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Condo apartment Interior Design Cancun

Condo apartment Interior Design Cancun.

Condo apartment Interior Design Cancun

  • An American’s Vacation Condo on a budget.
  • Rental unit at Bay View Grand. Cancun, Mexican Caribbean Riviera.
  • 2500 ft2.  (220m2). 3 bed, 3 bath Ocean View unit.
  • Interior Design and Turn-key project management.

First we were hired do a Turn-key for this unit. Our services included consulting on Landlord Improvements, Planning and Interior Design. Specifying, ordering and installing interior Finishes and Furniture. While also modifying the interior shell, higher ceiling and recessed lighting . One day a Gentleman from Philadelphia called our San Francisco studio, he was aware of our work in Cancun, so he asked if we could design his Condo. He wanted the full Turn-key service that includes the implementation of our design. There was a check in the mail the next day.

We have worked in Cancun 2500 miles away from San Francisco for over 25 years.  Certainly we guarantee logistics and consolidate products while we build the shell with our local team, as a result reducing Cost and Time.

The Project.

Our client’s goals were to deliver the unit completed and ready to use, “On Time”, with the building’s completion, and to stay on budget ($150K). Hence including improvements, furniture and accessories.

The Shell. The ceilings planned were too low. We raised all ceilings, relocated ductwork. While we also refinished walls, added color, moldings, lighting, limestone columns and mirrored walls. Certainly a lot for a small space.

Condo apartment Interior Design Cancun has a Trompe-l’oeil Mural. The Caribbean is informal with Primitive shacks, beautiful jungles and beaches. Above all the turquoise water and Pyramids, what tourists come to see. Because we considered stays would be short, consequently thought guests would not get so tired of the Pink Mural. While we thought they would celebrate it perhaps with Margaritas.

Colors. Blue and Celadon. Pink in the Mural, from regional townscape influence, Bermuda pink common in Mexico’s , the Caribbean and Florida’s Keys.

Furniture. We used a Catalogue approach. Home Catalogue companies, performing like a Swiss clock. For contrast and accent the Oscar de la Renta, master bed and dining chairs.