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Aca Joe Store Design. Worldwide and San Francisco Bay.

Aca Joe Store Design. Worldwide and San Francisco Bay.

Store Design. Interior design of Boutiques and Specialty stores Worldwide and  San Francisco Bay Area.

All Store Design by Jacobs Design, Inc. Tiburon, CA 94920.

Jacobs Design, Inc. was the Architect, Interior and Fixture designers for Aca Joe Mexico (the founding company) from 1980-1998, 19 years; likewise for Aca Joe International (the worldwide licensor in the USA at the time) from 1983-1987, from beginning to end.

The Aca Joe stores in the San Francisco Bay Area and other locations, to see these and other stores visit the project on our website @ Aca Joe Stores.

Our Blogs in progress.

We are releasing first the story of the Stores in the San Francisco Bay, then will follow with other regions or stages of the prototype. Certainly we hope you enjoy! If you do, please let us know, to follow-up and keep you posted.

When I started planning to go to Architecture school, I had thought of how Architecture and Interior Design, could contribute to sales; through Brand, Location and Magnetism.

In other words, creating beautiful environments that would attract customers and produce income.

I didn’t think much about it for years, and as an Architect working in an industrial fabric production project and office buildings, until I came across Joe Rank at a party in 1980.

CONACYT at UNAM, Mexico City 1979. By Arq. Gerardo(Jerry) Jacobs, CAM and Arq. Enrique Carral Icaza†, CAM

CONACYT Headquarters at UNAM Mexico City. 1980 Under Construction.

Late 70’s Brutalist or Bauhaus Architecture. While under construction. Now the Museum of Science, at UNAM, MX.

Acapulco Joe.

Joe then asked me to help him with a store in Puerto Vallarta. He had a lot on the Waterfront, a small store in an extraordinary location. Sounded fun, I said why not, and was on a plane there a week later. Landing in the morning and returning to Mexico City in the evening, nice way to have a meeting and spend the day outside the office.


Aca Joe

Acapulco Joe as the stores were initially called, was a successful small chain of boutiques (8 stores) throughout Mexico’s beautiful resorts, Acapulco, PV, Cancun, Mazatlan, Mexico City and so on. Each small store in the best location in town. It was all about exposure and presentation.

They were profitable while the prices were low or reasonable. People, especially American and European tourists in the resorts, would line up to enter the stores and line up again to pay. It was so successful that everyone in the USA wanted them, Bloomingdales, Macy’s  and others sent invitations.

Architecture vs Interior Design.

As Architects and Interior Designers, we started by redoing all the existing stores in Mexico and adding new ones, tearing small buildings down, redesigning structures, building from the ground or remodeling, and always complemented with the Bespoke interior and Store Furniture we had designed for them.

A clean Architecture and Interior Design or Store Design, that would “let the product speak”. Let the product line, the fashion, be the star. So at a very early age in my practice, I had my architectural ego exchanged for “Transparency”; I’m glad I did.

Influenced by the modern architecture of the day the Pompidou by Piano and Rogers, and Norman Foster’s Ipswich and Cambria buildings as well as contemporary Italian design.

Fixtures were bespoke. The wire basket, much copied after, the stainless steel hanging rods, the check out  counter.

The Signature Façades. Seamless glass as wide and tall as circumstances allowed.


Aca Joe International.

A business swap in 1983 with even older and defunct US Brand, “Tops & Trousers”, mainly for a corner location in Union Square, had me jumping on a plane and start working, in San Francisco, and so I did 33 years ago. I designed and built around 200 stores for Aca Joe International, from 1983 to 1987, or about 40 a year.

I recall towards the end of that period working on a deal for 80 stores in Japan, unfortunately it didn’t happen.

ACA JOE International closed down, losing a battle with Benetton and The Gap among other financially much stronger brands at that time.

Zarah, H&M and specially UNIQLO were not even in the US yet, though Zara I learned was already on the move in Europe.

Aca Joe Store design at Union Square, corner of Geary & Powell, San Francisco

AJ Union Sq.2Geary and Powell, a Union Square Corner, San Francisco Ca. Interior Design and Façade by Jerry Jacobs Design. Now the Swarovski flagship in the San Francisco Bay. Swarovski kept our storefront intact after 30 years (except for the Logos of course).


Certainly I remember sitting and chatting during the grand opening with Cyril Magnin a San Francisco Historical personality and Magnin’s department store owner in the next corner Geary and Stockton.

I also remember trying to get inside the store at the Party, there must have been at least 150 people in 1,100 ft2 store only, certainly above fire code, but then we had the connections, and champagne bubbles kept coming out of a fountain all night long…

As an Architect and Interior Designer in San Francisco it was both and honor and a challenge, to design my first store in San Francisco at a Union Square corner, in the USA, having only worked in Mexico then.

Most noteworthy the two biggest American Architects of the late 20th century Philippe Johnson at Neiman Marcus (Geary and Stockton), and I.M. Pei at the Hyatt hotel (Post and Stockton) had done San Francisco corners too.

The Apple Flagship store building.

Now 30+ years later Lord Norman Foster and Associates, are Designing both Apple’s World Flagship Store in a San Francisco Union Square corner (Post and Stockton), and Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Probably it will have taken when opened about 2+ years (much larger and important than AJ), so one cannot argue this being, certainly one of the Best Retail locations in America and having done a good job.

Unfortunately we only had about 4-5 months, but then that was part of the excitement.

The logistics were hard, they needed to promote the IPO, and have a grand opening within a few months and given San Francisco strict building codes, it was very difficult, and though we were not able to achieve exactly what we wanted, it wasn’t bad, as it is not to date for Swarovski.

Seamless Glass.

Among other tempered Glass issues, we were the world’s first to do awnings suspended from the glass with no additional hardware, in a high wind zone, and subject to very sophisticated Engineering and code.

Several of the largest and most notable Architecture and Interior Design firms in the City were networking with me at the party, with offers to be my Local Architects or Architects of record, including no other than Gensler associates, now the largest Architectural and Interior design firm in the world.

Unfortunately in those days I only understood design not business.

Aca Joe Store design at Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto.AJ StanfordStanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto.Interior Design and Façade by Jerry Jacobs Design. Though the Malls public areas as well as in the street were vast, fire code required “Doors swing out” creating the setback, not part of my original “Smooth clear Facade” concept. They didn’t look that bad.


Aca Joe Store design at Bridgeway, Sausalito. CCI24112015_4Bridgeway, Sausalito. This was a listed facade, could do anything then, still can’t. Current store retains the transom leaded glass.


Aca Joe Store design at The Village at Corte Madera, Marin. AJ SF CM VillageThe Village at Corte Madera, Marin.

 Here I saw the ground breaking. When I visited all I had was a cement floor, and the posts. As well as the Tenant package. Designed as a village the dormer style facade, blade sign and other elements were new to me, as a designer. I floated the columns in front of the glass, just as I had learned from Mies and Corbu. Wrapped them in metal (Horton Plaza Style).


Aca Joe Store design at Vallco Fashion Plaza, Cupertino.CCI24112015_5Vallco Fashion Plaza, Cupertino.

In the Silicon Valley now this mall practically dead recently will become the most interesting one through a remodel by  Rafael Viñoly. Right next to Apple. Backlit sign fabric covered.

Aca Joe Store design at Pier 39, San Francisco. AJ SF P39Pier 39, San Francisco. 

Wood pier style dominates de Mall. The space had a frontal Octagon with columns in every corner. We were able to run a totally uninterrupted glass skin in the interior. Like a jewel Clearing all the structure, as Mies and Corbu taught us. Placing the entrance at the center very classic.


Aca Joe Store design at Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco. CCI24112015_7Jerry Jacobs DesignAca Joe Store design at Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco.  A mini store. Very small store, around 400ft2. The cost to replace the glass structure on 3 out of 4 sides was not only prohibitive but vetoed by the Landlord.


In all 9 stores were designed and built by Aca Joe International, in the San Francisco Bay.

  1. Union Square, corner of Geary and Powell, San Francisco
  2. Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley
  3. Ridgeway Street, Sausalito, Marin
  4. The Village, Corte Madera,  Marin
  5. Vallco Fashion Plaza, Cupertino, Silicon Valley
  6. Pier 39, waterfront San Francisco
  7. Broadway Plaza, Walnut Creek, Contra Costa (Not shown).
  8. Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco
  9. 915 Front St., San Francisco (outlet store not shown).

In the San Francisco Bay Area, we designed 9 stores (7 shown):

For the full list of Stores we design for Aca Joe International please sign up on the Blog and request.

We designed Aca Joe retail stores in 30 states stateside, as well as in London, Paris, Toronto, Viena, Costa Rica and of course in many cities and resort of Mexico, altogether about 300 stores designed.


Zara the largest Apparel wear retailer in the world and Uniqlo (a similar concept to AJ concept) which didn’t exist. We had lost the business battle , had we not I would be very wealthy indeed. I used to joke on almost owning the Gap. Gradually the Aca Joe Brand disappeared in the USA.

We did a few stores in London and Continental Europe, Canada, South America, et. Aca Joe Mexico, remained profitable and we did over fifty stores for them through 1998, from our Interior design office in San Francisco and in Mexico City.

As stated by Retail Store Image, “the Architecture and Interior Design were a success in spite of the bad performance of the Brand years later”.

That was a lot of fun and a learning experience; we appreciate Joe for the invitation, and his patience.

We went on to do, as you know many other stores for other Brands worldwide, and of course Residential Architecture and Interior Design as always.

Seems like, that there are some Aca Joe stores left that we have heard off in Mexico at the Comercial Mexicana , and in weird places like Honduras, South Africa and in the USA Key West (which was rebuilt after a fire, and reopened as a shoe store with the same Logo), even more but completely lust track. I understand in Mexico the Brand is now licensed through Commercial Mexicana chain of Department stores (Mexican Target or similar).



  • Gerald (Jerry) N. Jacobs. Architecture, Interior Design and Store furniture and fixture design.
  • Joseph (Joe) S. Rank. Brand owner and CEO. The inspiration and the editor. Fashion Designer.
  • Joseph (Joe) Vera. Graphics.


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  • Marty Thomas says:

    So glad I found your site, with your wonderful work. Today I stopped a man who looked like Carlos Santana and asked him where he got the neat straw hat he was wearing. He took it off and showed me the Aca Joe logo, saying “Make sure you look for this!” In 1983, in Mazatlan, I purchased a suitcase-full of Aca Joe cotton clothes for my son. I was a single mom, the peso had just totally devalued, so I was could afford to buy everything at Aca Joe for Christmas presents. The store was small then; I can picture it even now, and the product was first-class. I wish I could find one of Aca Joe’s hats somewhere. Online it looked like Walmart carried Aca, but I couldn’t find a site, thank god, as Aca does not belong in WALMART. Now I’ll try Mexico Target, per your reference, but that is just Walmart’s prettier sister. I look forward to perusing more of your work and memories.

    • Jerry Jacobs says:

      Dear Marty,
      Those were the days. I’m afraid the Brand is no longer exciting as it once was. I wish Aca Joe still had the following he had in those days too. Joe tells me they now sell at “Comercial Mexicana” stores in Mexico. We will include you on our mailing list to keep you posted.
      Best regards, Jerry

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