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Hotel Arcade Store Design.

Hotel Arcade Store Design.

Hotel Arcade Store Design.

Top quality stores designed for Hotels together with their Arcades. Lobby receptions. Other stores.

Hotel Arcade Store Design. It is an interesting prototype. This hotel included a Shopping Arcade, however it had not leased the shops ahead and needed to have them looking good for their opening. Due to it if they are not merchandised. Other times when store tenants are actually there, the Hotel wanted to make sure they were looking good. Hence there is a certain consistency in quality and look.  The hotel is usually a partner too. Almost all tend to be small stores.

Hotel Arcade Store Design at the Omni Cancun Hotel.

Here we were asked to do portions of the Lobby and Public Areas, as well as a Shopping Arcade and 15 stores.

An old friend Carlos Anderson†, was a partner in the Hotel ownership and asked his board to hire us. We had been consultants to his Carlos’n Charlie’s Restaurant chain and though a completely different style, he recognized modern design had something to offer, in attracting people into the stores.

We meet a group shooting a women’s swimwear collection and invited them to provide the transparencies for the boxes in the Gallerie.

First of all we selected the mix for the stores and fitted all of them with fixtures for upcoming leases. It meant quite a responsibility, as we didn’t exactly know who would operate them. Luckily it worked pretty well, allowing the Hotel to open and operate with its commercial area, minor changes occurring at the stores.

We kept serving the account and helping update Store’s as needed. We also completed a Hospitality Lobby. The Arts & Crafts store shown right off the Lobby went on to become the special guests registration Lobby.


Featured in Contract Magazine; Hospitality Design.


Hotel Arcade Store Design at the Fairmont Acapulco Princess Hotel.

Here we did five stores, the General Store (drugstore, magazines), the Jewelry store, a Ken Done apparel store and a Tour & Travel agency, the latter becoming the special guests registration area later on. We also did Galileo a formal wear store and three Aca Joe stores, in different locations of the Arcade over a period of ten years. Additional stores, cafes and restaurants were designed for them too. During all this time we were very pleased to have a great relationship with the Hotel management.


Store Design. Argenta Silver stores in Houston.

We designed a prototype and two locations for Argenta in Houston. They went on to use the prototype and develop some others too, with great success.