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Penthouse apartment design san francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights.

Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. An Historical Victorian Remodel.

Paris always in “Style not Fashion”, YSL. Nth Year anniversary Revisited. Snaps of Kitchen and Bath details. Floor plan layout. Behind the scene. Photography not seen before.

Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. In 2005, I was returning from a Professional Design and Construction adventure in the Caribbean, when I received a call. “We saw your Hall of Mirrors bathroom interior design in Pacific Heights, so we want you to do our bathrooms interior design in our Presidio Heights Home” she said.

Consequently just the change and contrast on Ocean views, Atlantic to Pacific, the Caribbean and Pacific Heights, was so appealing, hence I decide to take a ride in the convertible, from Tiburon where our studio is located to Pacific Heights, 15-20 minute ride, even more a perfect commute through the Golden Gate.

We met, first of all reviewed the project and as a result I got a check to start. She was Austrian, and because  I had just completed an apartment in Tiburon for an Austrian Olympic Skater,  even more Arnold Schwarzenegger had just moved to Sacramento, finally having been born in Mexico, I had Maximilian I in my history, so at that moment we were all Austrian too.

The Process.

First of all I started designing the two baths. Because one abutted the kitchen, therefore I made some suggestions on the Kitchen design, and during my visits, as a result I saw the clients and homeowners working on the entire home renovation. Furthermore they were having a hard time coping with their professional lives, and the DIY (do it yourself) excitement and dilemma, so consequently  I offered to help with the rest of the project. They looked at each other and said why not, with a sigh of relief and said certainly.

As a result I started to interact more with the couple, most noteworthy I kept hearing Paris here and Paris there,  so therefore I decided to give them Paris. I did my best. We designed the entire PentHouse, the Office suites, and exterior elevation improvements.

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 1 Jerry Jacobs Design

Exterior street elevation after completion. Victorian Architecture untouched, we selected the colors and accessories for this San Francisco Painted Lady.

Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. The living room. She wanted black floor and Yellow upholstery. Like the bumble bee. Or like a very elegant and discreet Gianni Versace.

Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific heights Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Project Description (By the owner S.T.).

An 1887 Grand Victorian in Sacramento Street. Furthermore this area of San Francisco, is one of the most exclusive residential areas. Right by the Presidio Park which views the Golden gate bridge and is part of the largest green conservation parks in the USA.

The Penthouse consists of 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, study, kitchen, Dining and Living rooms. approximately 1600 sf. The building owned by the same owners includes a commercial ground floor store where one of the owners had a Vintage wear store.

There is also a middle level, where the Husband has his Psychotherapy practice and she had an Art gallery for a short period of time. It took almost 6 months to complete the project on a design build basis.


Bookshelves on fireplace sides were restored and painted black to disguise fireplace and Plasma Screen, as a result the TV disappears into the wall, seems like there is nothing above the fireplace. The actual TV unit is recessed within the wall wood framing and a frame with slanted sides was added to smooth any transition. Portoro marble fireplace surround and cabinet counter top. Square yellow area Rug and a rotating ottoman designed by Jerry Jacobs.

Guest bedroom.

There was no closet space in this Bedroom before. Hence another detail here was added, a built-in for closet, and TV cabinet and bookshelf. Furthermore a pair of French doors open to study. Seems like the closet was there before. A small 5×5’ bathroom is accessed through this room certainly looking even more like the style was part of the original.

Living room.

Back mirrored restored bookshelves and fire place surround in polished steel. Gold highlighted Wall panels. yellow carpet from Nepal, and mirror table from India.

Dining Room.

Round table provides flow without corners. garden view. Pair of Italian Empire Canvas Panels, from theater productions.

Master bedroom.

Bed fits into niche and narrow stands. Headboard by Jerry Jacobs. The niche was smaller and a corner had to be removed, yet only to allow very narrow night stands shown.


The larger of the 2 bathrooms. First of all the vanity and mirror run the length of the room, while the sink is centered. Because of  the opposite tub and toilet, consequently the depths  of the cabinet wings vary,  finally the conical Faux marble pedestal.

While mirrored corner pilasters. Bathtub and shower combination with a swing clear glass screen, which allows full room view, while facing the mirror or standing in the shower.

The Silver applied on the upper trim tarnished very nicely into a deep red. Hot towel dryer.


Opened ceiling floods sun light, then brought in the yellow. This area has been devoted to an Art collection of the owner by Bay Area Artist Paul Wonner who passed away recently.

Headboard and pillows Jerry Jacobs DesignPillows by Anicini.


Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. The Bathrooms

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 2 Jerry Jacobs Design

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 3 Jerry Jacobs Design

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 4 Jerry Jacobs Design

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 5 Jerry Jacobs Design


Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. The Interior Design Project

First of all the two baths.

Top photo. The Master bath seen from the bathtub and shower, similarly with glass swing screen, certainly relating to our Hall of Mirrors bath, hence complying with the client’s goals. The main mirror had to be produced 3 times unfortunately, because of breaking down the first two times. It is wall to wall with wall faucet, hence it’s difficulty.

Bottom. The small one in Mosaic, while the shower in contrast is neo-angle corner shower. Also Glass legs on Vanity, finally Elliptical cheval mirror.

Here is a professional Image of the bathroom . The previous are record images, while they do show interesting angles. You can see this image on the portfolio of the project  at

JJD 87R Jerry Jacobs Design


Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. The Study.Penthouse apartment design san francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Though we were already doing a Black wood floor, above all I had to introduce Black into the wall too. While the shelving is salvaged and updated, furthermore we added the lighting, a mirrored backsplash and, finally the Portoro Gold marble top and fireplace surround.

We recessed the TV so the 3-4″ unit could use the studs space in the shaft, even more recessing it as much we could. Finally I proposed Black for the entire wall cabinetry and Shaft, as a result they accepted.

The Kitchen

Penthouse apartment design san francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

The owner had the cabinetry from another project. We designed the crown molding with a 45˚ set back to better incorporate the reset upper cabinets.


The Floor plan.

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 8 Jerry Jacobs Design

The PentHouse on the third level.


Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. The Dining room.

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 9 Jerry Jacobs Design

I discovered this pair of Museum quality Italian Theater Panels, rather by coincidence in an antique store on the same block of Sacramento Street.

Therefore it was easy for the clients to take them out on Memo, so as a result they kept them. While artists often ask us if we buy Art for our customers, seems like sometimes we do.


Penthouse apartment Interior Design Pacific Heights. Built-in Cabinetry.

Historic Home Interior Design San Francisco 10 Jerry Jacobs Design

The Guest bedroom or second bedroom had no closet, certainly it has one now.

The original pair of doors leads to the hallway, consequently we designed the Closet to buffer that too, while providing a counter top for the TV, finally book areas as well.

Above all the idea was to make it look like it had always been there, certainly to some it does.

Penthouse apartment design san francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Go to Project. Here you will see the set of Professional photography of this San Francisco gem.


Featured by AD in Mexico. Also in Russia, Holland, The USA, Indonesia and China.

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Digital Publications. Another reference.

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Art and Antiques

  • Jan Wurn – Study painting. Because the client already had it in mind.
  • Paul Wonner† – Hallway paintings. Certainly an important collection, even more now that he passed away.
  • Susan Spies – Living room painting. Morning Series.
  • Urban Chateau – Dining room. French Empire Canvas Panels.



Area Rugs.

Lighting: Certainly important while decorative too.

  • Baldinger – Pendants and Bathroom Sconces. Probably no longer available.
  • Phoenix day – Picture and floor lamps. Certainly well known in the SF bay area
  • Silhoutte – Chandeliers and Living room Sconces. Consequently part of Panache.

Bathrooms. Because that is what we were first called for.

  • Waterworks – Fixtures and Tile.Even more know now.
  • Paige Glass – Showers glass and mirrors. Because they do a great job.


  • Belmar. Seems like we use them a lot.


  • Carrera Marble Company.
  • Century Marble


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