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Painting by Tom Bolles Blues in horizontal lies

Art Home Interior Design

Art for Home Interior Design. San Francisco and Bay Area.

The purpose of our Blog is to select pieces for our Interior Design clients. That way they can initially see what we like and we can point out from the art included what we might suggest for them for the Interiors we designed.

OUR GALLERY AND STORE. All pieces available.

The Mexican Fine Artists collection from 1980. Stored for 40 years now available, see below.

Rafael Coronel print

Rafael Coronel, Mexico 1932-2019. One of 20 prints in a set boxed and writings.

Pedro FriedebergPedro Friedeberg. 1936-.   1976 Ciudad de 1,000,000 con 25 huevos duros. City f 1 million with 25 hard eggs. Framed 25.5″ x  25.5″


Alejandro ColungaAlejandro Colunga. Pataso (Clown). 1978. Framed 13″ x 8.5″


Pablo AmorPablo Amor. 1951- . Coyote.

Erotic Etching by Vicente GandiaErotic etching by Vicente Gandia†. Framed 15″ x 15″


Galleries in the San Francisco Bay.

Mosernism West. At Foreign Cinema.

Agnieszka Pilat, Brings Art to life with Technology.


I’m very sad to share with you the passing of a great Spanish-Mexican Artist Vicente Rojo. I also share with you a picture of Birseye Garden, from a series he was completing last. He will be missed, as an artist and as a Brother in Law.

Painting by Vicente Rojo Birdeye garden

2019. We apologize to the Artists and Galleries, previously included on our Blog, as unfortunately some images were inadvertently removed.

If you wish to submit images previously shown or new one’s please do so. Many of the Galleries already shown are listed at the bottom under Sources and links. Please let us know if yours should be included too.

Thank you!


Tom Bolles.

My friend and Artist Tom Bolles, a true minimalist was selected for the art in this bedroom we recently completed in Tiburon.

Here in one of our Interior Designs at a waterfront Tiburon Condo, is an art piece by Tom Bolles. Contemporary minimalism.

Painting by Tom Bolles Blues in horizontal lies

Andrea Schwartz Gallery.

9.8.2021. Through 9/30/21 I was very pleased to see the work of my friend Tom Bolles I love the minimalism  and sense of peace. Lines perfection.

Art for Home Interior Design 2019.

The “2019 Art Market San Francisco Fair”, was this year the best I have seen in years. I mentioned it to someone who repeated it back to me. I guess we all had fun at the opening, but mainly we must have all been excited that the Art and Presentation was much better. Congratulations to each and all the presenters and the organisers certainly as well. Thank you!

I took a few Snapshots iphone 8, of a few pieces I liked, some are out better than others. They are all pieces I would be proud to place in one of my projects, now I just need the client. Sorry I missed so many more I liked.

Ryan Jones 1981-. Sunrise 60 x 72, Caldwell Snyder Gallery, San Francisco.

Art for Home Interior Design 2018.

metal horizontal shapeMantle Series (Gold), 2018. By Mareo Rodriguez at Madison Gallery, Solana Beach, CA.

I would love to place this piece at a client home we just design. Because it is the right statement in ART, Color and texture and it has also the right scale and proportion (24 x 63 x 8″).

The San Francisco Art Market show was more crowded than ever. Is this good or bad? Unfortunately we went to the VIP opening, and now days we are all VIP, so everyone was there and therefore too crowded. Good for the concessions, they sold a ton of goods. I hope so did the art Galleries. Next year I would rather go not for the VIP opening but another day.

Joy and I did manage to find some pieces we liked and to photograph them for our review and pleasure, and we selected some for our blog. Our apologies for those missing a credit and gallery, only so much we could do with the crowd. Hope you enjoy. If you identify your piece kindly let us know and we will update credit and format.Four portraits we know the top left is Salvador Dali, and the bottom left is Henry VIII. I know top left is by  Lluis Barba, which was represented by Peimbert Art, Los Angeles and Acapulco;

Art for home Interior DesignPower trio 2007 is by Jason Newsted, American. Galerie 55  Bellechasse. Paris and Miami.

Peter Gronquist, Gold Jets 60×60″, 2017. Joseph Gross Gallery, NY, LA SF and Miami.

Art for Home Interior Design. 2017.

The idea is to keep updating,. After the SF Art Fair, my collection came up, as well as one from a friend and client. I include selected pieces below.


2017 Art Market San Francisco Fair.

Art for Home Interior Design. For the 2017 Art Market San Francisco Fair, we decided to concentrate on texture.Rather than flat painting. We discovered half of the work exhibit sort off  falls in the category. Whether it is adding something over or making it all texture here are some of our favorite pieces. Usually called Mixed media.

Please notice we are not showing the full piece but only detail, primarily focus on the beauty of the texture. Also the pictures we took at the opening Party, were hard to identify sometimes, as you practically couldn’t walk as it was so crowded. What a success!

Please let us know if we missed your credit or have any corrections to make, we will be happy to enter them.


Art for home Interior Design. Enjoying Art in your Home. Investing in Art for your home. Art Fairs in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Art Fairs are fortunately becoming established in San Francisco. That is they occur regularly, once a year, and they are held both, Art Market San Francisco  and  Art Silicon Valley-San Francisco in San Jose or Santa Clara . Lovers of Art like us and hopefully you, are enjoying this pattern ever more becoming established.

No need to mention the large amount of local galleries that are based in San Francisco and the Bay area, and that constantly bring great art to us. Both Art Fairs also have the benefit of becoming more attractive to Galleries outside the Bay Area, from Los Angeles, London, New York and elsewhere. So it is a perfect time to look for and consider Art for Home Interiors for your own house or Interior Design project. Now coming back on its sixth edition Art Market San Francisco

Interior Design.

Interior Design projects face many challenges among them what to do with the walls. Art for home Interiors  in San Francisco has some other special needs of its own. If you have a great bay view, do you compete with it, or complement it?
If an elevation is glass, no need to worry, it should only just probably get the right window treatments and fabrics. See or past Blog on Window Fabric treatments ; if the remaining interior walls are considerable you might want to use Art.

Art is an expression from the Artist, that expression creates a reaction on the viewer and the mood of the piece could help improve not only the space but the occupant’s senses, state of mind and lifestyle. Therefore can help you enjoy life, and your time in your space, or in public spaces for that matter. But lets concentrate on your San Francisco Bay home.

In the San Francisco Bay, many homes have views. These views give you a sense of place, a dimension, a projection for the eye and many other attributes. Not that they would be overwhelming, but you might be happy with some of your other non-view or glazing walls staying blank. That is clean with nothing.

Art for home interiors can be more than that. It can help make a wall composition or an Interior Design perfect. The right piece of Art for a wall, makes the wall, and sometimes the space. I am not advocating clutter, but taste and balance. As well as investment.


Recently a mansion in London had this Picasso to work with for the sitting room. The painting background was blue, so the entire room walls are all covered in a satin fabric to match the color, and make the room part of the Picasso. I wish we all had Picasso originals to work with in our Interior Designs. But then again there is plenty of other affordable Art for Home Interiors. Just go to the fairs or galleries and pick.

As interior designers and architects in San Francisco and other locations we are often asked if we select, specify and purchase Art for our projects. We love to, as Art on a wall is one of the most important features in Interior Design.

We find two types of clients usually; One, Collectors who rather than ask for our help selecting and purchasing, have us select from their collections, as well as place their pieces within our Interior Designs for them. The other, those clients who know the importance of Art complementing the look of the Interior, but who haven’t had the opportunity or funds to buy Art.

Art is so many things, but it is also an investment. I remember attending a party at the home of Dodie† and John Rosekrans’s† on Billionaire’s row in San Francisco’s Pacific Heights, next to the homes of Larry Ellison and Gordon Getty, and enjoying three beautiful Picassos, each worth about or more than the 40M home. When they obtained them they were worth a lot less.

Value for your Money.

I remember buying Art for a client once and the Gallery sending me a notice only a few months later to tell me the current price on the piece was already 50% above what we paid. Naturally the client was very happy too. Not that they had purchased to speculate, they did to enjoy the piece, but one is always happy to learn that you have made a good investment.

COA. I list a piece for sale from Alejandro Colunga (  ). Someone interested asks about a COA (Certificate of  Authenticity). My reply: No paperwork I can remember, other than a list of Art from a Mexican Gallery and assessment for insurance purposes, when I moved from Mexico to SF 30 years ago. It came with the move. My cousin Ramis Barquet was at one time Alejandro’s biggest supporter. So he had a lot of his work. Mine came from the Sepulveda gallery in Monterrey, he said “walk in there and choose”, in late 1979 or early 80. Years later in 1995-96, I met Alejandro again, at the PV airport where we spent a couple of hours together drinking and he drew my portrait which I treasure and keep. We are personal friends, but I haven’t seen him in 20 years. I hope he is well.

For the purpose of this Blog we are excluding applied Art like in Murals or Fountain Sculptures incorporated into Architecture.

Update 12/29/16

From Nancy Toomey Fine Art.  Below. Lisa Bartleson, Sphere 02 16 37, 2016 Mix Media and Resin on Panel, 37″ x 37″ x 3″

The concept of the Sphere is fascinating, I was reading about the Pantheon in Rome this morning, it was  Conceived as an internal Sphere, the top is the dome, and the floor right below the Oculus is the complete sphere, check it out next time you are in Rome, meantime enjoy this piece. Blue is my favorite color.

Nancy Toomey Gallery, is located at the Minnesota Street Project listed by  Harpers Bazar among the things to do in San Francisco. So visitant enjoy the real thing. At 1275 Minnesota, 94107, collective with 10 commercial Galleries together.


UPDATE 5/2/16.


We attended the 2016 Art San Francisco event, which was great as usual. Among the participants we chose some piece we liked. I only photographed 3 pieces, unconsciously they were Blue or Gold or in between.



ART SAN FRANCISCO 2015. Full list of participating galleries.

Pieces we liked form the last Art San Francisco 2015 exhibit; For those who didn’t make it to Art Market San Francisco 2015. Some pieces we liked and photographed from the 2015 Art San Francisco exhibit.

Johnathan Novak Contemporary Art. Jim Dine (1935 – ). The Grand Carpet 2008. Woodcut with copperplate, drypoint and monotint on two sheets. Edition of 12 ©2016, Jim Dine/ Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York.

I not only love Jim Dine’s work, but I believe his work is a good investment.The Grand Carpet, Jim-Din. Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art.

Ted Lawson BluecropZener Schon Contemporary Art. Mill Valley, CA. Could be Anywhere, Ted Lawson (1970-).



Art in Homes Interiors Designed by Jerry Jacobs Design

Here are some examples of our use of Art in San Francisco Interior Designs and other locations as well.

Reba’s Caribbean Retreat.

In this home we did for the Country and TV Star Reba McEntire, we did both. Placed some of their art Cowboy in watercolor and complement it, with the Italian twisted iron sconces by Terzanni; as well as purchased some less important pieces for the guests rooms below. Notice music notes and ships on the two pieces below on either side of the Armoires which we bought at a very low cost for the guest bedroom. See project at  Reba’s Hacienda on the Beach.
Art at Reba's

Paris in San Francisco. A Penthouse in Pacific Heights San Francisco.

Here the owner and our client was a collector of Paul Wonner † (1920-2008). He suggested the tables for the dining room, I preferred a Hallway Gallery of his own, the wife loved yellow, and there was a great skylight. The Bulldog in the closet sneaked in and is by another artist. See the project at Paris in San Francisco.

093238 Sacramento St043238 Sacramento StJan Wurm, Berkeley CA. I know, someone said your Lichtenstein….See yellow hallway through doorway and previous image above.

At the Paris in San Francisco penthouse in Presidio heights San Francisco, the client asked us if we liked this painting for the room I was designing. I said yes so she bought it. We had already ordered the sofa, then I had it framed. Notice there is hardly any space between the painting and the sofa below and heating vent above. We knew it was going to be tight.


The Peninsula Penthouse, Polanco, Mexico City.

For a hospitality executive and collector of Mexican Art, we chose a piece by Vicente Rojo, to be the focal point of entry. Then we commissioned the Master to do a larger piece, to dominate the living area with only two pieces of art. See project at The Peninsula Penthouse.

05Living Rm Vertical 0067Vicente Rojo Mexican since 1949 ( Born Barcelona 1932- ),Carta Geométrica on the right. Recuerdo 1427; (1979), on the left.

16MBCredenza 0010Rufino Tamayo (1899-1991 ) reflected and Carlos Merida (1891-1985, Guatemala). Master Bedroom and Bathroom suite.

Links to some Galleries mentioned above.


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