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Interior Design Trends San Francisco Bay

Interior Design Trends San Francisco Bay.

Update. Winter 2020-2021. Happy New year.

The new Pantone Colors of the year.

Yellow and Gray. 

Spring 2019

8 Interior Design Trends for the San Francisco Bay.

  1. Clean Minimalism.
  2. Colors. Black. Gray. Coral.
  3. Timeless Elegance rather than Luxurious Opulence.
  4. Reupholster.
  5. Bathroom Upgrades.
  6. Sustainability. Solar energy.
  7. Home Office.
  8. Downsizing. Aging in place.

Now that the New Year 2019 has arrived, and for those who are planning to refresh the look of their homes, or those who just bought a new home and want to know what to do, here are some trends.

First of all, we do not believe in trends having to be followed. Some design magazines publish trends from different designers. Hence this week I heard one saying Minimalism was pasee. One of the best know Minimalist Architects the Japanese Tadao Ando  recently did Tom Ford’s 70M ranch. So if Tom Ford is pasee that would be a good trend for the designer in the magazine.

On the other hand we believe like Yves saint Laurent put it once “Fashion changes, Style Remains”. That is what we are “Style” and we hope to be “Timeless” at it too.

Here are some suggestions or approaches on how to receive the Spring and Summer Seasons at home, with regard to Design of space, shape, color and personality of your home’s Interior Spaces. The Interior Design.

It is important to note our trends or forecasts are not exclusive for this year, some of them have been from recent years before, some will be for a long time as well.

Most common mistake is doing it by yourself. Hire a Pro, much less expensive than a good mistake and redo. From Flowers to Palaces.

Simple ways to incorporate some of them. Tips to avoid common mistakes. Pictures.

Interior design trends  #1   CLEAN MINIMALISM

Clean. Always be clean and tidy. Allow for odd things and a bit of serendipity. Clear your homes of stuff you don’t need…. This is an incredibly simple, easy and inexpensive way to start. In all remodeling and Interior design projects we do, we first clean. Not the dust, but the space, declutter, then do the same to the shape and look of the rooms. First go minimalist. Then you can add the rest.

Contemporary classic. Nobody wants stuffy or gaudy. Minimalism or being clean again in design, contemporary sleek rooms and lines, reflects our contemporary casual lifestyle. Make sure the Design of the furniture or finish is a classic, you want it to last.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Healdsburg Home family room. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.

Interior design trends  #2  COLORS. Living Coral. Black. Gray.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Living Coral is Pantone’s ® color of the year  PANTONE 16-1546 Living Coral

Pantone is the king of color. They have been forecasting color trends for many many years so they certainly know what they are doing. 

Other colors too are forecasted to be very popular or continue to be so. Such as Black. We use black often, mainly as an accent. Gray is back. Gray reminds me of the Aca Joe stores I designed 30 years ago, where the interiors were all gray. French gray it is called too, as particularly Paris buildings from the Mansard period are very Gray. I love Gray.

Interior design trends  #3  TIMELESS. Elegance rather than Luxurious Opulence.

Good Design has to be timeless. It has to last at least one lifetime. Do it once, do it right. Don’t overdo it, it does not work. God is in the detail.

Classic simplicity make things look like they were just completed, or like they have been there a long time. It should be the same.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Black Cabinets Library. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA

Interior design trends  # 4 RE-UPHOLSTER.

Spring is the perfect time to be creative. Put your Remodeling and Interior Design projects on the move, remember Design, Planning, Budgeting take time. If you want a new Fireplace for next winter, you should start designing it now. Always be as ahead as possible for best and more affordable results.

Upholstering. You might not need to change your seating, however a new set of fabrics can help Spring your Great room or any other room. Here we reupholstered the sofas in a Coral Fabric some years ago, for a new look (they were yellow before), and to match the Rugs and room decor as well.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Buena Vista Park home, San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, Ca.

Interior design trends  # 5   HOME OFFICE.

The home office is nothing new. But the more time you can spend at home and be productive the better. Help the planet by driving less and commuting less.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.

Interior design trends  # 6   SUSTAINABLE. SOLAR ENERGY.


Yes particularly in California, where we are leaders in Sustainable resources, what we do in our Interiors and Homes has to be a good example of sustainability. After all we want to save resources, starting with our pocket. Solar Energy is a must, why not prepare for another drought who knows when it will come.

Antiques are sustainable. You are using pre owned, nothing wrong with that. Bring in an unexpected piece, which certainly has to make sense composition wise.

Below we show a fireplace with did years ago with 3 of our trends still there: Sustainable, we recycled the mantle rescued on save the Bay day; Antiques are sustainable too, in this case the 200 year old Meiji Gold Screen; Finally color, the fireplace surround and bench top are a Coral tone limestone.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.Orinda Residence, CA. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, Ca.


Certainly solar energy is cheaper than gas and electric finally. Obviously try to incorporate to help your pocket and the planet to survive.

California’s new law will now require ALL NEW homes to have solar energy.

Interior design trends  # 7    BATHROOM Upgrades.

In Spring and Summer bathrooms are more appealing, fresh and full of natural light. The Spa. If you have the space, float the body. Hear the sound of a fountain and relax.

A must now days is the SPA. Ideally a steam bath which is very healthy, if you can incorporate into your plans.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.  Menlo Park bathroom. Photo courtesy of Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.  

Interior design trends  # 8   DOWNSIZING and Aging in Place.


If you live in San Francisco, or the SF Bay Area, or for that matter in any other expensive city you pay less for less space. It is easier to live with less to carry, to clean, to arrange.

Recently we helped a couple whose son had just gone to college, to downsize and move into a 1 bedroom waterfront apartment.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.One bedroom apartment Belvedere-Tiburon.



When you downsize you should also think that if you plan to stay in this new space for some years, it would be wise to think of those needs you might have down the road too.


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