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Deco San Francisco Penthouse apartment Interior Design.

Penthouse Apartment Interior Design. Buena Vista Deco San Francisco Penthouse Interior Design.

Penthouse Apartment Interior Design. Two level Penthouse in Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, CA

  • Penthouse. Two levels, 2 bedroom 2-1/2 baths.
  • Interior Architecture and Design

A second time around, for a Repeat Client. First of all we relocated some of the furniture, fabrics and Art from another space and an earlier project we had done for the same client. Certainly it was nice to salvage and rescue, furthermore to do something sustainable.

Also Architectural salvage pieces throughout the house were kept from the previous owners collection, while we relocated them per the new space’s needs.

We designed the Penthouse Apartment Interior Design and worked with structural engineers to make modifications. Through the design process, also modifying the home’s layout throughout most noteworthy. as usual it seems like it was all there before when completed, while it is what we aim for a “Timeless look”.

Design Details.

First of all we discovered a Deco glamorous mirror at nearby Antiquarian store, while hangs over crushed chenille fabric by Manuel Canovas. The color and style were an inspiration for the Art Deco project decor.

The upper level landing above had plenty of natural light from skylights, while the lower level library had none. We prescribed a “Glass Floor” to have the two levels communicate.

The Glass floor Landing required structural engineering and reinforcement for an earthquake zone. Furthermore the effectiveness can be enjoyed now, plenty of natural light and you can see below.

We added a wall to wall built-in bookcase, with wet bar and marble top.

Under the adjacent staircase we carved a new powder room because there was none there and as a result increased the home area. Even more we salvaged mirrored doors relocated them on the sidewall to make the wall float as they are basically pasted “Faux”. I like to call it an orangery look.

We completed the staircase wall by covering it with a fabric we had salvaged from a draped table.

A booth was added for dining at a corner to increase the living space, then we carved another black wet bar from what had been a closet, certainly a better use of the space.

Antique Art Deco dining table and re-upholstered armchairs.

A matching pair of Andre Arbus rugs sets the tone for the double bay living and dining space,

The client wanted a Red bedroom.

Penthouse Apartment Interior Design.