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Bathroom Design San Francisco Bay

Bathroom Design San Francisco Bay.

Bathroom Design San Francisco Bay. Design of Unique and Custom Bathrooms.

Design with sculptural shapes furthermore designed for each client and home character. Award winning baths made similarly to measure. Bathroom designs are very elaborate and need to be done to perfection, while they must function, likewise the form can make them Art is in the look. While they are costly too and should be designed to last for many years, so they should look rather timeless.

First of all, each of the following bathrooms is unique, expressing the needs of the client and the site, while finding the best solutions.

The links on each bathroom will take you to the dedicated full project or Blog associated with the bath describe. Likewise there will be additional images of the bath. Enjoy!

Sexy Cranberry bath. An accessible bathroom for a one bedroom waterfront in Tiburon, CA.

  • The bathroom is wheelchair accessible. No curb at the shower leg space below sink.
  • Vanity top is Cranberry backlit resin. The sink and frame are polished stainless steel.
  • Tiburon waterfront apartment.

Paris in San Francisco. A Victorian home remodel and Interior in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA.

  • The client had liked the “Hall of Mirrors Bath” below, and wanted something like it.
  • The sink is centered and the entire wall is mirrored. Wall mounted faucet, conical pedestal and asymmetrical depth storage.
  • Furthermore the clients asked us to redo the entire apartment and building too.
  • Paris in San Francisco, a Pacific Heights Penthouse.

Hall of mirrors Bathroom design. An Historic Home Bathroom design and remodeling in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, CA.

  • While this one was done for The San Francisco Decorators Showcase, most noteworthy it was a permanent installation.
  • Salvaged 1907 fittings combined with custom designed serpentine vanity, corner pilasters, also full mirrored surrounds. As a result “You can see too Infinity”.
  • Winner of the year of House Beautiful  America’s 10 Best showhouse room award. Featured by Hearst Books and magazines, “The Brilliant hall-of-mirrors effect…..adds great spatial excitement” House Beautiful magazine. Also featured in Casa Vogue.

Pompeian Master Bath. Bathroom Design in San Rafael, Marin County, CA

  • Because the House had curved Beaux Arts symmetry, consequently 400 ft2. bath is ruled by it.  Classic style therefore centered and above all a free standing racetrack vanity.
  • Venetian artist Carlo Marchiori murals, panels and friezes. While Carlo produced the pieces, in contrast the limestone floor is also very geometric.
  • Portoro marble tops. Because Black Portoro is so rare, in contrast the limestone floor with Keys.
  • Shower for Two. Certainly spacious while each of two walls support shower fixtures.
  • Featured in California Home and Garden, also on the Marin Independent Journal and Sunset Magazine.

His Elliptical bathroom design. Lafayette, Contra Costa County.

  • Elliptic vanity top runs through the shower glass, elliptic ceiling reveal.
  • Navona red marble tops and trims, limestone floor and wall tile.
  • Featured in Gentry magazine, Menlo Park

Her Pink Bathroom design . “Subtle perspective”*. Menlo Park, in the Silicon Valley.

  • She wanted a pink bath. We incorporated a protruding closet to the tiny bath, then added drama, tapering the top and mirror for a sense of perspective.
  • It looks like the top goes through the shower glass enclosure.
  • *Featured in Sunset magazine.

Glass sink and countertop. Bathroom Design in Belvedere Tiburon, Marin County, CA.

  • 8′ long one glass unit with basin and countertop. Very easy to mount and remove, 8’x8’+wall mirror with faux blue marble frame. Wall mounted Vola faucet. Classic Contemporary.

Bathroom Design San Francisco

Mirrored walls. Reflections to the past and the future.

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