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Classic Black & White Baths

Classic Black & White Baths

We know you care for the design of your bath. Some time ago we did the two baths below for two clients that cared.

We hope you enjoy them!

Bath Design Jerry Jacobs



Bath Design Jerry Jacobs
Bathroom Design Jerry Jacobs
Shower Design Jerry Jacobs
Master Bathroom at Villa Altura, a 1906 home in San Rafael California. I loved the house as it had worn but retained the original conditions. The new owners removed some walls to make room for this 400 sq. ft. bath for their Master bedroom. I insisted on symmetry, so I could center the tub-spa. The curved wall and center of the Beaux Arts composition required the free standing vanity. The floor layout had to be perfect as well as everything else.
  I invited Carlo Marchiori to do the trompe-l’oeil and friezes.
Bathroom Design Jerry Jacobs


Bathroom sink Jerry Jacobs
Bathroom Design Jerry Jacobs
Hall of Mirrors guest bathroom. At the 1906 Historical Hellman Residence in Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The owners salvaged some 1906 fixtures including the tub  and the nickel silver legs from an old vanity.  Then I designed a serpentine vanity top and Faux base for it, and mirrored all the walls so you could see Infinity.
We spend a lot of time in our bathrooms why not enjoy them? Refreshing, cleaning the body, therapeutic time, massage and many other activities can be more enjoyable, if we prepare our environments for them, for a mood, a feeling, or an imaginary place.

It’s a pleasure sharing our work and experiences with you, and we hope you enjoy our newsletter Blog and share it with your friends.

Please let us know if you have any projects in mind, where we might be able to help you. We will be delighted!

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Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.

Thank you for visiting!

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