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Ten Luxury Bathrooms Trends for now

Ten Luxury Bathrooms Trends for 2020

Luxury bathroom trends 2020 recent and onwards. 6/5/2020. A few days ago I read on dezeen. com the Article “The Bathroom is slowly changing” from Paul Flowers in Grohe talk to VDF. I really enjoyed what I read.

Toilet. On the toilet, new for me but excellent to know things are moving in the right direction. Mitigating smell. Bravo I can wait. The other perhaps will take longer but diagnosing your waste and reporting back to you suggesting a diet. Healthy!. Both ideas coupled with the bidet seat, so paper is gone, and the suspended bowl so you can clean the floor and hide the tank as well.

Faucet. I’m so glad motion activated faucets are now more acceptable at homes. I have proposed often to my clients unsuccessfully. Touchless is te way to go, wash your hand more often…

3.31.2020, Architectural Digest publishes “Making a case for the bidet” . Keep in mind AD does not focus on toilets… The issue is that with the Coronavirus, toilet paper has disappeard of the shelves. Good things happen after bad ones. We highly recomend the New Bidet seats, not the separate bidet fixtures.

Here is a recent article at Arch Daily on the very high tech reaches in the bathroom @

for 2019

First of all this is an update to our 2017 Blog. While we concentrate on our newer bathrooms and what we believe are additional trends to come, we furthermore continue to list those trends from our earlier Blog, which we believe are here to stay, or are still trends now.

Luxury Bathroom Trends 2017. Ten Luxury Bathrooms Trends for 2017, by Torben Fluke, guest blogger. This was our Guest Blogger, we certainly appreciate Badeloft’s support hence hope you find the information useful and enjoy. We have added sources  and comments and from time to time will retrofit to this interesting subject. Now running our 2019 edition so you won’t find some of the early images.

Ten Luxury Bathrooms Trends for 2019

They come and go. The good ones stay. As Interior Designer in San Francisco, we are always looking for new trends and the right bathrooms to incorporate them. Not all baths can take all the trends.

Glass trend, as described below is not a new trend, but an ongoing one. As bathrooms are Not decorating but permanent architecture or Interior design, it is important that the user evaluate which trends to incorporate and which not to, as they are usually there for many years.

Thinking of remodeling your bathroom this year? Create a luxurious bathroom retreat with these top luxury bathrooms trends.

Bigger bathrooms.

Bigger yes, but not too big. This is because we spend more time in the bathroom, hence we. want to enjoy more. First of all, when remodeling you might come across rather small bathrooms.  Because the post war and mid to late century residential architecture was not up to date. However the grand Bath while is still required is harder to look after, and we do not want today anything that is not used.

Sexy why not.

ADA. american with disabilities act, and aging in place.

Except for powder rooms, I believe all bathrooms should have grab bar here and there. Bathrooms are designed to have non porous surfaces, therefore a tendency to slip specially if wet.

While it is important to have grab bars for a disability or age, I would suggest all showers do. You come out of the tub and need support.

Occasionally grab bars can have the double function of holding a towel or a hand held shower.

Bathtub inside shower area.

Rather than separate the two Shower Stall and Bathtub, because sometimes layout and space don’t allow, it is often that the are together. As a result the shower area becomes much larger. It is certainly  acceptables to get the tub slightly wet. Most noteworthy you will find or use a freestanding tub, because you are not going to store much on a bathtub deck that gets wet.


Extended Niches. Made to look architectural from one end of the wall to the other. Theses are not only useful but very dramatic.

Medicine Cabinets

The ski is the limit. While we show a surface mounted 66″ long set of medicine cabinets, these are 4″ deep. So figure the space. Also available 6″, 8′ deep or make your own, recess them if you can.

Below the counter on the left a suspended cabinet with drawer and door. Leg space to the right.

Luxury Bathroom trends

Medicine Cabinets.

Refrigerated Medicine Cabinets. Luxury Bathrooms Trends for 2017. While it might be lovely to stash ice tea and other beverages in your bathroom, medicine cabinets with a refrigerated section are meant for keeping your medications and organic cosmetics sufficiently cooled. This one we hadn’t heard of…


Powder rooms.

Powder rooms should be dramatic. They are a statement. If a guest visit they out to get a good impression.

WaterSense Toilets

For years, you’ve been buying Energy Star appliances because those bearing the Energy Star label have met the program’s standards for superior energy efficiency. A new program, WaterSense, applies to toilets, shower heads, faucets, and other bathroom fixtures. Whether you live in an area where water conversation is mandated or you simply want to conserve water, a luxury toilet bearing the WaterSense label meets the EPA’s standards for performance and efficiency.

In California we are all for saving the Planet, for the Paris Accord, and for sensible use. Remember when you would install 6 gallon/per flush toilets, then about 20 years ago it became 1.5,  now 1.2 and similarly most systems now offer the double flush, less or more as required.


Modern Freestanding Bathtubs

Luxury Bathrooms Trends for 2017. Modern freestanding bathtubs provide both the wow factor that a luxury bathroom requires and the warmth and comfort your body craves. Blend the best of form and function with a luxurious freestanding bathtub! Beautifully sculptural. No a new trend but a returning one, as you remember the claw foot ones.


Luxury Finishes

The finishes you choose for countertops, floors, walls, shower enclosures, and bathtubs set the tone for the entire room. For a luxe look, marble and other stones are tried-and-true classics. Stone resin finishes are becoming a popular alternative with clean lines, strength, durability, heat retention, and lighter weights. Some of the finishes we included here, were Faux finishing, that is marbleizing all moldings; large amounts of mirror; Salvaging, the bathtub which you cant see is a 1906 freestanding one, salvaged from the house, as well as the Nickel silver legs in the Vanity.

Bathroom sink Jerry Jacobs


Bathroom Design San Francisco

The Bidet

Today 3.31.2020, Architectural Digest publishes “Making a case for the bidet” . Keep in mind AD does not focus on toilets… The issue is that with the Coronavirus, toilet paper has dissapeard of the shelves. Good things happen after bad ones. We highly recomend the New Bidet seats, not the separate bidet fixtures.

Tub-side Tables

Take a cue from your favorite boutique hotel by placing a tub-side table next to your bathtub. Not only do tub-side tables act as attractive accent pieces, they provide you with a convenient place to keep bath items within easy reach. If designing a luxury guest bathroom, tub-side tables stocked with fresh washcloths and toiletries are a lovely welcome to your guests.



Floor-standing Tub Faucets

Complement your freestanding bathtub with a floor-standing bathtub faucets. These are mounted to the floor behind or to the side of your tub, providing an elegant way to fill your tub. For increased enjoyment, consider a freestanding bathtub faucet with a handheld shower attachment or shower want. I do like the square edges and the ergonomic shape inside.



Glossy Surfaces and Glass

Shine is a big trend for 2017. Your luxury bathroom will sparkle when you opt for glossy surfaces and plentiful glass. For countertops, consider marble, granite, or resin with a gloss finish. For the shower, glass enclosures are a classic, and shiny, choice. To maximize luxury, go for frameless glass doors which lack metal edges and virtually disappear.

Stone Resin Basins and Tubs

Carved stone basins and bathtubs are gorgeous, as are their stone resin counterparts. Either choice will serve as signature piece in your luxury bathroom.

Luxury Interior Design Belveder Tiburon

Accessible luxury bath

Metallic Accents

Metallic accents are a trend in their own right, and they can also help with the shine effect if desired. Trendy metallics for luxury bathrooms include brass, copper, and rose gold.



Extra Large Wall Tiles

Ten Luxury Bathrooms Trends for 2019. Modern and clean, extra large wall and also floor tiles are especially attractive in luxury bathrooms with the modern aesthetic. Because of their larger size, there are fewer grout lines breaking up the space. Depending on your tastes, you could combine several trends here by choosing extra large glossy ceramic tiles or extra large metallic tiles.


Source: Badeloft’s Freestanding Tubs

Stone Resin Basins and Tubs — Carved stone basins and bathtubs are gorgeous, as are their stone resin counterparts. Either choice will serve as signature piece in your luxury bathroom.


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