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Kitchen Designs

Kitchen Designs.

Luxury Kitchens and wet Bars.

An overview of some kitchen designs and related wet bars.

For us a “Look ” in a kitchen should be consistent with the one of the House. If the House has a contemporary or modern style we plan a sleek kitchen. If the house is an Hacienda or Villa or has that feeling then we do likewise with the kitchen. So we divide this Portfolio into Contemporary Style Kitchens, and Classic Kitchens.

For a more detailed description please refer to our Blog on Luxury Kitchens and Wet Bars.

Contemporary Kitchens.

It would be fun to see the before and after of some kitchens or the process to implement them. In most we removed an existing “Older” kitchen yet on a recent one we simply updated it. We always try to extend the envelope, literally, remove a corner protrussion or recess some cabinets to achieve simplicity.


1 Polanco. The shaped changed to encompas a protrution and recess refrigaration, for a Clean Minimalist Look. Calacatta Gold trops and splash.

2-3 Villa on the Beach large and tall. Family eat in Island. Glass enclosed to breakfast room. Ocean Views. Rolling ladder for Vetical access. Marble inlays.

4-5 Tiburon Condo. We replaced kitchen and encompass closet for cleaner look. Mirored splash as it is an Ocean view condo. Green marble tops throughout entire apartment.

6 Range Niche with full marble back splash. Side spice cabinets. In the Caribbean.

7 Larkspur Lagoon Open kitchen. Top squared as they did not like curves. Tiled window surround, chocolate painted wall and doors to disspear with cabinetry.

8 Tiburon Waterfront Condo. Painted kitchen. Light transition into dining.

9 Contemporary Blue cabinetry Kichen. Full transparency window to Great Room. Round island end for 5.

10 Hacienda on the Beach. Rojo Alicante tops and splash. Encompased laundry.

Classic Kitchens.

The three Classic Kitchens we show, are in New Construction, that is there was no kitchen there before.  We designed the entire house or we remodeled. Three are in the same counter top and backsplash material Rojo Alicante for different reasons, it worked well for the project and the client.



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