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Corte Madera Home Interior Design. Dining room. Fireplace and table.

Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design

Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design.

Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design.

The project “Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design”  is for the Interior Design for a big house and compound formerly a Dairy, located in Corte Madera Southern Marin County California,  is described below.

Corte Madera, Marin, California.

We started working on this Interior Design project in early 2016, and continued on it through mid 2023. There is still much to be done including spaces designed but not yet implemented. The first 2 years were continuously involved Interior Design and Consulting and a more intensive Interior Design acquisition period. Corte Madera is North of San Francisco just crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and is in the South of Marin County  There is first Sausalito, then the Tiburon Peninsula and Belvedere Island, followed by Corte Madera. Our Interior design practice is based in Tiburon, so this is a 3 mile stop away, the next exit. I love short commutes.

I first came to Corte Madera in 1984-85, to do an Aca Joe store at “The Village” shopping center, the store was completed almost 40 years ago and is now gone. The Shopping Center is very successful and keeps growing, well done. Now they even have a free standing brand new RH flagship building. While other Malls elsewhere are closing.

Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design, is the story of a project in progress. While this property used to be a Dairy, which they had remodeled 8 years before, and the Architects had done an excellent job. However the Interior Design was incomplete. It was also an excellent Art and Sculpture Museum quality display of their work and Art collection.

All we tried to do was provide more comfort, refine the taste and make it better looking while subject to the already existing there. Technology advanced as well. Just a background. Art first. And followed by environmental philosophies.

Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design includes our designs for the home Foyer, Library-Family rm., Dining room, main bedroom and bath details, and an Art Gallery and studio for public use.

Home Interiors in Corte Madera. Because the Interior Architecture had been done only 8 years earlier and was very good, and the furniture and fixtures weren’t that outdated, people tend to want to hang on to them. They like them. Such as the window coverings, so they first stayed. Then 2-3 years later we updated them.

We only take credit for our details as described above. It was a pleasure, and an honor to work within the Architecture and owner’s Lifestyle.

The existing Home.

The compound. This is an interesting set of building, formerly a “Dairy” was converted by the current owners into a large home  and Gallery-Studio semi public areas (by invitation only). Also a separate Cottage and so on. The owner an Architect and his wife, as he didn’t practice but hired one and the house and “barn”  and cottage had all been remodeled very nicely. Good Architects to  shape the spaces before, so our Interior Design and Architecture are  somewhat easier, or show better with better backgrounds. Though we weren’t shy when updates were necesarry or desirable Interior Design upgrades.

The Interior Design Team.

It is interesting to work for an Architect and his wife, which happen to be “Environmental Artists”. Hence visually educated and discerning. Somertimes you are an Editor while others you bring a whole new dimension to the client and the Interior Design which was the case for us. However the Architecture we came into was very good a remodeled barn of the best quality with some very nice details.

We worked in Interior Design in many portions of the home and buildings, in the Interiors and some exteriors and in this case all the buildings the Home, the shed and the Cottage.

They had lots of art but no were to sit per se. Very spacious and spare but missing some basics, such as Window shades, rugs, tables, lighting… Where they had some basic hanging they were attached to. Now there are motorized sets of shades in all windows. More convenient and the other featured of automation appreciated. (See links below).

Improvements were made throughout all the rooms of the house and compound, however more concentrated in the rooms we show: Kitchen-Dining room, Family room studio, Main Bedroom suite, Gallery and Studio.

The Process.

Working as I mentioned with a good background but also for an Architect and wife, she gradually would take over from him as he had some health issues and they had build the house or remodeled it together, she was well trained and had an eye. However the proces was slow, 7 years and counting (the itch). The more time consuming clients and projecst are those were everything is looked at, all the angles, and all posible objections. Sometimes this works as only the best is selected and done, however at other times things take longer.

To start with a week after they hired us, the bought a second home in Healdsburg, North of Santa Rosa, about 1 hour furhter North from Corte Madera, and they asked us to that project too, and give it Priority. I guess they really needed a second home. So we did start Corte Maders, although Healdsburg would get completed earlier. Then teams take breaks for different reasons, as clients are tired and want to celebarte and use their new homes. But we would come back to Corte Madera, do rugs, and more seating and so on. Eventualy they sold Healdsburg and asked us to consolidate all the FF&E in Corte Madera, As I had always selected and specified Furniture, accesories and fixtures, with Movement in mind Interior Design worked well. In my opinion this is part of Sustainability. Choose everything with Timeless Interior Design style that can function differently. Flexibility.

Corte Madera Home Interior Design. Dining room. Fireplace and table.

Corte Madera Home Interior Design. Dining room. Fireplace and table. On left Fireplace. Axis centerd to table position. On the right side. Dining room table with flush lazy susan. Wicker chairs by Baker. green fabic on seat to match fireplace surround. Art and table accessories by owner.

The Dining Area of the Kitchen and Family room.

The large kitchen had a round table and firplace. We specified the new dining table and center it with the fireplace, then added the suspended lamp at the center to both. Lamp is adjustable height. The room also has a corner where we added a banquette, rotating chair and table, on next photograph.

Corte Madera Home Interior Design. Family room, library and TV rooms.

Corte Madera Home Interior Design. Family room, library and TV rooms.

On the left. Family room are of the kitchen area, B+B Rotating leather chair, banquette and prismatic table. On the right Library-TV room. Window seat in red fabric and roman shades. Lounge chairs. Italian Pendant lighting by Henge.

The Library and TV room.

The name is incompatible, yet today many Libraries have become home offices and they have TV’s.


The Main Bedroom Suite.

We did the Interior Design of the Principal Bedroom Suite in stages as well.

Main Bedroom Suite. Heaadboard, from seating area.

Main Bedroom Suite. Heaadboard seen from seating area.

Main Bedroom Suite. Seating area and bay window.

Main Bedroom Suite. Seating area and bay window. Corteen Steel square coffee table. Polca dot fabric on pillows ovair mohair.

Main Bedroom Suite. Pieces deigned spcifically for the dressing room and bath. Rotattin Chair and Rotating ottoman in water resistant fabrics.

Main Bedroom Suite. Pieces deigned spcifically for the dressing room and bath. Rotating Chair and Rotating ottoman in water resistant fabrics.

Project Description.


  • Outdoor brush mats (Ruckstuhl, Switzerland) interior foyer entry rug from (Floor Designs San Francisco).
  • Proposals for a ficus tree to center the staircase, bench and console.

Library- Family room..

  • Cabinetry with TV and full of books was already there.
  • We replaced the layout, main sofa and provided an Ottoman (Both by A. Rudin).
  • Corner table by Baker. Area rug by Tufequian. Ceiling lamp by Fontana Arte. This one to be replaced.

Dining room -kitchen corner.

  • This corner is the family room area in the Kitchen and Dining zone.
  • We created an improved layout and seating corner, with a round rug no to interfere with the flow.
  • Banquette or Settee by Lee: B+B Italia Tulip rotating chair; Sculpture table by… at The New Black; Round rug by Angela Adams.

Main bedroom details.

  • We completed a reclining chaise by Cassina, Italy and table by Baker; Dressing room custom round ottoman, by JJD.
  • We also specified: bed bench and linens, designed her bespoke night stand.
  • A Spa was designed for the MB terrace.

The Galleries.

This outbuilding is actually connected. It includes a Foyer, and events space for some 300 guests, a Studio and Office and a so called Art Gallery.


The Studio and Office space.


Corte Madera Home and Galleries. The studio seating area.

Corte Madera Home and Galleries Interior Design. The studio seating area. Cassina sectional and Holly Hunt Rotating chairs. Coffee Table by Maxalto. Most of this set is furnithere bought for the Healdsburg Home and used there for 4 year. See Link below to Healdsburg.

The Art Gallery.

This is the area where you can see the biggest concentration of the owners own Art work. Environmental Art. Both Sculpture and Hanging Art

This is the most accomplished area for us. Though it is part of the Home, it is also part of the old Dairy area or now workroom. Somehow right between Residential and Commercial, part of the barn with a separate entrance.

  • We designed the new LED lighting for the Barn. Implemented by others.
  • Seating by, B+B Italia and Lee industries.
  • We provided seating for 11, though we believe they mentioned sitting 14.
  • Table and Console. Century Furniture. Corner tables by Baker.
  • Area Rug. Tufequian at Floor Designs.
  • Lighting.

Events space. We designed a new LED lighting system to improve light color, sustainability and reduced operating costs.

The Art Gallery at the Corte Madera Home and Galleries.

The Art Gallery at the Corte Madera Home and Galleries. All Art work by the owners.

Proyects to be completed include: Public Areas, Foyer and  Bathrooms. Floor plans. 2022.

The Foyer entry to the Public Areas.


Links for more Interior Design.

Healdsburg home Interior Design in transition

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The Corte Madera, Dairy Home and Galleries is a project we enjoyed working at. We hope you too enjoyed this Project and have a chnace to visit again.

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