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Mirrored walls. Reflections past and future.

Mirrored walls and reflections. Space, dimension and time doubled.

Mirrored walls is a Blog to show the use of mirrored walls and mirrors to help the space or interior you are designing feel better.

The history of mirrors. The looking mirror, for looking at yourself is recorded about 6,000 years ago. Not of glass but obsidian, or simply looking at your reflection on water.

Metal-coated glass mirrors are said by the Roman scholar Pliny the Elder to have been invented in Sidon (modern-day Lebanon) in the first century AD, although no archeological evidence of them date from before the third century.[9] According to Pliny, the people of Sidon developed a technique for creating crude mirrors by coating blown glass with molten lead.

I am obsessed with mirrors (maybe because of my Lebanese ancestry). However I am most attracted to the wall mirror placed in a room to reflect, either a view or the same space. When a room or apartment is very small and the use of mirrors help increase the sense of space, that is good to me. Also when you have a resource such as view, and you can reflect it and see it more that just once, that is usually good too.

Bathrooms where you do go to groom yourself, are usually small too, so it helps reflecting and bouncing images.

Creating a Faux effect or another dimension is exciting too. I often wonder how many images an antique mirror has seen or reflected. Those framed you put on the wall but also move and sell and become a part of someone else’s life. So mirrors also definitely reflect the past, whether you can see it or not, and perhaps the future too? My dear friend Joan Zinser  referred me to the Jean Cocteau 1950 short film. See link at the bottom of page.Orfée, psicoanalisis of mirror passage.

In this Blog, we show the use of mirror in our projects first, as those are the images we have and which explain the use we have made of them. Gradually we will show mirrors we are interested in either because of their use or shape. Enjoy.

Hall of mirrors at Chateau Versailles, by Jules Hardouin-Mansart

Mirrored walls at Versailles.

The Hall of Mirrors at the Versailles Chateau, has 357 mirrors bedecking the 17 arches opposite the windows, demonstrating that the new French manufacture could rival the Venetian monopoly on mirror manufacturing. Circa 1676-84. See link below. Regardless of scale is a perfect concept of the use of the mirrored walls. You wouldn’t do the 73meter long wall all mirrored, but breaking the mirrored wall to reflect the arches is not only a scale and rhythm natural resource, but it is also related to bringing the outside in. Let use remember the scale of the Garden at Versailles is even more opulent then the Chateau.

Art in Chicago and Marseille.

Art influences both the Residential Architecture and Design, as well as the Public Spaces and their Art. When the Mirror is the Art, then it is worth while mentioning. Recently to great and grand statements have been made withe the use of mirror surfaces. The “Cloud Gate” by Anish Kapoor in Chicago, and the Port Vieux Pavilion designed by architecture firm Foster + Partners in Marseille.

On left the Pavilion of Reflections in Marseille. Right Cloud Gate seen  from under the gate, Chicago.

Mirrored walls in bathrooms and kitchens by Jerry Jacobs Design.

Bathrooms will always have a mirror, as that is one of the reasons you are there for.

Mirrored walls

The Hall of Mirrors Bath. I truly wanted to Entertain. This was a library games room bath, so I thought to give the user another dimension, that of mirrors bouncing back and forth, maybe if you got caught it would transfer you elsewhere. The round beveled mirror is mounted over the wall to wall. Hellman Mansion in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. This room was the winner of the year as the best room at the San Francisco Decorators Showcase, and House Beautiful best in America.

Mirrored walls.

In this Belvedere-Tiburon, California one bedroom 800 sf  View apartment, we mirrored the entire wall reflecting the view of the Bay. The kitchen on the left has a windows (not shown)which has mirrored doors, to reflect the same view The wall to wall mirror in the bath mirrors the countertop and fixtures. The mirror had to be introduced before the sheetrock due to its size. Electrified make-up mirror too.

This powder room in the Polanco, Mexico City apartment is meant to be fun. When you enter you see the future! Your image and the room reflect into infinity so it must be the future. Corner Pilaster is seen first as a full column and then 100 times more.

Mirrored walls in living areas of the house designs by Jerry Jacobs Design.

In this Caribbean condo in Isla Dorada Cancun, you can see the water reflected on the mirrors on the right and the mural and entrance on the left, the mirror is extended to the ceiling and surrounds the arched opening and AC vent.

Mirrored Walls at Buena Vista Deco

Top. Piano Room. Our client bought the home from an Architectural Salvaged specialist so the beautiful doors were there.. We added the Hollywood Regency or Deco Mirror and mounted it on Red Chenille from Manuel Canovas fabrics. Below  In the dining -bar corner of this Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, penthouse, we designed this antiqued mirror wall, to reflect the past, Deco era. Antiqued mirror tends to be more romantic and less stark. Mirrored backsplash was used on wet bar too on left.

To reflect the Bay View in this Belvedere- Tiburon condo, we mirrored the entire wall. From right  see the sliver reflecting part of the living area, the wet bar, not for view but depth, and the fireplace wall. The marble ends on the left at a full height door facing the driveway, you just see slim line.

Mirrored walls in the bedroom.

Don’t get excited, most of the mirrored walls in the bedroom we show are doors.

Jerry Jacobs Design Mirrored bedroom This bedroom at Buena Vista Deco, in Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, was quite small and it had no closet. So we design and built the closet with mirrored doors. You can practically see the entire Red bedroom in the mirrors. The depth required for the entry door swing was shallower so we allocated to a make up mirror area, the deeper on the left for hanging.

In this Bay View Grand condo in Cancun, Mexico, we mirrored the wall reflecting the Ocean view. You can also enjoy the ocean view from the shower through the portholes.

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