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Cancun Villa Design Turnkey.

Cancun Villa Design Turnkey.

A Star’s Caribbean retreat.

Cancun Villa Design Turkey is a story and project we completed recently.
We were introduced by a friend, the realtor who sold them the house. I had not heard of her or her music, nor seen her on screen, and declined lunch as my mother was waiting for me at home. When I got back to SF there was a whole list of requests waiting…. When the job was completed she wrote us a song.

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Jerry Jacobs Design
Caribbean Retreat Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs DesignWe designed this new entrance to isolate from street buzz and the paparazzi. Previously driveway was open to the street and a lower grill gate was in place.
Caribbean Retreat Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
At the Foyer we commissioned a mural to depict the Ocean View, faux Sky.
Caribbean Retreat Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
Family room. Sectional and golden star. Brick vaulted ceiling. Linear AC diffuser.
Caribbean Kitchen Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
Rojo Navona marble on countertops and full backsplash walls.
Caribbean Bedroom Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
Master bedroom. Structural glass window with glass stabilizer.
Caribbean Pool Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
Horseshoe shaped spa vanishes into pool and the pool into the Ocean. Limestone columns, copings and surrounds; end finial on the horizon.
Caribbean Pool Design Jerry Jacobs Jerry Jacobs Design
The vanishing edge pool is a particularly attractive solution when facing an ocean with waves, as most of the time you really don’t know where one ends and the other starts. You better not drink to much!

Thank you to my clients. I tremendously enjoyed the process.


12.20.21 1st. Dibs Magazine, Together with Renzo Piano.

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  • Aguinaco, Pablo. Villa El Descanso.

Thank you to my clients who are like family to me. I saw their kids grow, and tremendously enjoyed the process.

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