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Home Architecture Design Los Cabos

Home Architecture Design Los Cabos

Home Architecture Design Los Cabos is about two home projects in adjacent lots and which we did the architectural design for both at the simultaneously, for a pair of clients who in turn are friends and now neighbors.

Though the two los cabos homes lots are adjacent one is below, not on the side of the other, in the same street that winds down, both lots also face open space on the west side, making the projects more attractive, with views not only to the Ocean, but on one side to the open space.

Both homes are about the same size around 7,000 sf each. In addition to loggias overhangs, and Patios. We call them Casa Torres, and Casa Rionda after their owners and our clients. Both of them now live in Miami too.

Home Architecture Design Los Cabos Casa Torres. This home is designed with a keys system. That is the bedrooms are all an independent entrance from the plazas, and was designed to serve as a rental. The owner has a separate closet in the Master Bedroom, there are 4 bedrooms plus the master. All en suite and with hotel format open and doble bath and wet bar each. There is also a separate Casita that can sleep 4, as well as caretakers and service quarters.

Home Architecture Design Los Cabos Casa Rionda, is different and a family home with a split level living room and the Master bedroom balcony dominating the split level. Large home office, a separate living studio as well.

Both homes have ocean view from every room, and bedroom, and have vanishing edge pools. They also comply with the local CC&R and extend the envelope to some extent.

We are licensed architects in Mexico and appreciate the culture and our client’s US living standards.

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