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Aca Joe store design

Aca Joe Store Design.

Aca Joe store design in the San Francisco Bay and other locations.

Architecture, Interior Design, Commercial, Contemporary

We designed the prototypes and over 300 stores worldwide.


Aca Joe store design. Stores Worldwide and in the San Francisco Bay Area. Union Square corner of Geary & Powell, considered top five best retail locations in the USA.

Stores in the San Francisco Bay. The Glass façade we designed in the late eighties is still there under Swarovski; Ghirardelli Square, Pier 39, Sausalito on Bridgeway, Stanford Shopping Center, The Village in Corte Madera, Valco Cupertino & Walnut Creek. In 30 States stateside, Mexico, Canada the UK, Western Europe…

Brand History:

First of all I started designing Aca Joe stores in 1980. While my architectural training and likewise working close to Joe Rank, created a sleek high-tech and minimalist look, that didn’t compete with the product. Hence a type of Contemporary Minimalism. Sort of like Museum Design.

Even more in the 15 years I collaborated with the Retail Store Chain, as a result I created 4 Prototypes and 250 stores in the USA, in 30 states, likewise 60 in Mexico, also some in the UK, and western Europe.

Finally after 15 stores in Mexico’s resorts, in 1983 the first store was designed for the U.S.A. Consequently opened in Union Square, San Francisco. Opposite what is now the Apple Flagship Store by Lord Norman Foster. Most noteworthy other Union Square corners have also been design by Master Architects of the XX and XXI century, Neiman Marcus by Philip Johnson and the Grand Hyatt by I.M. Pei. Indeed and honor to have such neighbors comparison. Our storefront built then is still there housing Swarovski instead.

The Prototype features:

Aca Joe store design. The Storefronts are minimalist-tech and transparent showcasing the interior and the product. Structural glass as tall and wide as possible. We always extended the envelope and most developers welcomed the change.

  • Glass attached awnings, maybe the world’s first and only.  We developed this technic, while we also re-engineered it to meet the San Francisco, building code.
  • Simple Interior layout. A fitting room core with standard stalls at a corner, sexy to expose, under curved soffits for warmth.
  • The Cash-wrap island at the entrance acts as check-out counter.
  • Finishes. Color is gray, throughout.
  • Bespoke Fixtures. Modular wire baskets used in walls and islands, Stainless steel boat like rods
  • Lighting . A magnetic secret.  Industrial RLM’s on stems.
  • Featured in Retail Store Image and VM+SD.