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Nautilus Fountain | Silicon Valley

Nautilus Fountain

I have always liked the Nautilus shape. The “Spira mirabilis” and logarithmic spiral as described by Descartes and often found in nature.

When we were completing Villa Madonna on the beach, the owner asked what I was going to do under an exposed staircase on the loggia (see before image). It is in my pocket, I said. (I knew the question was coming and had sketched it a few minutes earlier with a ball pen and literally had it in the back pocket of the bermuda shorts).

So I said Voilà!
Fountain Jerry Jacobs Design
Completed. Nautilus 1
Water in movement with sound is always a good accent, rhythmic and refreshing.
Before and in progress below
Fountain construction Jerry Jacobs

Fountain Construction Jerry Jacobs

Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

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