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Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco.

Best Residential Round Rugs in San Francisco.

Update 4.7.21

Textile designer Simone Post coiled Carpet design  from misprinted textiles. Coiling is a nice way to create a circle. Very exciting.


Update 5/30/2020

Jerry Jacobs Design

I have always liked this Louise Bourgoin pattern design for Pierre Frey.  What a nice option oval and signed.


Update April 23/2020Jerry Jacobs DesignRoche Bobois Equinoxe Round Rug. A recent discovery for me.


Update April 19,2019

woven round rug Jerry Jacobs Design
intertwining weaving techniques of moroccan and turkish rugs, lania embodies the collective and expansive traditions that traverse regions, time, and cultures. lania is a suffix derived from the ancient greek word, elaino, meaning wanderer, alluding to not only the nomadic spirit of woven, but also the series’ meshing of two distant cultures and techniques. lania evokes also the latin word, lana, meaning wool. from the rising sun to the north star, nomads for millenia have relied on the night sky and its stars for navigation.

Update April 10, 2019Jerry Jacobs Design

The Citizenry Trenza Palm rug.

Made in Mexico, my birth country. So clean and simple, I hope affordable too

Update January 18, 2019.

Serena & Lily Round Cotton & Jute Rug.

This beautiful round “Bullseye braided” rug is first of all very reasonably priced. While we anticipate great success for this product as we see very few comparable products in the Market. Good for them. Furthermore we are proposing to a client for whom we just supplied a 6′ round table, in bad need of a base rug.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs DesignQuote from their tear sheet. “Such a fun neutral to add to your mix. The playful bullseye is braided from a blend of cotton and jute, giving the rug extra texture. Position it anywhere that needs a little opening up – the round shape makes cozy quarters feel more spacious”

Update  January 16, 2019.


Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs DesignMomentum round rug designed by Sigal Sasson for Rug [email protected] Sloan Miyasato, San Francisco.

“San Francisco is only seven miles long by seven miles wide. Making it easy to find SLOAN MIYASATO  which is located in the heart of the city’s wholesale interior design district, Sloan Miyasato is the primary destination for furniture, fabric, floor covering, lighting, antiques and accessories, and fine art for the interior design professional” from Rug-Art.


Update. October 2016.

Here is a new beauty. Celestial from Moooi carpets.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

For the basics, please read below this Update the original Part One posted on July 16, 2015, and see what was posted before as Shopping for Round Rugs….

This time we had a project that required a small round rug. It was not for a round table but for a corner seating area. Why not square if it is a corner? because the corner is between two doorways that connect and having a carpet corner in the path made no sense, as the corner could become a trip hazard.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

So we started selecting from rugs that were available. The size 6-8′ is not unusual for round rugs to be in stock.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

An offer came in for a 6’ø, form Emma Gardner, a blue background with a gold flower motive. I liked it, though thought it would not work for the space and client. They kindly sent a 2’x2′ memo, and the client did not reject outright. You probably have noticed that by turning a rug around you get different color effects, some some were good, and we said why not. We order the whole 6’ø on Memo. Ten days later in was installed, client and company all voiced their yes or no. In the end it was returned. Colors where not right for this application.

So we kept our Research going and came up with some options shown below.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Turned out to be our choice. A Tufted 8’ø rug. I thought it might be too big. The client loved the pattern, and the olive green-to-gray was perfect for the polished concrete floor. By Angela Adams, Archie in Fog color.

Stocked in Paris. 1stDibs the antiques website is a great source when you want something right away.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

This one is 11’2″ø so it would not work here(too big). It is also 20K Euros, as it is a Hand woven Aubusson, designed by Jean Pascuad, signed from the 1940’s. Perfect for a round dining table 5- 6’ø;


An interesting aspect of round rugs are their particular Patterns. Concentric like in bullseye or target

Retrofit and participate notes at the bottom.

From July 16, 2015. Part One.


Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Orb rug by Delinear, San Francisco. Our rugs are Tibetan hand-knotted and made from Himalayan sheep’s wool with silk as a highlight option as shown. Rugs are available in 100 or 80-knot quality with custom size and color options available.


In a recent project to Modernize the Interior Design for a home in Saratoga, California, in San Francisco’s Silicon Valley, we specified two large round rugs; one for the round dining table and another for the Living area, the two spaces are connected so the rugs also had to work together well.

The dining room piece had to be 11’6” to 12’+ in diameter (for a 78″round table), the Living room a match or a bit smaller; we had a very tight schedule of 6-8 weeks and a limited budget for the pair. The colors selected were gold, yellow and neutrals. The Interior Design of the home was to be modern contemporary.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs DesignRuckstuhl “Braid” rug. At Arkitektura San Francisco. Natural and untreated durable coir yarn.
The rough surface lends the carpet an archaic appearance…


Here are some of options and considerations to make when searching for round rugs in San Francisco.



Pricing is per square ft. Layout and quantify your needs and divide your budget per the square feet required. For the 12’ diameter piece or a radius of 6’ (multiply by 6 square, equals 36ft2 x 3.1416) equals 113ft2. Some fabricators will charge by the square area which would be 12’x12’, equals 144ft2, around 25% more area and cost.

So why not do a square? Flow would be a reason, and reflecting a round motive another. You are not going to save on the rug production, even if it is less material, complexity is bigger. In a square room it makes sense to do a square rug, but if the room is round or has 45˚ angled walls, the flow goes with the room, plus the right size square might not fit. The Saratoga dining room was half Octagon shape and a round table was specified so the rug should be round too.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Loom and Materials.

Hand made. Bespoke or Custom.

Typically from the Himalayas, India, Persia, Nepal, Tibet. Other countries too.

If budget and time are not an issue then just order it bespoke hand made, allow time for pattern design and a strike. Pricing around 100-160.00usd per ft2 and you are into 15-20K per rug or 30-40K for the budget. Specially if you add silk to the wool base. This usually takes 16-18 weeks.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Five Light. From the Christopher Farr collection, Andre Putnam (1925-2013†)
Hand knotted. Handspun, Anatolian wool mohair.


Designing a custom rug is another issue. It should take a talented Designer and time.



Hand made from a design line or collection

The lead time will be shorter usually 14 weeks, as the pattern is there, and you might not need a strike, in fact there might be something in stock that might work for you. Close in price to the bespoke option above.


Hand made Collections..

Licensed design by famous Designer. Either alive or Interior Design History.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs DesignTom Dixon “Stripe” rug. At Arkitektura San Francisco.
Pure wool hand knotted in two directions and in two heights to give a simple graphic pattern…


Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Three Round rugs by Verner Panton 1926-1998†. “Rays”on the right.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Hand Tufted.

We initially thought of hand tufted, as our budget was closer to that. This option starts at 50-60.00/ft2, and you actually pay based on a square size, not the round net so our option was around 8K per rug or 16K for the set. This usually takes 8-10 weeks.

Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs Design

Wyatt rug. Angela Adams Collection. Signed. Hand-tufted with 100% New Zealand wool, or a pure silk and wool blend. Combination of cut and loop pile.

Cut out.

Cut out from rectangular rug in stock or off the floor.

This is very fast. You buy on the spot, perhaps a hand made rug you like and have it cut round to size and serge.

Buy a large rug, 11’6-12’ x 15 or less, cut it and serge it. Not to select a pattern that is based on a circle but use what is available, some patterns on a rectangular piece work well in a round cutout. You waste a considerable area, less if it is from a square shape. If the quality is good, you are not going to save money, in fact there will be more waste and you will pay for it. You do save time. If it is a piece that the seller wants to lower the price on or is on Sale, yes you can save money too.



Another is to do broadloom, select what you like and finish it well. There is less waste as the cutout is from a square. Broadloom is typically 12’-14’ wide so perfect for the Interior Design needs of the project example.



The dining room round table being 78”, required another 30” or so past the table projection for the chairs to fit as well as pull out comfortably, the more the better, so 12’ would allows for 33”. While on the other hand the living room piece did not have to be as large. So an option is to economize in the living and spending more in the dining. Perhaps even get stock for the LR, while the DR piece arrives.



Best Residential Round rugs in San Francisco Jerry Jacobs DesignFrom Paola Lenti at Dzine San Francisco. Interior and exterior use.



Production or stock exists for round rugs. Most of them are too traditional and common, very little inventory on the modern side. Most likely any round carpet you find in stock will be less than 10’ in diameter, so you are likely to go custom, in our case.


Catalogs. Through the Internet.

There are a number of round rugs available from carpet catalogs, some of lower quality and poor design or too traditional, and hardly any in the sizes required on our Interior Design project, or to go with contemporary design and lifestyle.

All Modern, offered options of round rugs. Around 9-10’ diameter

Which could be an option to use in the Living room, while the larger Dining room Custom piece arrives. Hybrid economy.

Morgan Hill Taj by Jerry Jacobs Design In San Franciscos Silicon Valley Approx 12 diameter Jerry Jacobs Design

Morgan Hill Taj, by Jerry Jacobs Design. In San Francisco’s Silicon Valley. Approx. 12’ diameter. Morgan Hill Taj

This large round rug, consistent with the round seating shapes, was commissioned by our client in India. We planned for it, then they ordered while on a trip back home. We did not have control of pattern nor color. It ties the with Interior Design layout and colors well.


Source and Credits.


List of sources. We have worked with all the companies below with great results. We do not list all of our sources but only those relevant or quoted in this Blog.

Pinterest. See our Board with Round rugs, all images above plus more images included.

  • Angela Adams. Portland ME.
  • Delinear. At Arkitektura, San Francisco.
  • Tom Dixon. At Arkitektura, San Francisco.
  • Paola Lenti. At Dzine, San Francisco.
  • Christopher Farr. London and Los Angeles.
  • Ruckstuhl. At Arkitektura, San Francisco.
  • Savnick. At Sloan Miyasato, San Francisco.
  • Simone Post Recycled rugs
  • Verner Panton. At Artitude, San Francisco.

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