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Receptions, Lobbies, Restaurants

Receptions, Lobbies, Restaurants. In San Francisco and Other Cities.

Interior Design, Project Management and Purchasing.


The General Consulate of Mexico in San Francisco, at the Flood Building on Market Street.

Interior Design and Project Management. A good friend the Consul General an Ambassador at the time, asked me to design the Consulate. While the only source available was a budget for Security. Most noteworthy my philosophy was that the main deterrent for security was a dignified appearance. Above all one of Respect and Honor.

We also obtained for them an equipment lease, and a landlord improvements budget, so the job could be completed. Consequently the job went very well and staff was certainly proud. We used Herman Miller’s Etho Space partition system. Furthermore with customized window tellers, also other special details. They wanted to follow up with an all the Mexican Consulates program with this one as a pilot, however, politics are sometime short term.

The American Society of Interior Designers in San Francisco.

Interior Design. While I served as President of ASID Northern California, I designed all the improvements I could. It was certainly important for me to give Interior Designers in the San Francisco Bay area and Northern California dignity. Similarly an Image or Branding that they could relate too.

Omni Cancun Hotel. Lobbies, Shopping Arcade and Stores

One of the local partners in this Hotel Development  was Carlos Anderson† an old friend for whom I had done some consulting for his Carlos’n Charlie’s restaurant chain. He sold our services as a means for the Hotel to become attractive as far as Interior Design. Most noteworthy for the Retail Design, Arcade, Lobbies and Stores we did for them. Our service included Interior Design and Purchasing.

Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel.

Throughout the years we did three different Aca Joe stores at the Acapulco Princess Hotel, now The Fairmont.  Each store in a different space replacing another earlier one. Gradually the Hotel Management decided to have us design all the stores at the Lobby as well as some restaurants and suites. While we did Interior Design and Purchasing.

Plaza Caracol Shopping Center

Interior Design and Purchasing for a number of stores. Planning for Section 1 of the mall as well.

Restaurants and Coffee shops.

We do have a specialty Diploma from Cornell University in Restaurant Planning and Development. We have done many food services facilities were we have done Interior Design and Purchasing and consulting. Among them High end Restaurants, Food court cafes and Hotel food outlets.


Aca Joe Stores.