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The Home Office

Would you like to work from home? And if you already do, would you like to have the right set up? When I was kid a friend asked me what would I do when I grew up. I said an Architect, partly because I knew some of them worked from home. That was many years ago, and I enjoy being and Architect and traveling to sites and so on, however I do enjoy having my purposely built studio at home. Below are Six Home offices we have done for our clients.

We hope you enjoy!

Update 5.4.2020.

In the middle of the Covid-19 Pandemic, it is clear the office environment will change for good. So are at least for now the filming of newscasters and interviews. Where it is important that the background conveys a message. Books convey culture and knowledge. The New Home Office needs to be a part of the House for our new Normal to come. I predict it will become so more important as many more will work or work more time from home.

Here is an interesting article for  The New York Times.

The Home Office. Custom home built-in Libraries.



Home office Jerry Jacobs
For the Caribbean Villa he wanted something more formal, though he prefers fishing which he can’t do at his home office, where he actually runs his International business from. Honduran mahogany cabinetry, carved wood table.Parquet de Versailles with limestone inserts floor. 


Home office

Two level library at “Morgan Hill Taj” the Home office is right off the foyer, which is two levels. The bespoke peninsula on the right in the bowed window enjoys the mountain views. Two level library in Red stained drift oak.


Home Office Jerry Jacobs Home Office Interior Design. He doesn’t need much, just his ipad, when he visits Tiburon form Austria and stays at his pied-à-terre. Antique American table, Miro on the wall.

Home Office Design Jerry Jacobs


This one in a San Francisco townhouse is under the glass stairs, yet to be built. He likes Cigars, so we added a humidor.
Home Office Jerry Jacobs Design
Bespoke side armoires with bifold doors, frosted glass covered column, motorized sheers. Italian tables and chairs. G3 at the museum!
Home office Jerry JacobsPaintings on tracks to allow access, over stained drift oak cabinetry, Deco vase over Knoll D’Urso table. Italian seating.


Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

Thank you for visiting!

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