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Bedroom Designs, Styles and components.

Bedroom Designs, Styles and Components.

Bedroom designs, style and components. Bedroom Design. We spend about 1/3 of our lives in a bedroom, hence the importance of the room. Not only do you want to sleep well and rest your body and mind, but we want to enjoy the time we are in the Bedroom not asleep as well.

In addition to the bed and sleeping in it, you do other things there, sex, reading, watching TV, and laying down just wondering and relaxing. Relaxation comes into play as this is a more private or exclusive part of the house, rather than a group meeting area of the house. You tend to be semi dressed or in pijamas or night wear. Bedrooms have sitting areas, for visitors or to relax, often a chaise perhaps to take a nap, or day bed, or front of bed bench to drop your clothes. Closets, bathrooms and even Spas of hot tubs on a terrace complement the Bedroom Suite.

We often design a Principal or Main Bedrooms (salled Master before) and other bedrooms on a home, at the same time as well. Here is a selection of Bedrooms we have designed, categorized by style or location as in:


  • Contemporary or Modern
  • Classic or traditional.
  • Tropical or Beach homes.


  • Single bedroom.
  • Double Bedroom.
  • King Bedroom.
  • Junior Suite.
  • Principal or Main (Master) Suite.

Just like in a 5 star hotel, you could categorize your bedroom. This is just a good example to know what you have or would like to have.

The Single and Double bedroom, typically refers to the size of bed you are offering. Double size room in the UK means it fits more than a single bed, where many rooms in middle income homes have single bedrooms. In 4-5 Star Hotels needless to say they are all “En-Suite”. Many years ago I stayed at the Negresco in Nice on the French Riviera, where I could get a single not en-suite which was all I could afford. I had to walk out into the corridor to go to the bathroom. Now the 5 Star hotel has been updated I’m sure all rooms are en-suite and unaffordable.


Classic or Traditional bedrooms.

The bed. Most of the selection of photos fase the headboard and bed. To denote style. Otherwise some belong to more than one style.

Headboard and pillows Jerry Jacobs DesignCurved headboard with a fancy velour fabric. Reading lamps (by Phoenix Day). Gorgeous pillows (by Anicini). Very narrow night stands in stained wood (by Century Furniture). Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

   Classic bed Jerry Jacobs DesignClassic and Tropical Elegance convine here in this Master Bedroom in the Caribbean. Italian Headboard  and Portugees Chair by Michael Taylor Designs.   Fabric from Osborne & Little. Back of bed wall is mirrored to reflect the Ocean view. On the access corridor to the right are utilities such as wet bar and laundry. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Modern or Contemporary Bedroom Designs.

This bedroom has a niche we created around the bed. The need for cabinets in a small apartment and an existing column dictated the side ones, the top one is a storage for luggage or other larger items not used regularly, doors lift upwards. The rolling ladder track can only be used at the ends, the middle track is for look continuity only. This concept is used more so in the smaller rooms in Europe than in the larger ones in America maximizing the use of the space. The mirrored back adds to the sensation of a larger room that it is not. Night stands by Maxalto are elliptical, for softness rather than storage, yes for support as well. Rotating arm chair by Georgetti to read a book or tie your shoes.

Small Master Bedroom Jerry Jacobs DesignInterior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

under bed storage Jerry Jacobs Design Lift bed storage. Very popular in Europe and generally for small homes were storage is critical (bed by Flexform,IT)


Contemporary Bedroom detail Jerry Jacobs DesignThis contemporary bedroom was done as an entire apartment project.  The bedroom is very small and not square but angled to the street below. We mirrored the custom doors to make the room look much bigger, and also for dressing convenience. Art on the wall is a nice feature in a bedroom, (painting by Tom Boles, Marin). Rotating chair (by A. Rudin), in a sexy color, pulls up to the corner make up table and night stand. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Contermporary bedroom suite Jerry Jacobs DesignThis bedroom in a London apartment, has a King size bed. Pratessi Linens. Georgetti reclining chair. The middle room Poltrona Frau sofa. Black bedroom bed at an angle. This is a two en suite, a Main (master) and a queeen joind by a TV, Gym room in between them. Enclosed as a separate parents pied-a-terre. The barthroom in this one is open (no door), you can see the Dream Jet shower unit and basins. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Tropical or Seaside bedroom designs.

Trellis headboards and blue wall Jerry Jacobs DesignWhat is tropical. Well certainly the weather, but a casual way of life too. Headboards are a trellis and the contrasting back wall, provides a nice background color and contrast. These are twin beds. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©


Tropical Bedroom Jerry Jacobs DesignSome of the ingredients of the Tropical Style bedroom, include colors and patterns, such as Aqua and shells and other sea element. Plantation shutters and palm trees complete the look. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

The Terrace.

When a bedroom and particularly a Principal (Master) Bedroom has a terrace, make the most out of it. In Townhouse F, on the waterfront we were able to do a walk down vanishing edge hot tub. It helps that the full glass sliders elevation pockets, so the terrace becomes part of the room.

Master bedroom terrace and Spa Jerry Jacobs DesignIn this Townhouse in the Mexican Caribbean Riviera near Cancun, the terrace opens entirely into the room by pocket sliding doors. Bottom left Bedroom seating area and bed reflected. Private Hot Tub, with two vanishing edge sides. This Tropical Style Bedroom suite, has wicker, stripe fabric, a water view and pink and blue outdoor paint. Could be more tropical, but it need not be the extreme. Designed as a main residence not a vacation home. Fabric by Manuel Canovas, Cowtan & Tout. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©


The framing of the bed of any king, sets the bed in a platform and drapes the bed. It urns out king where dressed and during the process attended meetings too. This transcends to many styles including the Deco.

Bedroom floor plan.

Bedrooms floor plan Jerry Jacobs Design

To the left is the Bedroom with 2 queen beds in Purple. To the right is the master in the 3 room 2 bedroom family or guestspied-a-terre. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©


Furniture and fixtures.

Bedroom have, beds, headboards, day beds, TV entertainment units, storage units, case-goods, tables, breakfast tray areas, seating areas, working areas, terraces, Art, tapestries and so on. Just no cooking please, the two smells don’t work well together, but undercounter refrigerators and conutertops work very well. Mini bars if you would.


Basic bed is a mattress, which is raised from the floor with a box and legs to a confortable height to mount and dismount. Bed frame includes all the elements before such as legs and box, in a dressed maker and incorporates the “Headboard” as name implies for the confort of the head. It also confort the bedroom balance of high and low. An entire chapter can be written about the bed, which we will not attempt. Needles to say the “Bed” is the most important Furniture or fixture in the room.

Bed sizes. Mattress sizing. King v. California King

.Double queen bed bedroom Jerry Jacobs Design

We designed this bedroom for two siblings, each with her own Queen bed. The bedroom also has twin chaises from Cassina. Area rug by Christopher Farr. Headboards fabric from Glant, ottoman and pillows from Clarence house. Pratessi Linens. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©


Built in Cabinetry in bedroom design.

The closet, sometimes there is none, but rather a free standing wardrobe, armoire, to tall boy. Architecturally speaking it might work to build in some of these items. If you own the place rather then rent, built inns can be a good investment and very functional, as well as beautiful when well done.Bedroom built in cabinet and media Jerry Jacobs Design

The built in console at this One Bedroom Condo in Tiburon provide storage for the room as well as a pop-up tv. Center height make up corner desk and chair on lest. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Window Treatments in bedroom designs.

Trying to provide the best conditions for sleep, we always specify “Blackout”, that is very darker controlled bedrooms. Certain on and of switches to control at hand, no panic. On the other hand based on your sleeping habits you might just prefer to use daylight. Either the window treatment is an important aspect. Link too…

Bedroom built in banquette Jerry Jacobs DesignIn this built in Master Bedroom Banquete, the Bay Window treatments include Top down Blackout shades, as well as bottom up sheers. All motorized. The black outs provide dark night sleeping conditions and privacy. The sheers are raised for privacy and sun control. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Puerto aventuras Master bedroom Jerry Jacobs DesignThis Caribbean Master Bedroom was designed on a reduced budget. The window treatments filter the intense light while continuing to provide a view. The bed frame, headboard, pillows and foot stools are all in the same fabric. A casual tropical but neutral look. On the contemporary side are the table and chairs set by Knoll in Stainless steel. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Night stands and other casegoods.

Night stands can be narrow or wide. At the top photo at Paris in San Francisco we used very narrow perhaps 10-12″ nightstands. That is all we could fit, it turned out to work very well. Nightstands on either side of the bed can match or not match. Can have drawers or lleves or not, sometimes a solid cast stone or capitel will do.


In addition to the rooms lighting it is always best to have swathes reachable for bed or remotes to control artificial light. Lamps on night stand or on wall behind are a must, wether you read or not.

Cast stone nightstand Jerry Jacobs DesignInterior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Bed linen or bedding.

Coverlet, pillows, blankets. Fabrics

Jerry Jacobs DesignPillows. In this case 3 big sams, 2 samaller ones on a petit plus the Roll neck. Custom skirting, and coverlet (Italian Bed from Michael Taylor Designs). Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©


Art on the wall.

Bedroom with art Jerry Jacobs DesignIn this small bedroom with a King bed the tryptic piece of Art on the wall certainly dominates the room. Neutral color on wall provides a nice background. Polished sink lamps, simple linen arrangement. Interior Design by Jerry Jacobs Design, Tiburon, CA.©

Sleeping Patterns.

Of course the sleeping patterns one has reflect in the Bedroom Design. Or bedroom design should work for the specific patterns.

Snoring and sleeping Apnea, are way to common and as descibed in Sources below, Sleep Divorce is too common. So the couple now need two beds or two bedrooms to sleep properly. Another pattern the one of watching TV from Bed, should also be considered. You do or you don’t. If you do remeber to turn it of or have a timer.

Historical References.

The Film “The Favorite” her majesty’s  frail Queen Anne’s Bedroom not only accommodates her bed needs and those are plenty, but for day time get together in private or close friend only as well as too “State Affairs” (20-30 people in there). It turns out the Queen’s bedroom is a true “Apartment” great room where most of the film happens too.

In Progress. Updated 3.12.2022

Corte Madera, CA.



Inspiration and thoughts:


INTERNAL LINKS. Recomended reading. Enjoy!


  • Century Furniture.
  • Phoenix Day. Lighting.
  • Anichini Linens.
  • Italian Bed from Michael Taylor Designs.
  • A. Rudin. Rotating make-up chair.


  • Pablo Aguinaco. CDMX, Mexico.
  • Michael Calderwood. CDMX, Mexico
  • Bernardo Grijalva. San Francisco Bay area.
  • John Vaughan †, San Francisco Bay area.

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