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Apartment shell improvements Interior Architecture.

Apartment shell improvements. Interior Architecture.

Apartment shell improvements made to this 22nd Floor condominium apartment in the Santa Fe neighborhood in Mexico City (CDMX).

While this would be the son’s apartment, we had worked for this family before completing 3 homes all in different cities.

Located in Mexico City’s (CDMX), New Town of Santa Fe, a corporate enclave, where the new US Embassy will be located.

The budget was low, while we managed to do apartment shell improvements also including new cabinetry both for Living-Dining and also bedrooms. In the family room we also divided and glazed the home office. In the great room created a vaulted ceiling and also improved the lighting.

Project description.

Space planning . We carved space for the Kitchenette, mainly practical Interior Architecture, for future Interior Design. Often in an apartment building there is the possibility of raising the ceiling in some areas, so we managed to do two 3′ high vaults in the great room. While we also trimmed them with a silver deco crown molding.

A dining booth for 12 was added and the glass top of the table was bowed. A signature wall, of cabinetry was created as a Library, TV, and Buffet Bar area.

He collects magazines and is in the Cigar Business, so a Built-in humidor was provided within the signature wall. The signature wall has a brown pre-finished background and face base cabinetry, while the trims are white washed drift oak.

A wet bar kitchenette was added including wet bar, where the sewage was pumped over the ceiling and into the kitchen for drainage.

They initially wanted no apartment shell improvements, only furniture. Because they decided they would stay there longer consequently they reversed their decision. While realizing later on if they did stay in the apartment shell improvements would be harder to do.


So we did only improvements, and builtin’s throughout, and no new furniture or accessories, these would come gradually later.

If you plan to stay in a place later on and your budget does not allow for all at once, first are the apartment shell improvements, or Interior Architecture.  While maybe later you can add furniture and decoration.

The drawings illustrate the intended art, including a six piece small mural as the TV cover, area rugs and lounge seating.

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