7″ wide plank with a gray natural tone. This adds a bigger scale and warmth.
  • Walls and Ceiling. All painted gray while in different shades, on walls, ceiling and cabinets. Kitchen, bedroom and bath cabinetry are Painted gray to match.
  • Cabinetry. Fireplace-TV-closet wall is Black stained drift oak in contrast, as well as to better disguise TV and Fireplace.


The entire apartment lighting is LED and automated with Lutron Radio Ra2. This means you can control all the lights with voice commands with Siri or Alexa. The energy cost reductions are substantial.



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