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Penthouse Interior Design San Francisco

Penthouse Interior Design. San Francisco.

  • An Historic Home interior design in San Francisco.
  • Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, San Francisco, CA.
  • 2 bedrooms, 2 baths Pent-House. 1600 ft2. (140m2)
  • Apartment Remodel San Francisco.
  • Also known as Paris in San Francisco.

First of all we were brought in as Designers for Bathroom Design.Because they liked our work  we were subsequently hired to do the full Penthouse Interior Design.

While the building is located in the most exclusive residential area of San Francisco by the Presidio Park viewing the Golden gate bridge above all it is a Victorian.

It took almost 6 months to complete the project on a design build basis.

Project Description.

  • First of all we try and use what is there. In the Study. while we Salvaged Bookshelves we also painted them black to recess the TV and disguise fireplace. Finally we used Black Portoro marble surround and countertop.
  • Similarly in the Living room we  Salvaged bookshelves. Furthermore we used Calacatta marble and polished steel surrounding the fireplace.
  • Due to Elegance we included Gold highlighted Wall panels. In contrast with Yellow carpet from Nepal, also a mirror table from India through London
  • Finally the Dining Room. Due to its shape a Round table provides corner-less flow.
  • Most noteworthy the Garden view, in contrast provides a Pair of Italian Empire Canvas Panels, from theater productions.
  • Master Bedroom. Bespoke or Custom headboard. Narrow night stands.
  • Master Bathroom Vanity and mirror run the room length. Centered sink, wings, conical pedestal. Mirrored pilasters. Clear glass screen. Hot towel dryer.
  • Hallway. Paintings by San Francisco Bay Area Artist Paul Wonner.

Links and Testimonials.

  • “I want to thank you for all that you are doing to create a great space for us. We really appreciate your talent, time and energy…I am very excited to be living in beauty and look forward to entertaining in our newly created space! Thanks for offering to deal with more of it. You have no idea what a relief it is to us…”. ST
  • “Fascinating to see how they succeeded in accommodating all the living functions in 140m2. French grandeur”. OBJEKT
  • This Penthouse Interior Design has been Featured in AD Architectural Digest, Mexico;  HGTV Magazine, USA; Laras, Indonesia; Le Tabouret, Russia; Objekt, Netherlands; Shelter Interiors, USA; Dopress, China.
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