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Architecture and Interior Design Newsletter. Spring 2016

News. Events. Projects for the Spring Summer season. La casa Lila.

NEWS. Relevant News related to Art, Architecture and Interior Design, and Culture.

Zaha Hadid. Sad news. It is no longer news, as the press has covered it very well. She was a Great Starchitect! Didn’t do  much in the USA, but at 65 it is a very young age to both die, and stop doing Architecture. Most famous architects work into their 80’s, so she didn’t have that big a chance. 25 years ago she hadn’t done a building, yet her drawings were praised and exhibited at Museums, including the New (then) Museum of Modern Art in SF. I’m sure there will be a ton of retrospectives, very worth while attending. As she said “adversity, she was a Woman and an Arab”, both made things more difficult. She was a Scorpio, which made her more successful and encouraged her to venture. Her family encouraged her in the Arts. NY Times on Zaha Hadid.

SFMOMA. The largest museum of modern art in the USA. The NEW Museum , the old one enlarged opens mid MAY (see events below).This is great news for our City and community. You don’t have to go to the opening, but make sure you go soon and say WOW!

Jørn Utson (1918-2008). Danish like another great Starchitect Arne Jacobsen (1902-1971). In his days as famous as Zaha Hadid was.  Yes not as published, but he did won the Architecture competition of the day. The Sydney Opera House, which some of us remember to years to build and the controversy and time made him look bad, yet he was a tremendously good Architect. An interesting piece of news not many know about is he commissioned Le Corbuisier (Ultra Starchietct mid 20th C.) to do a tapestry. Or to design it. Here is the story from the Guardian news. You can also check our blog on tapestries where we will include a note as well.

SPRING. From now through June 22. I took the convertible top down for the season and will go up in Winter. I started my usual walks on the Stison Beach, from there to Bolinas and back, walking in the sand and the water.

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EVENTS. Upcoming events and links.


We briefly describe the projects we are working in for Spring and Summer.

San Francisco Bay Area.

Alamo, CA. We have been working at La Casa del Alamo since 2009.  There is always a detail we can improve  and that is what we have been doing. The Window treatments for the home theater were completed in 3 layers: Blackout (as required for a H. Theater), shears behind and a Valance, both motorized. You might have seen our Verre Églomizé Mural detail on our earlier Newsletter, we are getting there. Hopefully by the end of the month.

Belvedere-Tiburon, CA. Two years ago we started master planning a house. Now it looks like we are proceeding. The point is, while the Economy tanked many of our clients put a hold on their projects. It now looks like most of them are coming back.

Corte Madera, CA. A house and a Studio together. We just completed the lighting with concealed LED linear fixtures on dimmers. The effect is very pleasant and cost effective, an initial more expensive investment in the fixtures, saves on energy cost, and saving the planet. We are in the process of ordering furniture (FF&E).

Healdsburg, CA. We are excited to start on this Home on a Hill in a 35 acre lot, in this beautiful part of California. Wineries all Around, the Alexander Valley.

Other parts of the world.

Miami, FL. We were invited to do the Interiors for a $13.5M apartment in a beautiful Miami new high-rise.. We ended not doing the project, at least for now. The point is we are overloaded and the distance does count. NY is much closer to them, and there are many good designers in Miami. So, if we don’t do this one, I’m sure our other clients in Miami will come up with another excuse for us to visit their great city.

Cancun, MX. We hope to start Remodeling and Interior Design for an existing Villa on the Beach.

Chimalistac, San Angel, Mexico City (CDMX). We continue to work on the Guest House of La Casa Lila (below). Hope to announce an opening soon.


We have multiple Architecture and Interior Design Blogs. Some of them get updated, as participants or users always come up with good ideas. We also update information. Visit them based on your interests. The most recently updated one is on Wallpapers. See @

Mexico City and La Casa Lila.

Mexico City now called”La Ciudad de Mexico” or CDMX. It is also now a “State” with a Governor, not a 25M people City? When a City is so large, and now a state in its own, with many Cities, some larger than others. Our Home and Studio-Offices are located in La Delegation Alvaro Oregon, or the City of AO. Chimalistac is in San Angel on the border with better now Coyoacan.

Our Home and Studio compound in Chimalistac is your home too through Airbnb or on VRBO.  Every now and then when I get the time to go, or the house needs a hand and is available for my stay, I go. I now want to finish the bathrooms and Kitchen in the Studio-Guest House too (not shown). So that needs a hand.

A red and white logo of the american institute for certified public accountants.The house in Chimalistac, San Angel, Mexico City or CDMX. Interior Façade or South elevation.

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