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Sexy cranbwerry accesible bath

Bathroom Design San Francisco

Bathroom Design San Francisco.

Bathroom Design. Unique Luxury Bathroom design by Jerry Jacobs Design in the San Francisco Bay.

Each one of these 10+ bathroom design examples is a different story and is furthermore located in a different City or area of the San Francisco Bay, in Belvedere-Tiburon, Buena Vista Park SF, Hillsborough, Lafayette, Menlo Park, Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights,  San Francisco and San Rafael.

We briefly describe each bathroom design and above all tell some stories of how they came to be and highlight noteworthy or special details. We hope the images speak further.

Contemporary Bathroom Design at Waterfront Condo Tiburon-Belvedere, California.

Now completed and in use, our most recent bathroom Design. 2018-2019.

In this one bedroom one bath Waterfront Condominium in Tiburon-Belvedere California, we were asked to provide first of all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance. Hence we thought it was a challenge and furthermore an honor. Most people think interior designer don’t do ADA bathrooms. The challenge is to Design them not only functionally correct but certainly beautiful too.

In fact we believe all bathrooms should be fully accessible, making them more flexible, safer and visionary as a standard. We will try to comply.

Here the vanity top is Back-lit Resin supported by a stainless steel structure and the basin is polished SS too, it seems like it is easy therefore not time consuming. Because of the requirements it is much harder than you probably guess. Plumbing requires to be precise, code is critical, water is everywhere.

Here are a couple of Images. Enjoy!


Tiburon waterfront apartment design


We are most proud for our most recently completed bathroom, in that while it is fully accessible it is also Sexy Red and Gray. The shower has no threshold, while it has a bench and a hand held shower. Fully accessible.

We have done red tops before. However I must confess “Cranberry resin” is extremely attractive, while back lit is a highlight.

Shades of Gray. The floor tile is 2″ x 2″ anti-slip dark gray tile, while the wall tile in contrast is lighter gray 12″ x 24″ tile. The walls and ceiling are yet other Shades of Gray. Mirrors cover the Vanity wall, with deep mirrored medicine cabinets adding to the virtual sense of space, as well as storage.

Tiburon waterfront apartment design



Luxury Bathroom Design. Marin Designers Showcase. San Francisco Bay.
Corner Elliptical Vanity

Bathroom Design. In this San Rafael, CA. bathroom because the position sink was at the corner we consequently did a “Banjo” top on a corner  that is with the straight portion over the toilet. We therefore also curved the vanity mirror consistent with the top’s curve.

Finally Faux finish on walls. Swivel faucet over Bar sink. Also not show, bathtub-shower glass swing screen.

Our first residential bathroom in the San Francisco Bay was for the Marin Designers Showcase. This was our introduction to Residential Interiors in Marin, in the San Francisco North Bay (at the time we had only done “Retail Stores or Boutiques” in California, the US and worldwide), but no residential work, let alone around the corner. The MDS was certainly very kind to invite us to do a small bathroom and we had fun.

The house was new and custom and ready to go on so therefore profit intended.

Bathroom Design. Luxury. Villa Altura in San Rafael, San Francisco Bay.

A year later the Marin Designers Showcase asked us again, this time the home owners asked us to do the Master Bathroom as a permanent room.

The House was a 1906 Arthur Brown designed Beaux Arts Villa in San Rafael. Bathrooms at showcases, together with the kitchen are rooms that are usually permanent. We were happy to oblige and the room became the “Showstopper”that year at the show.

It appeared in the cover of the Marin Independent Journal, and later on in the  cover of Casa Vogue too. This was a 400ft2 bath, where cost was not an issue, so long as it looked as grand as the house.

A bathroom is usually the least decorated of rooms, it is “Designed”, so everything is there to stay. You don’t change bath tubs and tile every 7-10 years, unless you have to (accidents, bad design or major updates).

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Bath Design Jerry Jacobs

Master Bath at Villa Altura, San Rafael, California.


This bathroom at a 1906 Beaux Arts home,  was located in the center of the composition of the house so our layout followed with symmetry. Where there was one door we opened two doors and covered the center with mirror, to reflect the curved facade with the spa, and then invited famous Calistoga Muralist Carlo Marchiori to paint paneled murals and friezes.

The mirrored doors to the dressing rooms are original to the house and salvaged. The curved wall facing the garden looked better by itself so we designed a floating or free standing vanity, with a racetrack top. The Black marble is Portoro. Concealed flush touch latch on drawers and power outlet doors.

The “shower for two” see 2 shower heads one on a bar, leveled floor no curve, and full walls in Solid surface (Corian), no tile.


Master Bath at Villa Altura, San Rafael, California. Shower for two, notice no curve in the floor. Free standing racetrack vanity.

Freestanding Vanity.

In a 1907 Beaux Arts classic with a perfectly symmetrical layout, I insisted on having the Free Standing vanity so it would not touch the curved wall facing the garden, which was bowed with. The pedestals were cylindrical in Birdseye again, and all drawers and doors were touch latch, so it looked like an elegant table. Mirrored round sinks and Gold and Chrome faucets a la Niagara, matching the Bathtub spout. Black Portoro marble top, with honeycomb reinforcement for overhangs.

San Francisco Decorators Showcase.

Later that year we were invited to participate in the “San Francisco Decorators Showhouse”, at the Hellman Historic Mansion in Pacific Heights, San Francisco, where in 1945 the United Nations charter was signed. We were assigned  a small bathroom facing west. One challenge was to use salvaged materials in the home remodeling which included this bathroom. So the bathtub was incorporated, and we elected to use the nickel plated legs from a former vanity as well.

In keeping within the theme, we used a 2″x2″tile floor and wainscot. We designed a serpentine vanity top, and we placed mirrors on the walls, with corner pilasters inspired in Napoleon’s Queen Hortense bath at L’ Hotel de Beauharnais, now the German Embassy Residence in Paris (below) and at

Queen Hortense bathQueen Hortense bath at L’ Hotel de Beauharnais, Paris C.1811

Bathroom Design. Pacific Heights, San Francisco.

We used a Round mirror over mirror over the vanity and played with infinity reflecting mirror on opposite mirror. So we called it “The Hall of Mirrors”. It won the Showhouse room award for “Best Showhouse room in America” from House Beautiful. It was the year’s best room, usually bathrooms are not selected.Bathroom Design San FranciscoThe Serpentine vanity top with salvaged legs and round mirror. Hellman Mansion, Pacific Heights, San Francisco. The concept of Infinity, Eternity, and Tromp-l’oeil has always fascinated me. If even momentarily  you are able to transport yourself into another dimension, that in itself is worth Design effort.

Serpentine Vanity

It is a sort of powder room in the second level, serving a Library and Guest bedroom. The owner suggested I recycle some fixtures of the 1906 House, so I took the Nickel Silver legs from an old Vanity and used them. I designed a “Serpentine” top, as I wanted the side facing the entrance to be soft, rather than abrupt. The bottom piece is marbleized to resemble Carrara marble, as is the Round mirror over the wall to wall mirror on the wall.

Bathroom Design. Tiburon, San Francisco Bay.

An Austrian Olympic skater, asked us to do his pied-à-terre or home away from home in Belvedere-Tiburon, a 900 ft2. apartment with one bathroom. Extra storage was required and added to the vanity wall, as well as his and her basins, swivel faucets, defogger, wall mounted hair dryer, electrified makeup mirror and other conveniences. The point was to make him travel lighter, minimalist in style like a skating ring.
Bathroom Design San FranciscoThe bathroom at the Belvedere-Tiburon, apartment.

Bathroom Design. Hillsborough, San Francisco Bay..

Art Deco at the Tobin Clark estate in Hillsborough, California. A 1931 David Adler designed 35,000ft2 Mansion. We were invited to design the smallest bathroom in the house. Our goal was not to invest our money or much time, as this was for non profit, charity purposes and to do as little as possible just “Decorating”, rather than “Designing”, just for a show. I took back everything in my convertible when the show was over.

This was easy as the room was beautiful to start with.  Beautiful window and view, right chandelier and light sconces, lucite legs on vanity and a black tile floor.I’m sure all the work by Frances Elkins.Bathroom Design San Francisco

We removed an  obnoxious black and white kiddy wallpaper replacing it with painted Faux tiles, replaced the bath curtain for a glass bathtub-shower swing screen, and the medicine cabinet mirror, for a tall custom mirror with a faux marbleized finish. The rest of the accessories including the lighting and a Japanese screen (not shown), all fitted on one trip in my two seater convertible. I heard Michael Taylor used to do that too.

Bathroom Design. Cupertino, Silicon Valley in the San Francisco Bay.

I asked what color and she said Pink. A lady approached me at the San Francisco Decorators Showcase and asked if we could design her Bathroom. It was in Menlo Park, and the bath served both as a powder room and a full family bathroom. We encompassed a closet that was protruding into the space to enlarge.
Bathroom Design San Francisco Called “Subtle perspective” by Sunset Magazine. The Norwegian rose marble seems to go through the glass and does tapper to create the  perspective effect intended, together with the mirror. Also reflected. Faux crown molding and details. Linear side lamps. Swivel faucet.

Tapered Vanity.

I wanted to add depth and have a piece extended from one end to the other of the bath. This was fine for the entry where the basin would be located, however the shower could afford the depth so I gradually reduced it to disappear. I also made it go through the glass to create a disappearing or faux effect caused by ignoring the Glass per se. This was for a Lady client, and her only request was that it was Pink, so I chose Norwegian Rose marble. The pedestal again is faux marble. The faucet is rotating and to the side.

Bathroom Design. Presidio Heights, San Francisco.

Bathroom Design San FranciscoThis small bathroom in a two level Presidio Heights, San Francisco Penthouse posted some challenges. First we designed a Master Bathroom for the couple, with a fireplace and where you could from the bed see the waterfall filler through the fireplace. Never completed, perhaps too expensive. Then they decided to do the small one downstairs.  The banjo shape of the top allowed the new glass shower swing screen to open over the antique toilet they wished to keep, and other details and upgrades. Much less expensive with a Budget in mind.

Bathroom Design. Lafayette,  San Francisco Bay.

A gentleman saw the  Subtle Perspective bath on Sunset Magazine, and asked us to design his bathroom in Lafayette. She had hers, and he wanted his. The motive we used here was the Ellipse. See the elliptical ceiling reveal reflected on the mirror and the vanity top shape.

Bathroom Design San Francisco

In Lafayette Bath for Him,  the vanity top goes into the shower as well, so the ellipse shape would not be interrupted. Rojo Navona or Alicante marble tops and details over white limestone on floors and walls. Faux finished cabinet fronts. Gold plated top trim. Sky painted on ceiling. Custom made towels. Red tulips to match.

Elliptical vanity.

He saw the Pink one and wanted something for himself. I choose the Ellipse not to be different but because of the proportions and layout in the rest of the room. Again a small end goes through the shower glass. Magnifying makeup mirror, and elliptical sconces complete the wall to wall mirror with Gold trim. Elliptical ceiling molding. Gold colonial faucetry.

Bathroom Design. Buena Vista Park, San Francisco. Presidio Heights.

The Presidio Heights, San Francisco clients were doing their home remodeling and managing the project themselves, with contractors already on the job. She called and mentioned my Hall of Mirror bathroom, from our website, and asked if we would do two bathrooms for them.

We met and they hired us to do the full Pent-House, including remodeling of the Victoria building facade, and to relieve them from the stress they were under. We called the project Paris in San Francisco. There were two bathrooms, one fitted a bathtub, the other was one of the smallest bathrooms we have done in the San Francisco Bay.
Bathroom Design San FranciscoThe main bath has a shower in tub, with swivel glass screen. The vanity is wall to wall and so is the mirror with wall mounted faucet. The pedestal is conical and faux painted. The top trim tarnished red initially silver platted. Hot towel warmer or dryer.

Winged Vanity.

The entrance side depth of the counter needed to be shallower for the door to open, while on the other side more depth could be used for countertop sand storage space. The Pedestal too is conical rather than cylindrical, and it is centered so the mirror above goes wall to wall and reflects the full bath.

Bathroom Design San FranciscoIn 5’4″ x 6’6″, it was hard to photograph so we shot the mirror, which in turn reflects itself on the oposite wall mirror. See the Neo-angle shower on the corner next to the basin. Mosaic and mirror. Marble trim around elliptical coeval mirror, and in shower panels.

Bathroom Design. Belvedere-Tiburon, San Francisco Bay.

In Tiburon-Belvedere this house felt like you were floating on a boat, with water surrounding you, so they wanted blue. We designed a full bath for them and they decided to do the powder room instead.
Wall to wall Glass and basin top, over full height wall mirror. Wall mounted faucet. Blue marble frame.

Bathroom Design San FranciscoWe have enjoyed doing the 10 bathrooms above, as well as others not shown (Contemporary coming soon). Bathrooms are usually small, and dimensions need to be very precise, particularly, plumbing, mirror, glass and tile. Proper planning, design and detailed drawings are essential.

New products keep appearing on the market which again make better bathrooms. We prefer doing the entire Interiors and/or the Residential architecture, however we enjoy Bathroom Designs by themselves too, when there is a chance they will be an artistic or designed rooms and are to be  “Unique” if Designed by us.

Bathroom Design. Buena Vista Park, San Francisco.

Bathroom Design San Francisco

A client and her husband moved to Buena Vista Park, San Francisco, consequently she asked us to update her bathrooms. Initially we devised the ceiling suspended Cheval elliptical mirror.  Because they were not happy yet, she decided on a full remodel so we selected Black.

Furthermore we added a small bathroom under a staircase for them too. The full area had been closed with sheetrock for years, as a result we increased the client’s net area and property value. That was as small as a plane one. Not shown.

I believe that Vanities are like Sculpture, however with obvious functions in them. That is why I don’t have preconceived ideas for them and simply come up with what the room and client inspire me to do.

On the other hand the rooms being small all end up using a lot of mirror which for me is not only for the purpose of grooming but for extending views towards infinity, creating a feeling of depth as well as an additional dimension


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Historical reference.


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